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[Eng Sub Video] JungMin @ Fondant Garden Ep 13 [2012.05.18]

JungMin's Fondant Garden is broadcast every Friday, 10pm, at CTV starting from 24 February!

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[Video] YoungSaeng @ 'Send from Heaven' Ep 59 [2012.05.18]

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Young Saeng Cut 

[News] Kim HyunJoong - Taiwan Fan Meeting Tour [2012.05.18]

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[News][2012.05.18] Kim HyunJoong - Taiwan Fan Meeting Tour

Korea popular male star Kim HyunJoong held his fan meeting on 18th. Once started he 'broke egg' to make his appearance, performing singing and dancing, revealing his abs, other than singing 15 songs passionately. He even had some interactions on stage with fans, filming 'bed show'.

'U:zoosin' Kim HyunJoong on 18th & 19th, for 2 nights hold his fan meeting at NTU Sports Center, but the stage effect was totally concert grade. Making his appearance at the start from a planet 'breaking an egg to come out', causing fans to scream. He who opened the show with hit song, wearing black jacket, with nothing inside, revealing his 'dots' from time to time (Mini UFO: erm... u know what 'dot' I m referring to right? kekeke). After the hit dance was ended, the entire line of buttons were unbutton, revealing his abs, causing his lady fans at venue to feel high!

Other than hit dance and songs, Kim HyunJoong also sang ballad passionately, even invited lucky fans on stage, giving a gigantic teddy bear as present; during mid of the show, he even drew lots to select fans to play game with him, allowing 5 lucky fans to go on stage to pose according to movie poster, among them were 'looking affectionately at each other' pose from 'Water for Elephants'; 'Standing back to back' pose from 'Pretty Woman'; 'circling waist from back flying high' pose from 'Titanic'; but there was a fan who was unlucky and selected the solo photo 'Amélie', luckily she still have Kim HyunJoong to help her took a photograph.

As for the fan who had selected the 'Joker card', originally thought that she would not have a chance for close contact, unexpectedly after being sent to back stage, staff 'placed her on bed' and pushed her out, causing the envy of all fans! Kim HyunJoong other than singing passionately to her, even made use of shadow to fake kiss her hand. However when the screen was exposed, it had been switched to 2 staff, he and his fans magically raised up gradually on stage, making lots of fans to 'feel relief' that both of them didn't 'real kiss'.

This fan meeting cost was over NT3.5million (approx USD117K), Kim HyunJoong had changed 4 sets of costume, basically it was modeled after a concert concept, singing and interactions continued until around 21:40, following by that was the High touch' moment which fans had long awaited, it was said that Kim HyunJoong had personally made the request for this activity, allowing fans who didn't have a chance to interact with him to also able to meet their idol in close contact.

[News] Kim HyunJoong - revealing his abs, selecting Taiwan girl: I can't wait anymore [2012.05.18]

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[News][2012.05.18] Kim HyunJoong - revealing his abs, selecting Taiwan girl: I can't wait anymore

Kim HyunJoong on 18th & 19th for 2 days holds his fan meeting at the NTU Sports Center, starting the show with grand laser show and colourful light, making his appearance by 'breaking out from an egg'. Although it was named as a 'fan meeting', but he had performed 16 songs, the concept could matched a concert. He was not stingy to show his 'muscle', even specially selected 'Taiwan' in his video clip, and even praised fans 'too beautiful, I can't wait to meet her.'

Staying in Taiwan for 5 days this round, but rehearsing for the entire day yesterday, only returning to rest in his hotel at around 10pm, for this fan meeting he had really put in his full heart and strength for it. During the 2 hours fan meeting, Kim HyunJoong had changed 4 sets of costume, even wearing coat, revealing his well tone muscle and abs, causing screams from his fans.

Previously revealed in his press conference 'definitely not just hug only', Kim HyunJoong invited fans on stage to give a gigantic teddy bear as present, causing the envy and screams from fans under the stage. Previously he was bombarded with the high price for his fan meeting, but Kim HyunJoong had sang a total of 16 songs, his stage gorgeousness also matched concert standard, using his action to crush the 'rob money' sayings, showing his sincerity completely.

During the starting video clip, 'U:zoosin' Kim HyunJoong had selected Taiwan in the many countries, also showing the flag, and 101 building and other Taiwan icons. When there are fans appearing in the video, Kim HyunJoong gave his narration: 'Wow! So beautiful! I can't wait to meet her.' Causing fans to feel sweet after hearing that. Tickets for 18th was sold out around 70%, the last show will be performed on the 19th.

[News] Kim HyunJoong hit dance, coaxed fan to bed, concert concept showing his power [2012.05.18]

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[News][2012.05.18] Kim HyunJoong hit dance, coaxed fan to bed, concert concept showing his power

Luckily 'Uzoosin' didn't turn into 'Rain gathering God'! (*Note: Reporter playing with chinese word, as the chinese word for U:zoosin '宇宙神' has the same pronunciation as '雨驟神', which means a god who gathered rain!) Korea popular Star Kim HyunJoong held his fan meeting on 18th night at NTU Sports Center, singing 15 songs. During the game session he even coaxed fans to bed, give out a teddy bear, feign kissing to act some heartwarming show effect, intimate actions caused the envy of fans at venue and scream non-stop, instantly turn into a cassanova.

First time holding his Asia Fan Meeting Tour, stage light and effect were completely modeled after concert concept. Kim HyunJoong had been rehearsing up till night time yesterday, but today upon arrived he started his dance practice again. Full of action at times, full of passion at time, tuning his charm to the highest degree. During the opening hit dance he even revealed his abs showing his sexy side, after spending a wonderful time with his fans for around 2 hours, he promised next year during this time he will prepare even richer and spectacular performance content.

Throughout the fan meeting, Kim HyunJoong had changed 4 sets of costume, his stage cost is even more than NT3.5million, around 40 staff entourage tag along from Korea. The organizer mentioned that even the supper expenditure was also a big sum, it was really an expensive fan meeting. There will be another performance on 19th at the same venue, fans who are interested can directly purchase ticket at the concert venue.

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[News] Kim HyunJoong fan meeting, love hug with fans [2012.05.18]

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[News][2012.05.18] Kim HyunJoong fan meeting, love hug with fans

Korean artist Kim HyunJoong for today and tomorrow both days hold his Taiwan Fan Meeting at NTU Sports Center. Fans who attend the fan meeting not only can high touch with Kim HyunJoong, also have chance to hug him.

Flower boy Kim HyunJoong who gains his popularity in Taiwan via Korean version 'Boys over Flowers' Yoon Ji Hoo's role, is also Korea Popular Boy Band SS501's member.

Kim HyunJoong has recently selected as 'Artist with most healing effect', fans who attend the fan meeting not only can high touch, getting a free personally designed tee and brooch, lucky fans even had chance to get in  closed contact to hug Kim HyunJoong.

