Saturday, May 29, 2010

[Photo] Destination Album Photo

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[Photo] Hyun Joong visit Himchan Medical [2010.05.27]

Hyun Joong visited the Himchan Medical for review of his injury caused by the car accident during 12 May 2010.

Hope that he will be fully recovered before the come back performance next week! Lets pray for his speedy recovery.


Credit: + 第一个喜欢你 @ Tieba Baidu KHJ
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Friday, May 28, 2010

[Photo] Hyun Joong @ Hotsun MV shooting [2010.05.28]

Hyun Joong went to shoot Hotsun MV today. Hmm... what is this theme got to do with Bake Chicken hur? Our prince Hyun Joong looked cool in this style. Hee.... I want to see the MV. When is it going to release? Hahaha... So many things to anticipate!


Credit: Various news media

[MV] SS501 'Love Ya' MV (Ver 2) 1.44min

'Love Ya' 1.44min MV !! Wow! Cool! Love it!

Will replace this MV with DSP version if it is released in their Youtube upload the new MV.

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[Message] HyunSaengKyu leave message in HSScandal 2nd Yr Anniversary

It is HSScandal 2nd Anniversary yesterday, our sweet boys, the 2 'lead actors' for this forum actually left a congratulatory messages for them. Wow! So kind of then, while the 2 left their message, Kyu also left a message.... Kekekeke..... I am imagine that they were practicing for their come back and during the break time, they surf HSScandal site and leave message one by one... I can see their smile while looking at each others responses....

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허영생 : 핑스 2주년 축하해요!!!!(이렇게해서라도 기뻐하자며..ㅋㅋ) 2010/05/27
Heo Yeong Saeng : Congrats to PinkSeu's 2nd Anniversary!!!! (For the fact that I even did this is worth being happy..kk)

김현중 : 핑스 2주년 대박으로 축하해요!!! 압으로도 핑스와 함께 달리고 싶어열~^^(아래 영생이 글이 보여서, 저도 한번 올려보아요...ㅋㅋㅋ) 2010/05/27
Kim Hyun Joong: Congrats to PinkSeu (Pinkscandal) who has had
flourished for 2 years!!!! Wanna run together with PinkSeu in future too~^^
(because I saw YS's post below that's why I ended up writing this for my 1st time too..^^) 2010/05/27

김규종 : 이쁜이들 ^^ 형아들 내가 응원할께요~ 히이 ^^ 걱정마요~ 2010/05/27
Kim Kyu Jong: Pretties^^ I came to support my brothers~ hee^^ Don't worry~ 2010/05/27

허영생 : 오늘도 들어왔어요..2주년 축하해요ㅡㅡ(이거 톡방에서..ㅋㅋ또 누구 놀라시나요..ㅋㅋ) 2010/05/27
Heo Yeong Saeng : Came here today too^^ Congrats to 2nd Anniversary ㅡ ㅡ (At this Tok Room.. keke Who is surprised.. keke) 2010/05/27