Saturday, July 30, 2011

[Video] HyunJoong & YoungSaeng @ KBS Secret [2011.07.30]

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Eng translation: @5StarsAs1 twitter
In KBS Secret today, YoungSaeng revealed HyunJoong's secret that during the first photoshoot of their debut, they have no idea how to pose. So the photographer suggested them to wrap or put their arms on each other shoulders. Hyun Joong, on the other hand, instead of putting his arms around the members' shoulders or arms, he put his left arms on his left shoulder (meaning: like a girl's pose)

[Photo] Flower stand from HyunJoong to Hwanhee come back [2011.07.29]

LOL on leader's 4D message! They must be very closed to joke with each others like this. Well, we will be shocked if leader sent a normal message right? kekeke


Credit: SS601 + (Eng Translation)
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Previously during 'Break Down' solo debut, HwanHee send leader a flower stand with the following message:
Giver handsome Hwanhee
Congratulations on your solo album, mine will be released soon.
Receiver handsome Kim HyunJoong

During HwanHee come back in KBS Music Bank on 29 July 2011 with '죽을 것만 같아' (I feel like dying), HyunJoong sent him a flower stand too, with the following message:
Giver handsome Kim HyunJoong. 
"'I feel like dying" Daebak!!! 
However please do not die. 
Receiver handsome Hwanhee

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

[Logo] Kim Hyun Joong Official Fan Club Henecia Logo

Wow! I like the top logo with a halo around the alien.... and and and that crown.... nice nice neh~


Credit: Keyeast
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[Fancam] Young Saeng play basketball [2011.07.26]

Oh~ I love looking at guys playing basketball. ^^

Young Saeng new hobby other than baseball? keke


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[Photo] Seoul Ambassador HyunJoong in Hanbok

I love his looks in Hanbok! Directors~ Please cast him in a period drama~ ^^

These photographs are taken as he is selected as ambassador to promote Seoul. The hanboks are sponsored by Jinju SangDan.


Credit: HyunJoongNara + Tieba Baidu KHJ
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Two more 'behind the scene' photo~ Kkotpuda namja~ Boy like a flower~ most suitable to describe him!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

[Eng Sub Video] HyunJoong @ MBC Every1 Weekly Idol Episode 1 [2011.07.23]

As usual wuri HyunJoong will never admit defeated for everything, guess he must be the only idol that manage to blow out all the candles right? But well, I am just thinking.... at the end of the day.... that cake should be full of HyunJoong's saliva/breath~~ Hmm.... who wants the cake?


Credit: + (Chinese translation) + + (Chi to Eng translation) yulinged @
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[Video] Young Saeng promoting Disney Channel

Cute cute~ I want to pinch your dimples~


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