The fan meeting tonight has combined performances, laser show, game, the facilities also modeled after concert format. Kim HyunJoong had brought around 10 over dancers to perform together, almost like a mini concert.

[New] Kim Hyun Joong, Invites 32,000 fans to Japan Concert in July for free [2012.05.18]

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[New][2012.05.18] Kim Hyun Joong, Invites 32,000 fans to Japan Concert in July for free 

Kim Hyun Joong will be holding a live concert in Japan this coming July for free.

On the 18th, Kim Hyun Joong’s agency KeyEast revealed that on the 15th July, Kim Hyun Joong will be holding the concert for free at Japan Saimata Super Arena, inviting 32,000 people.

This live concert also serves as a showcase for Kim Hyun Joong’s 2nd Japanese single album ‘HEAT’ which has been scheduled to be released on the 4th of July.

Amongst the people who purchased the limited and normal package of Kim Hyun Joong’s 2nd Japanese Single ‘HEAT’, 32,000 of them will be selected through lottery and will be invited to attend the live concert for free.

The concert on the 15th of July will be held over 2 rounds, and Kim Hyun Joong is expecting to perform his own hits, as well as song from his 2nd single, adding up to about 10 songs.

Meanwhile, since the beginning of this month and currently in progress is the ‘Kim Hyun Joong Fan Meeting Tour 2012′. To date, Kim Hyun Joong has successfully finished fan meeting in Singapore, Hong Kong and he will be holding the fan meeting in Taiwan on the 18th and 19th.

The current fan meeting tour has a close resemblance to a concert, with Kim Hyun Joong performing 14 songs, having honest yet entertaining talk, high touch with all the audiences and so on, and has been receiving heated responses so far.

[News] Kim Hyun Joong’s Concert DVD Tops Oricon Charts [2012.05.17]

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[News][2012.05.17] Kim Hyun Joong’s Concert DVD Tops Oricon Charts 

Kim Hyun Joong’s Japan concert DVD ranked #1 on the Oricon Daily Chart, proving his growing popularity in Japan.

The DVD titled “First Impact” was released on May 16. Shortly after its release, the DVD topped both the Oricon DVD daily chart and music DVD charts. “First Impact” is comprised of a behind-the-scenes tour making CD, live concert CD from his Yokohama Arena Concert in February, and a special bonus CD for the fans. In particular, it shows never-before-seen footage from the concert rehearsals and performances, as well as his waiting room.

Meanwhile, Kim Hyun Joong is currently on a “Fan Meeting Tour 2012.” He finished his fan meetings in Singapore and Hong Kong so far, and will head to Taiwan for fan meets on May 18 and 19.

[Eng Sub Video] HyungJun @ 'Sunshine Girl' Ep 12 [End]

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Compilation list of Sunshine Girl past episodes and X-Files, and also Eng Sub episodes links


Translated from the chinese sub based on : WithJun ( and 's production
English Translation : Angel @
Timing+ Encoding : HJ_fan @

[Teaser] YoungSaeng 'SOLO' Album - 'Crying' Teaser MV [2012.05.18]

B2M Entertainment released YoungSaeng's 'SOLO' album, his 2nd Mini Album's theme song - 'Crying' teaser today. A short 31 seconds MV enough to make us asking for more, you have another few more days to go.... errr.... up till 2012.05.22 ^_^

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[Video + Eng Text Translation] HyunJoong - Yahoo K-Wave (Fans confession Edition) [2012.05.15]

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Yahoo! K-Wave (Taiwan Edition) here:

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English Text Translation:

[English Text Translation]

MC: Yahoo Celeb Mission first protagonist - Kim Hyun Joong

HJL: Among so many Yahoo! K-Wave celebrities,
HJL: I am very honoured to be the first to start this activity.
HJL: feel really happy
HJL: In future also wish that through
HJL: Yahoo! K-Wave
HJL: will be able to have interaction with Asia fans and even fans from worldwide.

MC: As our Yahoo! Celebrities Entertainment Hallyu Craze
MC: Our guest who make their 1st appearance
MC: We have specially found 5 fans
MC: to have fun with us
MC: Lets have a round of applause

MC: Firstly, today the 5 fans we have over here
MC: extremely love Kim Hyun Joong
MC: wish to meet their idol face to face
MC: then will come here
MC: Which of you have any question regarding Kim Hyun Joong-ssi's
MC: life or filming work
MC: wish to ask your question?

HJL: Then let's start from WooKyeong-Ssi
MC: Ok, not problem

Fan1: I came here after completed my high school studies in Jeju Island
Fan1: Studies in high school was very boring
Fan1: But HyunJoong-oppa in my impression
Fan1: has ever come to Jeju Island
Fan1: At that time it was my first time meeting him
Fan1: left very deep impression of him
Fan1: but now I am already 20 years old
Fan1: was a little not able to remember
Fan1: no matter what
Fan1: I still have that part of memory

MC: Even after over for so long... still able to remember
MC: In your memory, did you fall in love with Kim Hyun Joong in first sight?

Fan: It's not
Fan: Started from his debut appearance on TV programs
Fan: I already felt that he is very charming
Fan: during that time had already like him

MC: Can HyunJoong remember about this?

HJL: Yes, I remember going to Jeju Island

Fan2: For me is during when watching TV
Fan2: started to like Kim Hyun Joong
Fan2: At Dongdaemon
Fan2: also met with Kim Hyun Joong himself
Fan2: saw him filming a program
Fan2: after completed (filming) was having his meal
Fan2: At that time he was just beside me
Fan2: seeing him holding to something using both of his hands
Fan2: because of exerting force and his muscles was shown...
Fan2: really very charming

MC: Wow! Kim Hyun Joong is really...

Fan2: HyunJoong looks charming
Fan2: and also full of masculinity
Fan2: that was my impression of him when I met him

MC: That was your memory during that time?
MC: Next is Park MiSook-ssi

Fan3: Starting from 8 years ago...

MC: Sorry, could you please increase your volume
MC: My voice is really this soft
MC: it is really too soft

Fan3: 8 years ago during the Entertainment Award
Fan3: saw charming HyunJoong
Fan3: during that time he was practicing dance in the waiting room
Fan3: saw his hardworking look during practice
Fan3: was really charming

MC: Ok, I understand

MC: Next is
MC: Your name is Molly

(Mini UFO Note: From here, the Hong Kong fans were actually speaking in english but I will still type out what they say to have continuity in the translation)
Fan4: Yes, I am Molly
Fan4: Em, can I speak English
Fan4: I become Hyun Joong-ssi fan because of his songs and his dance are very attractive.
(Mini UFO: Please look at leaders reaction when the fan was speaking, he was really listening to her and could see that he seems to understand what she speaks! ^___^ Love his attentiveness to fans~~)
Fan4: After becoming his fan, I feel more interested in Korean culture, so I came to Korea to study Korean language last year. And actually during my study in Korea, I felt very lonely but because of HyunJoong-ssi, I got to meet so many Korean fans and they treat me really really nice, so I always say thank you to HyunJoong-ssi because I am in Korea, because I don't feel lonely anymore in Korea.

