Wednesday, August 24, 2011

[Video + Text Translation] HyunJoong @ TVBS 'The Person' Preview [2011.08.24]

Like those words spoken by HyunJoong, you can see how matured his is in his thinking. It is indeed learning is important, many of us usually neglect that and regret later. But it is never too late since you can continue to learn since there's no age limit to learn. Guess this is the reason why he is still studying despite his busy schedules.

Since I so like his words, I would like to share with you too. I have done the translation. Enjoy reading and pondering his wise words~


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English translation
Most of the time youngsters
including myself
will blame ourselves
why can't I achieve that
can't achieve that, must have a reason for not achieving that
therefore must put in even more effort
maybe others need to walk 1 step
but you need to walk 2 steps
why must study
why must learn
just because previously I
didn't study those things
therefore now must recover back all those (things)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

[News] Not lifting his hands from iPad, Kim HyunJoong engrossed in 'Paladog' [2011.08.20]

It was really funny to see the little boy holding on his hand so fondly and refused to go down the stage despite his father request to go down stage, he even said NO to his father. Haha, our HyunJoong's charm is incredible right?!

Thanks @RainAfterShine for sharing the SinMin Daily news report of HyunJoong in Singapore.

Ok, ok I shall leave you with the news translation and going off now to play 'Paladog' .... The battle has started.... ^^


SinMing Daily Newspaper image: @Rainaftershine twitter
English translation:

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[News][2011.08.20] Not lifting his hands from iPad, Kim HyunJoong engrossed in 'Paladog'

No longer infatuated with 'Angry Bird', Kim HyunJoong has a new love 'Paladog'.

Kim HyunJoong arrived in Singapore yesterday as TheFaceShop spokesperson, a press reporter was curious why he was always engrossed with the iPad and what is his most frequent used iPad function, his cool face immediately showed a childish smile saying: "Play games!"

It is widely known by his fans that he is very engrossed in the 'Angry Bird' game, but he said proudly: "I don't play that anymore now, because I have already completed all the levels, now I am playing 'Paladog'."

This is a game which you need to attack the devils in order to save the Animal Kingdom and become the hero.

Kim HyunJoong who looks decent outwardly and soft spoken, other than having his childish side, has a strong character and do not cry easily.

After debut solo with his first mini album 'Break Down', reporter asked him whether he had any experience which made him 'Break Down', he said: "None, because of my strong character, I don't like to loose, therefore will not cry easily."

Holding concert in Singapore next year

Kim HyunJoong's fan must start to save money, because yesterday he announced that he will hold his concert in Singapore next year, he will also release his album in October, the new album will have a funky style, to dance with everybody!

Kim HyunJoong mesmerized 2000 fans in his fan meeting yesterday, a little boy also succumbed to his charm.

TheFaceShop boss brought his son together on stage for group photo-taking. After that, the little boy was not willing to go off stage, and kept holding on to Kim HyunJoong's hand, the scene was very comical and interesting.