Wednesday, May 4, 2011

[News] SS501 Heo YoungSaeng Mini Album set to realse on 12-May [2011.05.04]

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[News][2011.05.04] SS501 Heo YoungSaeng Mini Album set to realse on 12-May

With the postponement of the album release due to his unexpected hand injury, Heo YoungSaeng’s mini album will be released on 12-May.

His agency worried a lot over the comeback date due to the slow recovery of injury back then, but they made their decision with considerations of the continuous enquiries from fans and Heo YoungSaeng’s own determination to make his comeback soon.

Despite that Heo YoungSaeng’s hand is still not in full recovery condition yet, we can see his striving passion in preparing for his comeback stage.

Starting with the release of his mini album teaser video on 4-May morning, they are preparing music video filming sketch, etc in order to show fans his many possible images prior to the album release.

It was known that 4Minute’s HyunA participated in the title song ‘Let it go’, and SS501 Kim KyuJong who moved to the same company as him, also participated for another song in this album, making more anticipations from fans.

[MV Teaser] YoungSaeng 'Let It Go' 25 seconds Teaser [2011.05.04 11:03am]

Young Saeng new 25 seconds MV teaser released in B2M youtube channel today at 11:03am KST. Do subscribe to B2M youtube channel for latest update of Young Saeng MV. B2M official youtube channel is:

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Sunday, May 1, 2011

[Video] YoungSaeng @ Running Man Teaser [2011.05.01]

Running Man which Young Saeng guest in will be broadcast at SBS on Sunday, 8 May, 5.20pm KST. Though a little worry of his hand injury but the recording had already completed, so I guess they had taken care him well. Can't wait to see him 'running' ^^


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[Photo] YoungSaeng after recording 'Happy Together' [2011.05.01]

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[Fancam Compilation] HyunJoong @ Charity Marathon [2011.05.01]

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[News] Kim HyunJoong, participate in marathon... in actual fact "means sharing" [2011.05.01]

Chinese Translation:Ivy @ 百度金贤重吧
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[News][2011.05.01] Kim HyunJoong, participate in marathon... in actual fact "means sharing"

Singer cum actor Kim HyunJoong personally participated in the marathon to aid in childhood cancer patients, create attention.

On 1st May, Kim HyunJoong together 150 over civilians participated together in the Seoul Citizen Marathon in aid of the Childhood cancer patient held at HanGang Citizen Park, experiencing the marathon together.

This 8th annual marathon is jointly held by social group and The Republic of Korea Marathon Association.

On that day, Kim HyunJoong represented one corporation and its customers to donate 23 million won and conduct the handover ceremony.

All proceeds of this marathon will be used in aid of childhood cancer patients.

[Fan Account] The marathon together with Universe God oppa... [2011.05.01]

Chinese Translation: YOYO @ 百度金贤重吧
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[Fan Account][2011.05.01] The marathon together with Universe God oppa...

Completed the 'blood vomitting' marathon together with Universe God oppa and back to home...
Why run so fast...
Rachell who ran together shouted "It is not 100m race ah... run slowly ah~~~"
-- run until there was blood flowing out from my throat

After returning... Oppa-nim who was tired after running and the earthlings were walking slowing with strolling speed, walking while sharing about various things about the marathon

Rachell asked about many things... almost asking like interview format

Rachell: HyunJoong ah~~~ This is for you (Passing HyunJoong's login ID in KimHyunJoong24's forum)
HyunJoong: Ah~~ Ok.. ^^ Will take a look
Rachell: If free login to change your password.. come to play once in a while ah
HyunJoong: Ah... Ok I will go and take a look... ^^

Rachell: HyunJoong ah~~ When is the showcase going to be held?
HyunJoong: 7 June...
Rachell: What about your birthday...?? You are not going to hold a Birthday Party?
HyunJoong: Holding... 6 June... together with friends... hehehe
Rachell: Us... also celebrate your Birthday Party together with us...
HyunJoong: (Smile...)

Rachell: How many songs are there in this album?
HyunJoong: (Show his 5 fingers and smile... ^^)
Rachell: 5 songs??
HyunJoong: (Smile again and show one finger... hehehe)
Rachell: then is 6 songs ah??.. will include songs compose previously?
HyunJoong: No... will not...
Rachell: Like those song... Last time always mentioned will be include in an album
HyunJoong: It doesn't fit the style of this album... hehehe

Rachell: HyunJoong ah... will you feel uncomfortable of the photographs and video taken by fans?
HyunJoong: I am not sure about the photographs and video uploaded (HyunJoong seemed to think that I am saying about the photographs & video in the official website.. hehehe)
Rachell: No.. is those upload... in fan's websites...
HyunJoong: No... it is alright
Rachell: The company mentioned that it is HyunJoong's opinion
HyunJoong: Just saying like that... if upload also alright
Rachell: Then from now on I will upload what I have taken online oh
HyunJoong: Ok... ^^

Rachell: HyunJoong ah... Sweet machine... is it easy to used?
HyunJoong: Sweet machine?? Ah... just operate like that... (Using his hand to mimic the lifting machine to explain the operation of the sweet machine, HyunJoong oppa is so friendly ah... hehehehe)

*MiniUFO note: Sorry I don't know what is a sweet machine, I just translate literally what the chinese translator translated.