MC: Ok, next
MC: Wait a moment, can you understand HyunJoong?
HJL: Yes
MC: Although HyunJoong could understand it
MC: but for our other fans who couldn't understand,
MC: we will do some translation
MC: Not only we can understand
MC: But speak the korean that you wish to say
MC: Do you have anything to say to HyunJoong-ssi?

Fan4: Thank you

MC: Thank, that's great

MC: Next

Fan5: I came from Hong Kong, I am delighted to fly over to Korea from Hong Kong to meet him in person because last year I went to the "Yahoo! Buzz Award" and been able to look into the back stage and get to see him and I find his performance is deeply fascinating, and then if I have to give a reason of why I like him so much, I don't think love can give a reason

MC: Oh, actually is like this
MC: Just now listening to the 5 fans
MC: opinion towards you
MC: They have been deeply fallen into your charm
MC: How do you feel?
HJL: For me, how was it at 2008 or at 2010; from before debut until now* (* Mini UFO: Thanks for Ida's comment, I have made some changes to this line)
HJL: in actual how fans have like me in which area
HJL: I am very happy to listen to what everybody has shared
HJL: Actually since last time
HJL: I have been working hard as an artist
HJL: Was like this since debut
HJL: will remain the same in future
HJL: will work even harder for fans

MC: That's great! Our 5 fans
MC: HyunJoong-ssi said for everybody,
MC: he will show even more charm
MC: work even hard in his entertainer work
MC: Please do keep in anticipation

MC: There are 3 fans who have brought their mission video
HJL: Ah, really?
MC: Let us have a look at
MC: the reason why they were selected here
HJL: Ok, let's take a look

MC: Ok, this person's mission video is out
MC: Ah, clapping passionately
MC: Looked very embarassing, so she was wearing a cap
HJL: Is this the mission I set?
MC: Yes, this is the mission set by you

MC: Next is Bae Hyosun-ssi
MC: What? What is this?
MC: Clapping hand in the train
HJL: Seems like the last train right?
HJL: Seems like there are not many passengers

MC: Everybody has been diligently carried out
MC: the mission set by Hyun Joong
MC: This fan's mission is holding on an umbrella with friend
MC: While reading a book, show the 'Ya' gesture
MC: That was in the lift
MC: Normally when in the lift
MC: you would not open your umbrella
MC: This 3 fans has completed their mission video
MC: in order to come here
MC: What was your feeling when you first received the mission?

Fan2: Although I like HyunJoong
Fan2: but is there really a necessity to do this mission in order to see him?

MC: Yes, is there necessary to do until like this to meet?
Fan2: Because really like HyunJoong
Fan2: so have go all out for it

MC: Doing the mission in department store...
Fan3: A lot of people are grouping to watch
MC: Ah, although in the video there were only 2 person
MC: But there were a lot of people grouping infront right?
Fan3: Yes, infront of the lift, there were a lot of people watching
MC: Why do you want to do such a disgraceful mission?
MC: Is there any reason?
Fan3: Because I really like HyunJoong-ssi
MC: Because of too liking HyunJoong-ssi
MC: Seeing all these fans because of you
MC: filming this kind of mission video
MC: After watching just now
MC: how do you feel?
HJL: Em... after watching the video
HJL: I was thinking how could they have any way to perform the mission
HJL: Everybody was really couragous and diligent
HJL: Today you have completed
HJL: This difficult and embrassing video
HJL: Really very thankful to you

MC: Once again, please give a round of applause for this 3 fans

[Notice] KeyEast Notice - Official Facebook Account [2012.05.15]

It has been known that on facebook there are people inpersonate as Hyun Joong, including the recent 'Real Kim Hyun Joong'. KeyEast mail came up just in time to let all fans know that there is only one official facebook account and it is
Please spread this around so that nobody will be conned into believing other fake accounts!


Credits : + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.comREPOST WITH FULL CREDITS ONLY

[Notice][2012.05.15] KeyEast Notice - Official Facebook Account

Hello. This is Key East.

May is the month where family love is most felt in a year,
Hope that you can enjoy and harmoniously spend each and every day with the bright weather
Here is the details about the change in URL for Kim HyunJoong’s official facebook.

Below is the details of the previous and new URL of Kim HyunJoong’s official facebook.

Previous :
New :

The change of official facebook URL as mentioned above will take effect from today
We have amended the banner link in the official homepage as well as in
All the changes in the URL address have been done.

In addition, with regards to various impersonation accounts using Kim HyunJoong’s name in facebook,
A lot of problems have surfaced and so inevitably, we are going to steamline into one channel
Besides this official facebook account, we are not managing any other facebook pages under Kim HyunJoong’s name, we seek your understanding on this.

We hope for all the fans’ attention and support
As we will be providing speedy news and information to all the fans worldwide
Through Kim HyunJoong’s official homepage as official facebook in the future.

Thank you.

[News] Kim Hyun Joong arrived in Taiwan, Miss chance to meet Lady Gaga twice [2012.05.16]

English translation:
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[News][2012.05.16] Kim Hyun Joong arrived in Taiwan, Miss chance to meet Lady Gaga twice

Korea Star Kim Hyun Joong on the 16th afternoon arrived in Taiwan for his solo Taiwan fan meeting. Living to his 'Rain God' title, he had really brought a heavy rain to Taipei! After leaving the airport, Kim Hyun Joong went straight to The Regent Taipei Hotel to hold his press conference, giving a preview of his fan meeting content and also talking about the Korean drama that he is going to participate in. When talking about Lady Gago who also arrives in Taiwan on the same day, he said that when Lady Gaga opened his concert in Korea, he had already bought his ticket, but couldn't attend due to his work. Coincidentally he actually met with her Taiwan stop, if there is a chance he really want to attend!

Hundred over fans welcome his flight, showing good order, can be rated as model fans

Kim Hyun Joong's flight arrived at 12.05pm in the afternoon, the staff entourage swiftly left the immigration in 20 mins. Kim was wearing long trench coat and dark glasses, shyly receiving flowers from his Taiwan staff. Although arriving in Taiwan during working hours, there were hundred over fans welcoming him, mainly consisted by female fans, the crowd was in good order and screamings were very minimal, Kim Hyun Joong smiled and wave to greet them.

In the press conference, Kim Hyun Joong always showed his gratitude to the media and fans, although the weather was not good today, everybody still arrived in the airport and press conference area to support him, this gratitude could only be returned with his performance in fan meeting!

