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[Twitter] Boys tweet convo on 20 November 2010

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2010-11-20 @ 6.54pm
@kkangjii 점핀점핀점핀업~ ㅎㅎ 언제나 화이팅하세요~~~ !!바쁜스케줄에도 힘내!!!!~
@kkangjii Jumping jumping jumping up~ heehee Always Hwaiting~~~ !!Strive on even with the busy schedules!!!!~

2010-11-20 @ 6.54pm
@soulfulhan 형 ㅎㅎ 우리 눈이 다 무서운데요?!! ㅎ
@soulfulhan Hyung heehee our eyes all look scary?!! hee

2010-11-20 @ 6.54pm
@pdjaeho ㅋㅋㅋㅋ근데왜갑자기엉덩이가...
@pdjaeho kekekeke But why suddenly mention about butt...

2010-11-20 @ 6.45pm
@mystyle1103 니엉덩이는 보험들어야 되는 엉뎅이야. 자신있게 흔들어주세요. 짱구처럼~~ 이말을 니팬한테 보냈다 ㅜㅜ 2010년 11월 20일 오전 12:07:38 by pdjaeho
@mystyle1103 Your butt is a butt that needs to be insured. Be confident and flaut it. Like Jjanggu*~~ Sent this word to your fans ㅜㅜ 20-Nov-2010 12:07:38pm by pdjaeho
*XiaoChu : Jjanggu is the korean name of Crayon shin-chan

2010-11-20 @ 6.09pm

@mystyle1103 모니터감사해요오빠!!! 크히

@mystyle1103 Thanks for monitoring oppa!!! khee


2010-11-20 @ 5.27pm

@mystyle1103 오빠 ~~ 모니터해주셔서 감사해욧 ㅠ ㅎㅎ

@mystyle1103 Oppa ~~ Thanks for monitoring us

2010-11-20 @ 5.10pm
카라컴백무대 잘봤다 ㅋㅋ어쩜다들이쁘구 잘하는겨!!ㅋㅋ요번앨범도대박나라~~~^^
Watched Kara's comeback performance keke How can all of them be so pretty and did so well!! keke This album will also be a big hit~~~^^

2010-11-20 @ 4.48pm

첫 리허설 현장 누구냐 넌....ㅋ At the first rehearsal, who are

2010-11-20 @ 4.30pm
한,규종,태완,만두 Forever Friendship!!! Yeah 리트윗 고고
Han, KyuJong, TaeWan, ManDoo Forever Friendship!!! Yeah Retweet Gogo


2010-11-20 @ 4.24pm

Us!!! Forever friendship!!!

2010-11-20 @ 5.45am
@HyungJun87 ㅋㅋ수고하셨숩니다! 몸관리! 꼭 하세요~
@HyungJun87 keke Thank you for your hard work! Must definitely! Take care of yourself~

2010-11-20 @ 5.41am
@productfactory 수고하셨어요 !!
@productfactory Thank you for your hard work !!

2010-11-20 @ 5.40am
@SsoHot89 수고했어!!!!
@SsoHot89 Thanks for your hard work!!!!

2010-11-20 @ 1.04am
열심히 녹음 구경중~
Diligently watching the recording~

2010-11-20 @ 12.26am
열심히 녹음중~
Diligently in the midst of recording~

[Eng Sub Video] + [News] Hyun Joong cheer for students preparing for exam

Thanks Kelemama for subbing the video. Indeed studies are important, we usually don't realize that only after growing up.


Credit: (chi trans) xinhm@HJC + (eng trans/sub)
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Credit: Nate + (chi trans) YOYO@Hyunbar + (eng trans)
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[News][2010.11.19] [Fighting! Juniors] Kim Hyun Joong “Give it all in for the preparations done during this period”

SportsKorea together with Hotsun has put up war support for examinations. SportsKorea together with gourmet group Hotsun has come together with a series of Stars supporting message for those taking the preliminary exams for entrance to University on the 18th November. Expressing the encouraging supporting messages from stars.

#Kim Hyun Joong

Finally this day has come. Now is the time to give it all in for the preparations done during this period.

