Saturday, January 2, 2010

[Photo] Leader in Section TV Entertainment News

Leader appeared in Section TV Entertainment News tonight. It was showing him & Yoon Eun Hye shooting for Basic House CF. They send their new year greetings to fans also!


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Friday, January 1, 2010

[News] Kim Hyun Joong - Male Star who most suitable to wear hanbok

Both hands up for voting Hyun Joong as Male Star who most suitable to wear Hanbok! ^_^


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In a survey on 'Male Star who should promote hanbok', SS501's Kim Hyun Joong is ranked No. 1.

During December, few Korean website (ommit details) conduct a survey with 300 person on 'Male Star who should promote hanbok'. Having a charming look, talented and cheerful character, other than Korea, having international popularity in Japan, china, South East Asia and other Asia countries' Kim Hyun Joong won No. 1 (46.8%), BigBang Daesung (21.1%) and 2PM Nichkhun (17.7%) winning No. 2 & 3 respectively.

In the survey on 'Male Star who most suitable to wear Hanbok', Kim Hyun Joong is also ranked No. 1. (42.2%)


Here's some photographs of the 'Male Star who most suitable to wear Hanbok' ^_^

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Thursday, December 31, 2009

[Photo] Jung Min @ SBS Intimate Note 3

Jung Min went for recording of SBS 'Intimate Note 3 - New Year Special' on 21 December 09. Both Jung Min & Brain will be the special MC for this episode. These photographs were taken from SBS Intimate Note official Site & also shared by 귀작501 @ SS601. The 'Intimate Note 3 - New Year Special' will be broadcast on 1 Jan 2010, 9.55pm (Seoul time).


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Credit: SBS Intimate Note Official

Credit: 귀작501 @ SS601

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

[Photo] Hyun Joong @ TonyMoly Japan Hukubukuro Poster

Was surfing TonyMoly Japan website and found these poster for this year's Hukubukuro or lucky bag. Like the limited edition photo card. ^^


Credit: TonyMoly Japan
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Limited Edition Photo Card
(Mini UFO: Is that flower for me...リダ?)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

[Photo] TonyMoly Thailand + TonyMony Japan Poster

Thanks Mel for sharing with me these photographs which she taken during TonyMoly Thailand opening on last Sunday. According to her currently there's promotion going on, you can get free poster with purchase of 500 baht. There's about 4-5 version of posters they are giving out. Of course there are premium gifts if you purchased more. According to her one of the gift is concert tickets for Persona Thailand!


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Bonus poster: Tony Moly Japan Poster

Monday, December 28, 2009

[Photo] SS501 clothes sponsored by Banc

I like this set of hoodies by Banc. ^^


Credit: Banc + 내남자♡ @ SS601
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[Photo] DJ Joon @ Music High Christmas Special

Very bored today.... Having withdrawal syndrom from the long holiday... ^^

Here's some photographs of our DJ Joon in Music High Christmas Special.... From Music High Official Site.

Thanks LHL for helping me to extract out DJ Joon's photographs from the long long list of photographs. ^^


Credit: SBS Music High Official Site
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Sunday, December 27, 2009

[OT] Curry for Young Saeng

Wuri wangja Hyun,

To thank my dear 5C Prince for companian my Prince Hyun after he just recovered from H1N1, despite everybody shun you fearing that you are contagious....

So I am writing this curry recipe to teach Saengie fans how to make curry for our 5C Prince. Curry is his favourite food. So I guess my Prince Hyun you would not mind that I have this curry post in your Planet Hyun right? ^_^



Potato x 3
Onion x 3
Carrot x 3
Chicken breast meat
Instant Curry Cube*
(*Available in Japanese Shopping Centres, eg Isetan)

For amount of water to use,
follow the recommended amount
listed on the box


1. Peel skin for potato, onion and carrot

2. For carrot, potato & breast meat,
cut into small pieces of around 2cm x 2cm cube
Cut onion to almost equal size to the rest of the items also.

3. Add about 2 tablespoons of oil to the pan, wait for it to heat up

4. Pour in onion and stir fly
(Note: use medium fire so as not to burn the onion,
if the wok is too hot, reduce the heat)

5. Fly until it is a little bit caramized

6. Pour in the chicken breast meat

7. Fried till cook, you can see the meat colour turn white
(It doesn't need to be completely cook
because you are going to simmer all the ingredients later)

8. Add in carrot, stir fly

9. Fly until carrot is a bit cook, around 3 mins

10. Add in potato, fly for around 5 mins

11. Pour in the water as recommend on the box

12. Increase heat to bring the water to boil

13. Let it simmer for a while

14. Add in the curry cube

15. Stir until the curry cube is melted

16. Cover with lid, simmer for around 15min in low fire*,
stir once in a while to prevent it to stick to wok base
(This step is to let the taste of the curry to go into the ingredient)

17. After that, take one piece of potato & carrot
to taste whether it has turned soft.
When the potato & carrot turn soft,
the curry is ready to eat.

You can serve the curry once the above step is completed.

However..... if you want to curry to taste even better.......

Mini UFO Secret Weapon... Opps! Ingredient....
to make curry more wonderful


Just need around 2 bars of chocolate

Add in the chocolate, stir fly till melted
Simmer for around 2 mins, turned off fire.

Voila! Curry is ready! Yum yum.....