Stressing that fan meeting is modeled after concert, 
New drama in the line, flower boy turned into rugged tough Man

Appearing again in The Regent Taipei ballroom, Kim Hyun Joong had changed into a black jacket with matching casual tee. After charmingly went on stage, showing his classic shy smile, speaking in his not so fluent mandarin: 'Long time didn't meet, I am Kim Hyun Joong.' Talking about going to meet with his fans face to face on the 18th & 19th at NTU Sports Center, he revealed, the time he spend in Taiwan last year was very short, so this time he changed to use fan meeting style to have more interaction with everybody, and definitely is modeled after a concert! His Singapore and Hong Kong Tour stops had received good responses from his fans, everybody enjoyed the performance and this made him very happy. At the same time, Kim Hyun Joong had also think of how to response to the support which fans have given him over these years. Therefore for Taiwan stop, he will give out his personally design brooch and T-shirt and other merchandise free, and will also Hi-5 with all fans who participate in the fan meeting, when everybody is happy he will also be happy!

After the completion of his Asia Fan Meeting Tour, Kim Hyun Joong will go into filming of his new drama. This time the character will be totally different, it is a brutal and manly person, as it is not similar to his own character, he needs to spend a lot of time and effort to understand the role. Because there are quite a lot of martial actions, other then getting a teacher to teach him to act, currently he is also actively toning up his body and exercising. Although Taiwan audience might not be able to watch it live, Kim Hyun Joong has diligently requested: 'Please watch it online... or use other means to watch it!'

Taiwan fan meeting clashed head on with Lady Gaga's concert, Kim Hyun Joong felt a little regretted that previously when Lady Gaga held concert in Korea, he had even bought his ticket preparing to go to her concert, but due to preparation for his Asia Tour, he couldn't go eventually. If there is chance, he definitely wanted to participate in the grand event! He also wished that his activity will end perfectly and achieving Lady Gaga world class scale!

Flower boy with perfect skin and no skincare, kept mentioning do not fit the 'healing idol' title

Comparing to his visit to Taiwan last year, busy superstar Kim Hyun Joong seemed to be even slimmer, weekly oversea schedule had made his eye bag turned deeper, and had serious dark circles, but living up to his flower boy title, his skin condition is very perfect, completely don't need to do any touch-up, his mysterious charm amazed Yam photographer! However, he seems to have no special technique in skincare, he mentioned that as an artist, his style of living is totally opposite from the normal people. Skincare.... seems like he is gifted with perfect skin!

Previously in Korea, he had been voted No. 1 place as 'Healing Idol', after hearing it, Kim Hyun Joong kept smiling, showing his few rare cute smile today. He mentioned that he had heard about this in Hong Kong, thank you for everybody's support, but, not only to make the hurt happy, it will be great if before anybody is hurt, he could bring happiness and comfort to everybody

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[Video + Eng Text Trans] CTS News - HyunJoong arrival in Taiwan Taoyuan Airport [2012.05.16]

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English text translation:
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Superstar who came to Taiwan today were really a lot, other than Lady Gaga, Korea star Kim Hyun Joong also came to Taiwan. Similar to Lady Gaga, he was very friendly in the airport.

Korean idol Kim Hyun Joong who wore dark glasses and casually, upon arrival when being filmed by camera, he smiled and waved back to greet them. His lady fans immediately took out their presents and moved forward to pass to him, Kim Hyun Joong politely received them, after passing them to his assistance continue to walk, along the way he kept waving and greeting, totally do not have the air of a star at all. There were fans who kept using their camera to take his photo, but he didn't care, and even greeted the fans in mandarin.

Once stepping out to the airport arrival hall, big group of passionate fans started to scream crazily, everybody was trying to push forward, wanted to get closer to their idol. This round, Kim Hyun Joong came to Taiwan to hold his fan meeting, after fan meeting he will leave Taiwan, although arriving and departing in a rush, but his friendly and charming look, left a good impression to fans.

[Video] HyungJun @ I Love You Ep 10 [2012.05.15]

SBS Plus drama 'I Love You' is broadcast every Monday & Tuesday, 9pm.

Compilation of the past 'I Love You' HyungJun's cut + Eng Sub:


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[Video + Eng Text Translation] HyunJoong @ Yahoo K-Wave - Taiwan & Korea Fan Version [2012.05.15]

At last I complete the Yahoo! K-Wave Taiwan & Korea Fan Version interview. I must say his answers in this version is more 4D and make me laugh non-stop while translating. Hehe... that's something which I love of him, mischievous, fun, spontaneous and 4D! Continue to be yourself leader, we really love you to be like this!  ^____^

Please note that I have decided to not allowing repost of my text translation, as I have spend a lot of time doing it. The sub video with my translation will be done by Kelemama later.

You can also find the text translation for 
Yahoo! K-Wave (Fans confession Edition):
Yahoo! K-Wave (Hong Kong Fans edition):

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English text translation:

English text translation:

[English Text Translation]

MC: Yahoo Celeb Mission first protagonist - Kim Hyun Joong
HJL: Among so many Yahoo! K-Wave celebrities,
HJL: I am very honoured to be the first to start this activity.
HJL: feel really happy
HJL: In future also wish that through
HJL: Yahoo! K-Wave
HJL: will be able to have interaction with Asia fans and even fans from worldwide.

MC: The followings are questions from Korea and Taiwan fans.
MC: Which country should we start first?
HJL: Lets start from Korea this time.

MC: Ok, lets take a look at questions from Korean fans.
MC: 5th question
MC: 5th question is from our Korean fans
MC: Lets take a look at the question
MC: Future family model

Fan: What is your ideal future family model?
HJL: My ideal future family model
HJL: definitely must have a wife (Mini UFO: o.O""" leader ah, else you want to have a Mini UFO instead?)
MC: and then
MC: just one
MC: just one is enough?
HJL: yes of course
HJL: Of course only can have one
HJL: and also wish to have 2 daughters
HJL: and 2 sons
HJL: wish to let them grow up in village
MC: Then what type of wife do you want to marry?
HJL: A kind person
HJL: Kind and treat me and my daughters and sons well
HJL: Also must be beautiful
HJL: Tall
HJL: Haha, I am joking
HJL: just wish for a virtuous girl that's all
HJL: But can't be a Seoul resident
MC: Must not be a Seoul resident
MC: Jeju Island?
HJL: Jeju Island is not bad
HJL: I wish to retire in Jeju Island in future
MC: Do you speak Jeju Island dialect?
HJL: Like this (try to speak in Jeju Island tone) hehehe

MC: Next, the 4th question
MC: Is our Bae HyoSun ssi's question
MC: Question is?

Fan: If you have super power, which do you wish to own?
HJL: I have been troubled by this question for very long
HJL: I wish to have the ability to teleport
MC: Then where do you wish to teleport to now?
HJL: I have thought about this many times
HJL: To be frank, I really wish to visit the treasury of Korea Bank (Mini UFO: Laught till die, I really salute you to have think of such answer!)