As compared to the exam result, must ask yourself if you are satisfied with such outcome, please don’t forget this important truth. After the exams, to enter which University, how to begin the studies, definitely cannot forget your initial dreams.

After becoming a University student and felt that everything has ended, this kind of thinking is not good. Should do your best in everything. Don’t wish that everyone will become a grouchy undergrad.

Weather is very cold during the exam period, do remember to put on warm clothings and jacket when you go for the exams. Candidates, Fighting!

[Fancam] Hyun Joong @ Style Icon Award [2010.11.17]

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Credit: 501wangja @YT


[Photo] JungMin @ Kizuna Performance by Hanryu PIA

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[Video] JungMin MV filming BTS + HyungJun visit [2010.11.15]

Tom & Jerry get together. ^o^


Credit: mangosorbet @YT
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[Video] HyungJun cheering for exam candidates

It is college entrance exam period in Korea now, HyungJun didn't forget to cheer for his fans taking exam now. ^^


News: My Daily
Trans: Only Jun (
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Cafe-In Kim Hyung Jun shows support
with “Dear Exam Takers, Please Excel” (Video)

SS501 Kim Hyung Jun who is challenging musical for the first time is showing support for students taking SuNeng (college entrance examination)

Before Kim Hyung Jun performs in the romantic comedy musical , his video clip to cheer exam takers have been released to public.

In the video clip, Kim Hyung Jun said, “Dear students! The time has come. Everyone who has been studying hard even until now, you have worked really hard.” He also said that, “I will pray for everyone to score well in SuNeng. So continue to be strong, fighting!”

Following this, he did not forget to promote his own musical. He said, “It is a musical that is very suitable for the winter season, so exam takers please come and watch it after your SuNeng.”

Actor Kang Ji Hwan who has been involved personally in the production of the musical has become a hot topic, and Kim Hyung Jun would be acting as a sommelier, Ji Min, and a gentleman known as Jung Min, challenging 1 person with 2 roles.

First performance will open this month on the 24th, at Seoul SamSeongdong, Baekham Arts Hall.

Meanwhile, Production Company has announced that starting from SuNeng, for 2 weeks, there would be a 30% promotion event. On the actual day of the event, there will be an astonishing 50-100% discount.


Credit: mangosorbet @YT
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[Audio] HyungJun singing UKISS 'Shut Up' in MusicHigh [2010.11.20]

This weeks Ohguel song is UKISS 'Shut up'! ^o^


Credit: poohmuhigh
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[News + Photo + Video] Hyun Joong @ Lavin H&M VIP Party

Source: Newsen
Korean to Chinese Translation: 彭彭 @
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[News] Kim Hyun Joong with good mood, smiling happily

LANVIN for H&M's VIP Party was held on 19 November, 8pm at Seoul Walker Hill Hotel.

On the day of the event, Choi Ji Woo, Kim Ha Neul, Kim Hyun Joong, Hwang Jung Eum, Son Dam Bi, Min Hyorin and many top Celebrities graced the occasion.

The purposed of the party was to celebrate the new collection of H&M which was specially designed by LANVIN. This collection will started on sales at their 200 over outlets starting from 23 November.

LANVIN Art Director Alber Elbaz has personally participated in the design of this collection. This collection feature both men and women edition, and the design itself comprises LANVIN unique design style.

Credit: itmeswitj82 @YT
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[Info] Hyun Joong - The Face Shop World Tour in Singapore details

Credit: TFS Facebook
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Friday, November 19, 2010

[Merchandise] Hyun Joong Hotsun 2011 Calendar

Can I have Hotsun in Singapore please?

I like April & July~ What about you?


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[Photo] HyungJun Cafe-In Poster [2010.11.19]

[Photo] DJ Christy, Rainbow Town FM blog about JungMin [2010.11.19]

These are the links to listen to JungMin interview with DJ Christy live at 8pm, today:


These photographs are released in DJ Christy blog.


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JungMin's signature for Rainbow Town FM fans. He even wrote in Japanese! Daebak!