Tuesday, November 8, 2011

[Fan Account] Mama fan sharing 10 things about HyunJoong [2011.11.07]

Saw this fan account shared by a Mama fan in Hyunbar66.com. Very cute and fun, so I will translate and share with you. Wuri HyunJoong is really one in the universe. Kekeke~


Credit: 丸子没有樱桃 @ Hyunbar66.com + (Eng Trans) PlanetHyun.blogspot.com
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妈妈亲后记分享1:贤重真的是小孩子一个!很爱玩!很爱逗饭们!前几天的model大赛现场、贤重下台后好得瑟、闹闹的和饭们玩来着;平日的电视台的彩 排,永远是所有前辈后辈歌手中第一个到场!而且是7am前到的!比饭们还要早!彩排过程中,因怕引起秩序混乱、所以在过程中是以他四次元的方式逗饭们玩!
Mama fan sharing 1: HyunJoong is really a little kid! Very playful! Like to tease fans! Past few days during the model competition venue, after HyunJoong go down from the stage he was very excited and played with fans; normally during TV station rehearsal, he is forever the first to reach the venue before any senior or junior singers! And arrived before 7am! Even earlier than fans! During the rehearsal, for fear of causing commotion, so during the process he would play with fans using his 4D style!

妈 妈亲后记分享2:贤重每次电视台节目结束后离开时、只要是红灯、一定是在过程中把窗放下、和饭们聊天、很认得哪些眼熟熟悉的饭、他会很认真去看去认。对他 大喊:金贤重!加油!他听不懂中文、但会微笑点头谢谢。上次一位没拿到、韩饭和他说:对不起oppa、没让你拿到一位。贤重很自如无所谓说:没关系。
Mama fan account sharing 2: Everytime after TV program ended and while leaving, as long as he was waiting for the red traffic light, he would definitely wind down his window, and chat with fans, he would recognized those fans who looked more familiar to him, he would look and try to recognized them diligently. Shouted to him: Kim HyunJoong! Fighting! (In mandarin). He can't understand mandarin, but would smile, nod and said thank you. Last time when he didn't get No.1, korean fan told him: Sorry oppa, didn't let you get No.1. HyunJoong answered calmly: It is alright.

Mama fan sharing 3: There's once I told HyunJoong 5 times the same encouragement words, HyunJoong replied 3 times, he was trying very hard to listen, maybe was because mama fan's korean pronunciation was not so accurate, but HyunJoong would try very hard to listen to your every sentence. As long as you talk to him, he would definitely listen and response to you diligently.

妈 妈亲后记分享4:贤重自己就是小孩子!超喜欢小朋友!很爱和小朋友玩!玩得超开心不亦乐乎!其中有场签名会上、妈妈亲to签女儿的名字、和贤重说是中文 名、慢慢签、没关系。贤重不理会签得超快!贤重听到女儿、眼睛顿时瞪大几倍、那惊讶的表情、当时妈妈亲自己也哭笑不得!大概是看不出已经有女儿了。
Mama fan sharing 4: HyunJoong himself is a little kid! Extremely like kids! and love to play with kids! Played until very happy and contented! During one fan sign event, mama fan asked to sign for her daughter's name, telling HyunJoong it was a chinese name, sign slowly, it is alright. HyunJoong didn't care much and signed extremely fast! When HyunJoong heard of the word daughter, he eyes suddenly stared widely and gave a shocking expression, making mama fan herself speechless! Guessed he can't imagine that she already had a daughter.

Mama fan sharing 5: At the last fan sign event, that area was very rural and far, HyunJoong was late for 1.5 hour. Mama fan also had to take about 3 hours train to reach there! He told fans at the venue, as long as holding on Henecia card, can go to his Fried Chicken shop to order 2 sets and above of fried chicken and it is free! At that time, fans around were so touched.

Mama fan sharing 6: In viewable radio, person in the room can hear words and voice from outside. There's once when HyunJoong was the DJ. During the one day DJ program, he played all of his younger brothers' song, and didn't played any of his own songs. He really loves his younger brothers, very diligently to see their performance and work hard to pull up his juniors, he really did his utmost in all these.

Mama fan sharing 7: During that day, the viewable DJ day, HyunJoong continued to use his 4D style and played with fans! The weather was very cold, HyunJoong was in the room, through the glass window, asking fans outside: Are you cold? Fans answered: Not cold! So the 4D kid answered: Than all of you just continue to be cold. Fans don't know to cry of laugh at his remark. Already got used to this famous 4D Kim Leader~

妈 妈亲后记分享8:上次吃香蕉事件、又再一次证明这位外星人的四次元。正常人的举动是接过香蕉不吃或者是吃完。可是他再次发挥本色四次元、吃一半香蕉后给回 那位饭!那位饭别提有多兴奋和意外!转身立马把香蕉吃了!哈哈!贤重的四次元可是外星和地球出名的!人类都阻止不了他那无限的四次元咯!
Mama fan sharing 8: Last time during the eating banana incident, once again proven this alien's 4D-ness. Normal human behavior after accepting the banana is either not eating it or eating all of it. But he had once again shown his 4D-ness, after eating half of the banana, he gave it back to the fan! Needless to say, that fan was so excited and shocked! Turned around and immediately ate finished that banana! Haha! HyunJoong 4D-ness is famous outer-space and on earth! Human can't stop his limitless 4D-ness!

妈 妈亲后记分享9:有次去贤重的鱼叉店,没想到贤重和贤重的母亲大人也到场喔!贤重的母亲大人很美丽高贵、很友善。妈妈亲问贤重的母亲大人洗手间在哪,母亲 大人很亲切搭着妈妈亲的肩膀、很认真的指路比划怎么走。很亲近的一位妈妈、没有任何架子。如同儿子、有其母必有其子的典范就是这样吧。
Mama fan sharing 9: There's once went to HyunJoong's Jaksal shop, who knows HyunJoong and HyunJoong's mum were also around! HyunJoong's mum is very beautiful and elegant, and very friendly. Mama fan asked HyunJoong's mum where is the washroom, his mum put his arm on mama fan's shoulder friendlily and pointing diligently the way to go. A very friendly mum, don't put on any airs. Just like her son, this is the model of 'like mother like son'.

Mama fan sharing 10: HyunJoong is very modest and polite! Always can see him bowing 90 degrees! Whether to senior or to junior! HyunJoong is very fear of strangers, towards new fans, he will not smile! Because he is fear of strangers. But after meeting you a few more time, getting familiar with you, he will start to smile to you. And will talk and tease you. He is a very fun kid.