MC: Just like the movie "Jumper"
HJL: It is not because I want to steal
HJL: Just wish to take a look inside only
HJL: Still have something I wish to do
HJL: wish to go to the restriction zone in America which UFO appearred.
HJL: There's such place in Americas right?
MC: That's right, that's right
HJL: I wish to go over there to take a look

MC: Tell me the last one,
MC: Place that you wish to teleport to
HJL: Do you know
HJL: Place which Males usually wish to go, that kind of places
MC: Ok, understand
MC: No need to say anymore
MC: Place that male most wish to go is
MC: The place which everybody also wish to go in their heart
HJL: Not exactly, it could be beauty saloon
HJL: or manicure saloon
MC: Oh, manicure saloon is also not bad
HJL: OK, let just think of it like that

MC: Next, the 3rd question
MC: Is question from our Park MiSuk-ssi
MC: Please read aloud for us to listen
MC: The 3rd question is

Fan: Ways to de-stress yourself
HJL: ways to de-stress myself?

MC: Although doing work which you like
MC: but no matter what is a human
MC: more or less will have time when are very stressful

HJL: Of course will have time when feeling very stressful
HJL: Was very stressful during the Asia Tour
HJL: during acting was also quite stressful
HJL: But I will not purposely try to reduce the stress
HJL: Because stress cannot be eliminated by just thinking of it
HJL: I will continue to bear with it up till the last moment on stage
HJL: at that moment the feeling is the best
HJL: during filming, after filming the last scene
HJL: the stress will be eliminated and felt relax
MC: That's definitely
MC: Must be very happy during that time right?
HJL: That's right, really very happy
HJL: I will also go to exercise
HJL: but not to de-stress
HJL: but because as artist Kim Hyun Joong
HJL: it is necessary to have body management

MC: Ok
MC: 3 of you have already finished asking your questions
MC: the next question will be revealed by me
MC: What is question 2?
MC: The 2nd question is going to be revealed
MC: Personal charm
HJL: there should be some charm which I don't know
HJL: I have thought before in which area I am good

MC: Have you ever look into the mirror
MC: and feel that you are really handsome
MC: have you ever think like this before?
MC: I myself is always like this

Fans: hehehe

HJL: I will also be like this
HJL: But was after returning home, removing my makeup and then looking into the mirror
HJL: and will feel very horrible
HJL: just like when lady makeup
HJL: after makeup will be more confident
HJL: maybe because of my profession is an artist
HJL: after make up I am more confident

MC: When looking at the mirror
MC: do you feel that any part of yourself
MC: is better looking than others?

HJL: I like to look at my eyes

MC: Let's take a look at what does Korean fans
MC: towards Kim Hyun Joong who has beautiful eyes
MC: what is their most wanted to ask question?
MC: The question is

HJL: Recently, the most happiness moment is
HJL: when visiting Japan
HJL: I was detained by the airport immigration
HJL: because for the previous visits, I have been using my performance visa
HJL: but for that time, I used my travel visa to enter the immigration
HJL: I was detained for 1 hour
HJL: when being released, felt very happy

MC: Why were you being detained?
HJL: Because originally I have been using performance visa
MC: Because previously HyunJoong-ssi always went to Japan
MC: having very high popularity in Japan
MC: They thought you are going over there for performance
MC: but trying to use travel visa to enter the immigration
HJL: Yes, therefore after being detained for 1 hour
HJL: At that instant when being released, was feeling extremely happy

MC: What were you thinking during that 1 hour?
HJL: They kept saying
HJL: If it is to perform in Japan
HJL: they will take me away
HJL: therefore of course was not very happy!
HJL: so when being released
HJL: I feel extremely good

MC: All the stress must be removed right?
HJL: Yes, during that time it was really very stressful

MC: Ok, after looking at Korea fan's question
MC: Although there aren't any Taiwan fans here
MC: Through Yahoo! Celebrity Entertainment Hallyu Craze
MC: Taiwan fans can see Kim Hyun Joong's interview
MC: Even in Taiwan, also have many fans
MC: who have questions to ask Kim Hyun Joong
MC: We have prepared 5 questions

MC: Let's look at the 5th question
MC: Future model and plan
HJL: will still remain as a singer to meet with everybody
HJL: in future will want to go to more tv program
HJL: to have more interactions with fans

MC: The 4th question is...
MC: My last 24 hours in my life
HJL: If left with 24 hours only, also can't do anything
HJL: I only want to be with my family
HJL: to have meal together
HJL: pray to God
HJL: Let me go to heaven!

MC: You are very honest
MC: just after having meal will keep praying
MC: God please bring me to heaven

MC: Next, the 3rd question
MC: The 3rd question is
MC: UFO travel companion

HJL: Although currently I do not have a crush yet
HJL: but at that time should be bringing girls that I like to go
MC: What if the girl says
MC: 'I am very afraid' and doesn't want to go together with you?
HJL: Then I will not let her know
HJL: just bring her there together
MC: Oh, just like this
MC: Understand...

MC: The 2nd question is
MC: Do you have any Taiwan friend?

HJL: Up till now I do now have any Taiwan friends
HJL: But I wish to meet the actors from Taiwan Edition's 'Boys over Flowers'

MC: The 1st question is
MC: The 1st impression of Taiwan

HJL: Taiwan and Korea has not much difference
HJL: The people are very happy and friendly
HJL: Where ever I go, can see my photographs
HJL: even more than I have expected
HJL: seeing so many fans supporting me
HJL: was thinking I should have come here more often for promotion
HJL: Because of this type of impression
HJL: So feel that no matter what kind of activity
HJL: will definitely think of Taiwan
HJL: Taiwan fans during every time
HJL: when I come to Taiwan
HJL: will welcome me passionately in the airport
HJL: When at airport
HJL: Not being able to have more interaction with everybody
HJL: I felt very sorry
HJL: In future if there is chance
HJL: will have more interaction with Taiwan fans

MC: For Kim Hyun Joong who has answered honestly
MC: please give another round of applause to give him support

HJL: Although the interview session is very short
HJL: really very happy to be able to see everybody
HJL: hope in future
HJL: through Yahoo! Celebrity Entertainment Hallyu Craze
HJL: more information about me will be released
HJL: Hope everybody give your support
HJL: In future
HJL: through Yahoo! Celebrity Entertainment Hallyu Craze
HJL: Will show other in my best image
HJL: Thank you everybody

MC: Please visit Yahoo K-wave more often
MC: and participate in Yahoo! Celebrities Entertainment, Hallyu Craze activity
MC: Also hope everybody will continue to support Hallyu icon Kim Hyun Joong
MC: Let us give a round of applause to end today's interview
MC: Thank you everybody
HJL: Thank you! Thank you!

