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[Video + Eng Text Translation] HyunJoong - Yahoo K-Wave (Fans confession Edition) [2012.05.15]

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[English Text Translation]

MC: Yahoo Celeb Mission first protagonist - Kim Hyun Joong

HJL: Among so many Yahoo! K-Wave celebrities,
HJL: I am very honoured to be the first to start this activity.
HJL: feel really happy
HJL: In future also wish that through
HJL: Yahoo! K-Wave
HJL: will be able to have interaction with Asia fans and even fans from worldwide.

MC: As our Yahoo! Celebrities Entertainment Hallyu Craze
MC: Our guest who make their 1st appearance
MC: We have specially found 5 fans
MC: to have fun with us
MC: Lets have a round of applause

MC: Firstly, today the 5 fans we have over here
MC: extremely love Kim Hyun Joong
MC: wish to meet their idol face to face
MC: then will come here
MC: Which of you have any question regarding Kim Hyun Joong-ssi's
MC: life or filming work
MC: wish to ask your question?

HJL: Then let's start from WooKyeong-Ssi
MC: Ok, not problem

Fan1: I came here after completed my high school studies in Jeju Island
Fan1: Studies in high school was very boring
Fan1: But HyunJoong-oppa in my impression
Fan1: has ever come to Jeju Island
Fan1: At that time it was my first time meeting him
Fan1: left very deep impression of him
Fan1: but now I am already 20 years old
Fan1: was a little not able to remember
Fan1: no matter what
Fan1: I still have that part of memory

MC: Even after over for so long... still able to remember
MC: In your memory, did you fall in love with Kim Hyun Joong in first sight?

Fan: It's not
Fan: Started from his debut appearance on TV programs
Fan: I already felt that he is very charming
Fan: during that time had already like him

MC: Can HyunJoong remember about this?

HJL: Yes, I remember going to Jeju Island

Fan2: For me is during when watching TV
Fan2: started to like Kim Hyun Joong
Fan2: At Dongdaemon
Fan2: also met with Kim Hyun Joong himself
Fan2: saw him filming a program
Fan2: after completed (filming) was having his meal
Fan2: At that time he was just beside me
Fan2: seeing him holding to something using both of his hands
Fan2: because of exerting force and his muscles was shown...
Fan2: really very charming

MC: Wow! Kim Hyun Joong is really...

Fan2: HyunJoong looks charming
Fan2: and also full of masculinity
Fan2: that was my impression of him when I met him

MC: That was your memory during that time?
MC: Next is Park MiSook-ssi

Fan3: Starting from 8 years ago...

MC: Sorry, could you please increase your volume
MC: My voice is really this soft
MC: it is really too soft

Fan3: 8 years ago during the Entertainment Award
Fan3: saw charming HyunJoong
Fan3: during that time he was practicing dance in the waiting room
Fan3: saw his hardworking look during practice
Fan3: was really charming

MC: Ok, I understand

MC: Next is
MC: Your name is Molly

(Mini UFO Note: From here, the Hong Kong fans were actually speaking in english but I will still type out what they say to have continuity in the translation)
Fan4: Yes, I am Molly
Fan4: Em, can I speak English
Fan4: I become Hyun Joong-ssi fan because of his songs and his dance are very attractive.
(Mini UFO: Please look at leaders reaction when the fan was speaking, he was really listening to her and could see that he seems to understand what she speaks! ^___^ Love his attentiveness to fans~~)
Fan4: After becoming his fan, I feel more interested in Korean culture, so I came to Korea to study Korean language last year. And actually during my study in Korea, I felt very lonely but because of HyunJoong-ssi, I got to meet so many Korean fans and they treat me really really nice, so I always say thank you to HyunJoong-ssi because I am in Korea, because I don't feel lonely anymore in Korea.

MC: Ok, next
MC: Wait a moment, can you understand HyunJoong?
HJL: Yes
MC: Although HyunJoong could understand it
MC: but for our other fans who couldn't understand,
MC: we will do some translation
MC: Not only we can understand
MC: But speak the korean that you wish to say
MC: Do you have anything to say to HyunJoong-ssi?

Fan4: Thank you

MC: Thank, that's great

MC: Next

Fan5: I came from Hong Kong, I am delighted to fly over to Korea from Hong Kong to meet him in person because last year I went to the "Yahoo! Buzz Award" and been able to look into the back stage and get to see him and I find his performance is deeply fascinating, and then if I have to give a reason of why I like him so much, I don't think love can give a reason

MC: Oh, actually is like this
MC: Just now listening to the 5 fans
MC: opinion towards you
MC: They have been deeply fallen into your charm
MC: How do you feel?
HJL: For me, how was it at 2008 or at 2010; from before debut until now* (* Mini UFO: Thanks for Ida's comment, I have made some changes to this line)
HJL: in actual how fans have like me in which area
HJL: I am very happy to listen to what everybody has shared
HJL: Actually since last time
HJL: I have been working hard as an artist
HJL: Was like this since debut
HJL: will remain the same in future
HJL: will work even harder for fans

MC: That's great! Our 5 fans
MC: HyunJoong-ssi said for everybody,
MC: he will show even more charm
MC: work even hard in his entertainer work
MC: Please do keep in anticipation

MC: There are 3 fans who have brought their mission video
HJL: Ah, really?
MC: Let us have a look at
MC: the reason why they were selected here
HJL: Ok, let's take a look

MC: Ok, this person's mission video is out
MC: Ah, clapping passionately
MC: Looked very embarassing, so she was wearing a cap
HJL: Is this the mission I set?
MC: Yes, this is the mission set by you

MC: Next is Bae Hyosun-ssi
MC: What? What is this?
MC: Clapping hand in the train
HJL: Seems like the last train right?
HJL: Seems like there are not many passengers

MC: Everybody has been diligently carried out
MC: the mission set by Hyun Joong
MC: This fan's mission is holding on an umbrella with friend
MC: While reading a book, show the 'Ya' gesture
MC: That was in the lift
MC: Normally when in the lift
MC: you would not open your umbrella
MC: This 3 fans has completed their mission video
MC: in order to come here
MC: What was your feeling when you first received the mission?

Fan2: Although I like HyunJoong
Fan2: but is there really a necessity to do this mission in order to see him?

MC: Yes, is there necessary to do until like this to meet?
Fan2: Because really like HyunJoong
Fan2: so have go all out for it

MC: Doing the mission in department store...
Fan3: A lot of people are grouping to watch
MC: Ah, although in the video there were only 2 person
MC: But there were a lot of people grouping infront right?
Fan3: Yes, infront of the lift, there were a lot of people watching
MC: Why do you want to do such a disgraceful mission?
MC: Is there any reason?
Fan3: Because I really like HyunJoong-ssi
MC: Because of too liking HyunJoong-ssi
MC: Seeing all these fans because of you
MC: filming this kind of mission video
MC: After watching just now
MC: how do you feel?
HJL: Em... after watching the video
HJL: I was thinking how could they have any way to perform the mission
HJL: Everybody was really couragous and diligent
HJL: Today you have completed
HJL: This difficult and embrassing video
HJL: Really very thankful to you

MC: Once again, please give a round of applause for this 3 fans


  1. debut on 2008?? he debuted on 2005 as SS501 member, didnt he?

  2. Thanks for your comments, Ida. Sorry for that mistake, I was doing really fast and overlook this. The actual line should be:
    'For me, how was it at 2008 or at 2010; from before debut until now'


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