HJL: Hi everybody, I am Kim Hyun Joong
HJL: Sincerely congratulation
HJL: for the opening of Yahoo! Celebrity Entertainment, Hallyu Craze
HJL: Please give more support
HJL: to Yahoo! Celebrity Entertainment, Hallyu Craze
HJL: Go! Yahoo! K-Wave

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

[Drama] HyungJun @ 'I Love You' Ep 9 [2012.05.14]

SBS Plus drama 'I Love You' is broadcast every Monday & Tuesday, 9pm.

Compilation of the past 'I Love You' HyungJun's cut + Eng Sub:


Please repost with full credit

[Lyrics] Kim HyungJun - 'SIGN' (I Love You OST)


Credit:  MinJun's Land subbing team ( +

Credits : Korean lyrics - Daum Music
Simple Romanization :: Chokollit
English Translation - xiaochu @

[Lyrics] Kim HyungJun - 'SIGN' (I Love You OST)

Artist : Kim Hyung Joon (김형준)
Album Information : Various Artist - I Love You (그대를 사랑합니다) OST
Date of Release : 2012.05.14
Title : Sign (사인)

그려봐 푸른 하늘 아래 끝없이 바다 보이는 곳
geuryeobwa pureun haneurarae kkeuteobsi bada boineun got
Imagine seeing the endless sea under the blue sky
그곳에 너와 내가 있는 거야 오
geugose nowa naega inneun geoya o
There is where you and I are at, oh
내 앞에 바로 네가 있고 네 눈에 내가 비춰지고
nae ape baro nega itgo ne nune naega bichwojigo
You are right in front of me, your eyes reflecting me in it
그곳엔 우리 빼곤 없는 거야 음
geugosen uri ppaegon omneun geoya eum
In that place, we will not be left out, hmm

내 여자로 만들거야 나 욕심한번 가질거야
nae yojaro mandeulgeoya na yoksimhanbeon gajilgeoya
I will make you my girl, I will have a desire for once
또 후회하진 않을거야
tto huhwihajin aneulgeoya
And I will not regret
네 귓가에 속삭여 줄게
ne gwitgae soksagyeo julge
I will whisper into your ears

우리만의 Sign 너와 나의 Time
urimanui Sign nowa naui Time
Our SIGN, you and my TIME
내가 없던 지난시간 들일 뿐야 모두 떨쳐버려 Let it go
nega opdeon jinansigan deuril ppunya modu tteolchyeobeoryeo Let it go
Just the times in the past without me, brush off everything LET IT GO
너와 나의 Sign 우리만의 Time
nowa naui Sign urimanui Time
You and my SIGN, Our TIME
그래 여기 지금부터 시작이야 주인공은 바로 너니까
geurae yeogi jigeumbuteo sijagiya juin-gongeun baro neonikka
That’s right, it is the start from now right here, because the main character is none other than you
나를 믿어봐
nareul mideobwa
Believe me

그 동안 많이 힘들었지? 두눈에 눈물 참아왔지?
geu dongan mani himdeureotji? dunune nunmul chamawatji?
Went through a lot of hardships during that period right? Held back the tears in your eyes right?
다시는 혼자 두지는 않을게
dasineun honja dujineun aneulge
I will not leave you alone again

내 여자가 되는거야 넌 내거여야 만하니까
nae yeojaga doeneun-geoya neon naegeoyeoya manhanikka
You will become my girl, because I must make you mine
또 후회하진 않을거야
tto huhwihajin aneulgeoya
I will not regret it again
내가 네 곁에서 지켜줄게
naega ne gyeoteseo jikyojulge
I will protect you by your side

우리만의 Sign 너와 나의 Time
urimanui Sign neowa naui Time
Our SIGN, you and my TIME
내가 없던 지난시간 들일 뿐야 모두 떨쳐버려 Let it go
naega opdeon jinansigan deuril ppunya modu tteolchyeobeoryeo Let it go
Just the times in the past without me, brush off everything LET IT GO
너와 나의 Sign 우리만의 Time
nowa naui Sign urimanui Time
You and my SIGN, Our TIME
그래 여기 지금부터 시작이야 주인공은 바로 너니까
geurae yogi jigeumbuteo sijagiya juin-gongeun baro neonikka
That’s right, it is the start from now right here, because the main character is none other than you
나를 믿어봐
nareul mideobwa
Believe me

참 다행이야 널 내 마음에 담아서
cham dahaengiya neol nae maeume damaseo
It is really fortunate, to be putting you in my heart
너 때문에 설레고 너 때문에 웃잖아
neo ttaemune seollego neo ttaemune utjana
Excited because of you, smiling because of you

우리만의 Sign 너와 나의 Time
urimanui Sign nowa naui Time
Our SIGN, you and my TIME
내가 없던 지난시간 들일 뿐야 모두 떨쳐버려 Let it go
naega opdeon jinansigan deuril ppunya modu tteolchyeobeoryeo Let it go
Just the times in the past without me, brush off everything LET IT GO
너와 나의 Sign 우리만의 Time
nowa naui Sign urimanui Time
You and my SIGN, Our TIME
그래 여기 지금부터 시작이야 주인공은 바로 너니까
geurae yogi jigeumbuteo sijagiya juin-gongeun baro neonikka
That’s right, it is the start from now right here, because the main character is none other than you
나를 믿어봐
nareul mideobwa
Believe me

너와 나의 Time
nowa naui Time
You and my TIME

모두 떨쳐버려 Let it go
modu tteolchyeoboryeo Let it go
Brush off everything LET IT GO
너와 나의 Sign
nowa naui Sign
You and my SIGN
너와 나의 Time
nowa naui Time
You and my TIME
그래 여기 지금부터 시작이야 주인공은 바로 너니까
geurae yogi jigeumbuteo sijagiya juin-gongeun baro neonikka
That’s right, it is the start from now right here, because the main character is none other than you
나를 믿어봐
nareul midobwa
Believe me

[Video + Eng Text Trans] HyunJoong interview with Sohu Entertainment - about China Tour [2012.05.13]

At last I have completed the translation for this interview of Sohu Entertainment with HyunJoong. That 'Machine Gun' translator noona was really amazing, she spoke so fast until I have to repeat at least 10x sometimes to catch what she say. BTW, Kelemama will be subbing this video, so please do not use my trans to sub the video. Okay!
On 13 May 2012, after completed his Hong Kong Fan Meeting Tour, Hyun Joong fly over to Beijing to hold his press conference for his China tour. The press conference location was at Beijing Hilton Airport Hotel. The press conference also signified the start of the sales of his concert tickets. In the press conference, he has also donated 200 millions won to 'Smile Angel Project', the organizer has also made 4 memorial tickets for '6 row 6 seat' of the 4 stops, to be auction off online, all proceeds will go to 'Smile Angel Project'.


Video Source: + @ youtube
English text translation:
Please repost with full credit

[English text translation]

Kim Hyun Joong interview with Sohu Entertainment - about China Tour

HJL: Hi everybody I am Kim Hyun Joong
HJL: The fanmeeting this time is a little different, I don't know how's other people fan meeting is like. I did heard that others are mostly based on talk show. But this time it is different, although there are talk time but most important part are the singing performance part, therefore whether is the stage, or the songs list, it is closer to a concert format. This time I will be singing 15 songs and it is going to be very large scale, there are video clips and laser show and lightning effects. Because I had not seen others performance so I cannot be sure whether it is different from others, but most important is everybody will treat it as a show, to appreciate something.

MC: So as what I understand, does it means that there will be interaction with fans? Is there any special segment to strengthen that?
HJL: There are some interaction segment with fans, will also ask fans to go on stage, or parts which I will go down the stage. But each place has its own rules and culture and every countries' rules & custom are different, therefore I want to try to overcome them. If I can't overcome it, then how can I change all these to show a better stage and have a better interaction. I will try my best to communicate these with my production team when I go back.

MC: For this concert, you have participated in the entire planning, is there any special segment specially cater for China fans?
HJL: Actually what I did most for China fans is this performance itself, because only China has 4 stops. I have actually wanted to go to every place to have close contact with everybody but due to the limited time and also crash with my schedule. So I choose to show more things to everybody in a bigger city.

MC: Are you worried of the language barrier?
HJL: I am not very worry about the language barrier. Similar to this, other countries will also be using their local language. Same for China, I will try to use some native china language to communicate with everybody. During the performance, if I want to say something, I have already prepared a translator who can translate spontaneously, therefore I am not worry about problems in communication.

MC: Would you be singing some local songs or invite some local artists as your guest?
Translator: Sorry, don't have. I just want to let you know that we do not have this segment.

MC: You have ever mentioned that your wish is to open a free concert for your fans in worldwide. Previously you have also held 3 concerts, fulfilling your wish. China fans also wish to know whether when you will do something like this for them.
HJL: If there is a chance, I wish I can hold a free concert at every place, allowing everybody to see more good performance. Especially for China stop, I wish to involve more in the area of charity, to help some poverty-stricken area, to gather together more people to hold a better performance. At that time, I will want to invite a lot of China artists to participate in this charity concert and use the best performance to return to the society.

MC: Your wish to open a free concert has been fulfilled, so what is your next biggest wish?
HJL: I wish to let more people listen to my songs. Hope that when everybody listen to my song, they will feel happiness. My greatest wish is to let everybody received happiness, using my limited power to bring happiness to everybody. When I work even harder to expand my singing performances, in future when I release my album, everybody will think that it is going to be something that is worth anticipated.

MC: Actually I know that you have a lot of fanatic fans, they have been trying to get into close contact to you. Among the fanatic fans that you meet which is the most fanatic kind, can you please describe to us?
Translator: Sorry, we will not discuss about fans because this is fans personal behavior.

MC: Previously in 'Boys Over Flower' & 'Playful Kiss', you mostly acted as flower boy. For your next work 'Conquest of City', there is a drastic change in your role. Please let us know what kind of role is this.
HJL: This role in 'Conquest of City' is different from the usual gentle role, which completely not found in this drama. Maybe everybody cannot get use to my more masculine and wild and more man kind of feel. However, since the storyline is really good, when it is broadcast, everybody will definitely like this role. Because of the role of a brutal man, must have different depth, being able to get such a role, I am full of anticipation.

Translator: This will be the last question

MC: For this drama, is this role very different from you in real life, what is your biggest challenge?
HJL: I think this role is not completely different or similar to me. Some parts are similar some are not. Up till now, all of the role that I had acted in, they were not exactly like my actual character. Because as an actor, I have to try to figure out a new role and also to imagine the person's character, in order to show a completely different role. Maybe everybody will be thinking whether this is similar to Kim Hyun Joong's character and start to guess. But most important of all is that I have acted this character well, totally removed the image of Kim Hyun Joong and blend into a new stage when acting in this drama.

MC: So would you make a preparation for this?
HJL: 1st, I practice martial arts. 2nd, I read the script everyday. 3rd, I try to figure out the character of role. Since this is a drama with a lot of actions and fighting scene, I need to train to improve my strength and tone my body.

MC: Your motto is 'Live Life like there is only once', can you please explain to us?
HJL: Because you only live your life once, so I love this kind of motto, although there is rebirth or karma circle but I still think that you only have this life, this is why I like this motto.

Monday, May 14, 2012

[News] Kim Hyun Joong to hold concert in Beijing [2012.05.14]

English translation:
Please repost with full credit

[News][2012.05.14] Kim Hyun Joong to hold concert in Beijing

Yesterday, Korean Star Kim Hyun Joong appeared in Hilton Beijing Airport Hotel, campaigning for his Greater China local cities Chengdu, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing fan meeting which will start from 1st June.

6th June is Kim Hyun Joong's birthday, this year it coincides with his China Tour, therefore his birthday will be celebrate together with China fans. In order to commemorate this special day and special fate, during the press conference venue, the organizer and also ticketing office has choosen to make enlarged special collector model of all row 6, seat 6's tickets for the 4 stops, Kim Hyun Joong had signed and announced that these 4 tickets will be auction online, all proceeds will be donated to 'Smile Angel Foundation'. For this fan meeting, Kim Hyun Joong has turn into a purchaser personally, he has hand-picked the official performance memorial t-shirt and brooch for every fans that participate in the fan meeting. For this Kim Hyun Joong Asia Fan Meeting Tour, there are a very important part, which is the Hi-5 session. There will be a lucky draw by the organizer to select 1000 lucky fans, to have close contact with Kim Hyun Joong.

It is reported that his Beijing Fan Meeting will be held on 10 June at the Mastercard Center.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

[Magazine] HyunJoong Singapore Asia Fan Meeting Tour @ i-weekly No. 759 [2012.05.14]

For fans in Singapore, do spend $2 to buy i-weekly to support him, remember previously the reporter of i-weekly that Tan Bao Zhu, the biased reporter which won't give any good report of our boys, who think that those who are good looking doesn't have talents but sell based on their looks totally ignoring the effort they spend to be famous. But for this reporter Zheng Shi Jie, the report is full of praises, so we must support reporters that are not biased and gave the true story. ^_^

Anyway, you won't regret spending $2 for that i-weekly because there's a total 3 pages coverage of Hyun Joong!


Credit: i-weekly
Newspaper scan:
English Translation:
Please repost with full credit

[Magazine][2012.05.14] Kim Hyun Joong Fan Meeting 2012 @ Singapore i-weekly

[Grabbing attending of many]

Visiting Singapore first time to hold his fan meeting, Kim Hyun Joong friendly character overwrite usual Korean Star fan meeting standard.
Charming song and splendid dances + zero distance contact, full of fan service continuously given out during 2 hours.
Mischievious at times reserved at times, the charm which kills in seconds releases from this man with many faces, how could you withstand it?

[Listen! Kim's music performance]

Laser effects, 10 dancer team, in addition to record breaking 14 song list, the fan meeting was just like a mini concert.

Cladding deep-V full black war robe, Kim Hyun Joong first appeared in the middle of the stage, bring up the atmosphere instantly with his hit dance song 'Let Me Go' and 'Break Down'. When singing 'Please', he even generously revealed his abs, causing deafening screaming at once. Thereafter, for 'Happiness is...', he invited the entire floor to form a choir to sing together with him, 'Kiss Kiss', 'I am Your Man' and others, made one high at times and mesmerizing at times. For the 'Lucky Guy' performance during encore, the entire floor was brought to a standing ovation, but the most favorite one must be when he was 'possessed'  by 'Yoon Ji Hoo', performing the OST from 'Boys over Flowers' - 'Because I am stupid', accompanying with scenes from the drama, the familiar song made his fans reminiscent of great moments of how they first fall for him.

[Look! Unlimited Surprised]

Korean star's concert can't go without video clips in between sessions, it is the time for the artist to show their ideas and creativity. Kim Hyun Joong had previously revealed that he will show the other sides which he had never shown before. Just as expected, during that night he was turned into an alien stepping onto earth for exploration, and then he appeared as a poor beggar, but the most memorable and causing the floor to 'Awww...' non-stop was this video. Looking at him doing 5 things for his 'imaginary' girl friend which was a gigantic size teddy bear, when everybody was still mesmerizing in that, he suddenly 'walked out from the screen' and gave his surprised appearance, and without giving any warning, went down stage to give the gigantic size teddy bear to one of his fan!

[Play! Big prize for games]

During the game session, challenging fans with 'same mind', Kim Hyun Joong who was task to set questions, getting more and more engross as he played the game, all in all he posed in 'Marilyn Monroe', 'Love', and also 'baseball' actions, among all, the most hilarious one was when he posed for the classic Marilyn Monroe pose. Although the final winner of the game can had a photo together with her idol, unexpectedly the original disqualified fan suddenly appeared on stage, and even received a flower bouquet personally from Kim Hyun Joong, such a generous gift simply garnered the envy from the other Joong fans.

[Record Breaking]

On that night's fan meeting, he has made a winning kill of some 3000 Joong fans to make a pilgrimage, causing Kim Hyun Joong who held his first Asia Tour constantly talk in favour to thank his fans: 'Before the performance, I was faced with great stress and challenge, however once I see you, I am alright."

After the fan meeting, although Kim Hyun Joong had already shown his fatigueness, but he still fulfilled his promise, showing his classic smile, spending around 1 hour and 15 mins to Hi-5 or shake hand with all who attended his fan meeting, breaking the record of all local concert!

[Special Off Stage Aspects]

Popular person: Other than the lead person, causing the floor to scream most must be him -- Kim Hyun Joong's bodyguard Mr Jeong. According to 'i' findings, Mr Jeong who is meticulous and responsible, everytime when on duty, other than ensuring the safety of his master, towards those kids that came to chase after their star, he had also given them great care. Therefore, other than loving their star, they have also love those beside him, they have even setup a Facebook page for him, causing a lot of Joong fans to press the 'like' button to support him. Mr Jeong, you have become popular!

Cross nation: As the 1st stop for this Asia Tour, this local stop has attracted fans from Malaysia, Japan, Thailand and other countries to travel all the way here.

Note to all: I have purposely clipped off the pictures of the 'KHJ Universal Offical FC SG' because I do not want to give fans the wrong impression that they ARE the official fanclub for Singapore, but in actual fact, there are NO OFFICIAL FANCLUB for Henecia in Singapore. The only recognized fanclub for Kim Hyun Joong is '2011 HENECIA' (issued in Korea) and 'HENECIA JAPAN'. This is verified and confirmed by Kim Hyun Joong's management office. Keyeast. Don't ever believe in others who claim that they are the official fanclub of Kim Hyun Joong other than those 2 which are listed above.

For more information about the notice from KeyEast about the official Kim Hyun Joong fanclub, please click here.

[Add on performance Same stage: the 15mins with KHJ]

Although arriving 2 days beforehand, his schedules was still busy busy busy.

Upon arrival in the afternoon, he was rushed to the hotel, holding his press conference and also marathon style interviews right after. Being able to sit face to face with him, was already at 8pm that night.

His charming face was showing a little fatigue, even his smile was also limited to show only when infront of the camera. The legendary mischievous and full of surprise '4D human', had to wait to be proven next round.

The U:zoosin brooch which is going to give out during the fan meeting, where did the idea come from...?
I have always have great interest in the outer space, the design idea come from my imaginary of the outer space world. How long did I spend? 5mins!

Returning Singapore for the 3rd time, which local attraction do you wish to visit?
The Marina Bay Sands and Ferris Wheel which are famous worldwide... If you meet me on street, please say Hi!

Would you consider to wear different so that you would not be recognized?
I feel that just because of fear to be recognized, and choose to wear differently or stay away from famous attractions, are very meaningless. When going out, must be very care free.

Why is your image more and more manly?
As an artist, changes are necessary. Only when keep trying different changes, then can show my versatility, and not letting down the support from my fans.

Prince charming VS Beasty Man, which is the real Kim Hyun Joong?
It is very difficult to clearly define it, because between both there are also some of my shadow. Prince Charming, mainly for the needs of filming... in real life I am more mischievous, and I am more man in my thoughts.

Other than changing your image, how do you think you could hold a place in the ever challenging k-pop market?
I think I have already went past the stage which need to compete with other idols, so I should forget about competing with others. The most important thing is not to find all means to stay on top, but how to improve myself. (Mini UFO: Wow weee... I like the answer, that's my leader!!!!)

Please update about your upcoming works.
Right after this, there will be a new drama, details are sure yet. Currently has already started to prepare for the new album which is going to be released next year, hope to have chance to participate in lyrics composing. I like to prepare earlier, to practice choreography for the album, tone my body to increase my vital capacity...

Heard that for your previous 'Lucky Guy' album, you are busy until you don't even have time to sleep...
Mainly were busy because of the theme song 'Lucky Guy'. For this fan meeting, I am also working very hard, almost not having a lot of time to rest. However, time passed very fast, I don't even know how I did I endure till today, ha! (Mini UFO: Hoho! Leader, no no no! You must rest, so that you can walk a longer path, health is very important. Please take care of your health, else all TripleS and Henecians will worry about you....)

Busy until like this, do you still have time to play soccer and read comic?
Will try to find time, because no matter what still need to recharge. However recently was really too busy until not having time to read comic!

Being fond of soccer, which is the soccer team or member which you support?
Park Ji Sung from Korea!

Most skilled position is...?
No matter what, I am not a professional soccer player, so when felt that still have strength, I will play the striker. When feeling too tired, then will play the defender.