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[Info] Hyun Joong made a call to Ding Hai Ming

Credit: + Baidu KHJ + (English translation) SS501UFO @ Planet Hyun
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Hyun Joong Leader gave a call to Ding Hai Ming, AST1 member who acted together with him in BOF during the dumpling festival (Jun 16, 2010). He was very touched and posted it in his microblog.

Today 14:20 A phone call, a greeting, a word miss you..... I am touched and cried. Hyun Joong Hyung, please don't be so mushy next time. Ok. ~!

Today 17:23 Wow! Microblog is so incredible, I just post it in the afternoon. Now even Korea also know about it..... o.o# Causing some people to envy jealous hate and called to say me. So with this I would like to sincerely say to Hyun Joong hyung who has called me during the Dumpling Festival, Eli, Tae hyung, Gukju Noona,Gyeong Jin noona, and most 5 beloved members, I also missed you very much. See you on July.. (Eli now this is enough right? Hahahaha!)

Today 17:25 Oh yes! Also to my little junior sisters, Thank you! Wish you have great popularity!

[Photo] Young Saeng SendMall 5th Year Anniversary Card

Remember during the 5th Year Anniversary night, there's a countdown counter in DSP. After counting down to '0', it was revealed that fans could fill up a form to obtain the boys special autographed photo postcard. Here's Young Saeng's version. Thanks 二胖동생 for the tips!


Credit: 리샘
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[Live Update] Hyun Joong Fan Meeting @ Manila [2010.06.18]

To all who want to share content of this live update, please stick to this rules ok.

Credit: SS501UFO @ Planet Hyun.

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6.20pm Just heard from my friends, Hyun Joong has arrived at the Fan meeting venue. But he went backstage. My friends are now queueing to go into the event venue.

7.04pm Sorry to say, I cannot do live update anymore. Because they are very strict and were checking for handphones one by one. Guess I could only give you update after I receive more info from my friend after the event.

7:12pm Receive another call from my friend. She said no taking of photographs but still can bring the hp in. So I will try to update u as and when I have more info.

7:59pm Dinner was served. My dongsaeng said she was seating right infront of the stage! Wowow!! Too bad photography are not allowed. Else we can definitely get GOOD photographs!

There's total 12 tables. Each table consist of 10 TS.

8:07pm Now practicing korean Birthday song (led by TSPH staff), guess they are going to celebrate his belated Birthday later. ^o^

sengil chuka hamnida~ sengil chuka hamnida~ I also can hear it~ ^o^

8:10pm My dongsaeng message me, now background song from 'Goodbye Yoon Ji Hoo' ???? Are there such a song?? 'Goodbye Yoon Ji Hoo' album ^o~

8:12pm My dongsaeng say TSPH will be presenting a watch as present for leader birthday

8:32pm According to my dongsaeng there's only few foreigners. Leader still not out yet~

8:35pm My dongsaeng sms me: "So damn handsome. My God" Kekeke.... our prince is out~

8:40pm He is wearing black long sleeves with vest

8:48pm Leader gives each TSPH admin a CD each. (Mini UFO: Hyun Joongie~ Where's mine?)

8:50pm They pushed out the birthday cake and give leader the present. Leader was shocked to see the arrangement. He didn't expect this and was speechless.
Everybody sing birthday song for leader (in Korean). (Mini UFO: Awww... so sweet, I want to see his expression)

After that cake cutting continue with photo taking session.....

Photo taking in groups..... my dongsaeng said after leader take photo with her group, he told them 'Thank You' in english.

I think the event has ended. ^o^

Hope to see some photographs soon!

Additional note:
My dongsaeng was back from the event and these are the extra details that she furnished me

When leader just came out, all stood and clap our hands to welcome him, he said "kumusta kayo" (how are you ??)
he is tall and so damn handsome, he is wearing a cream colored tee with black vest long sleeves, then the interpreter laura ask him a couple of questions:

Q1. Do u prefer foreign or korean girl friend? - he said as long as she's beautiful and kind and as of now he don't have any girl friend

Q2. Would u consider Philippines for your concert next time?
A2: Yes. He said sorry that Philippines wasn't included in their Persona but definitely will include Philippines next time

Can't remember other questions.

After questions session, the cake was brought out and we sang Happy Birthday song then gave him the gift a TISSOT watch then he was like rush to open it and was touched to see the watch and told us that he will be wearing it in Korea. You can see it in his face that he was really touched and shocked as TSPH gave him 2 cakes, one with leader's figurine and the other one with SS501 then the 5 guys figurines on it. We counted 3, 2, 1 then he blew the candle.

After the Birthday celebration, it continues with the group photo session, taken in groups of 35.

[Video] Hyun Joong @ GMA exclusive Interview

Thanks Marvie for sharing the GMA exclusive interview.


Credit: 3kimheopark3

SS501 Hyun Joong - Exclusive Interview @ GMA News [10.06.18]

[Fancam] SS501 Kim Hyun Joong in Manila [2010.06.18]

Thanks LHL & her chingu for sharing.


Credit: poohlhl

SS501 Kim Hyun Joong in Manila [18Jun10]

Here's a fancam of leader before going into the press conference hall.

SS501 Kim Hyun Joong in Manila [19Jun10]

Leader leaving for concert hall

[Info+score chart] Congratulations to SS501 for winning 2 weeks consequtively in MuBank!

Congratulation to SS501 for winning No.1 in Music Bank for their new album theme song 'Love Ya'. This is the 2nd win consecutive win after their 1st win last week (2010.06.11)



Credit: UnknownCarrot120@YT

[2010.06.18]Today's winner in Music Bank - SS501

Credit: 박정민 하루만 @ SS601

Column: 3rd - artist, 4th - song, 5th - Digital streaming,
6th - Preference, 7th - Album sales, 8th - Broadcast rating, 7th - Total

[DSP Notice][2010.06.18] Notice regarding SS501 Album 'Destination' Promotion Period

I guess a lot of you must be very sad to see this. But I guess the boys are even more sad that they have to cut short the promotion period. Now I understand why they feel so sorry for the fans during the 5th Year Anniversary Concert. They must have felt that they have short charged the fans by having such a short promo period. Anyway, hope they can solve the contract problem and start with their activities soon! In the meantime, do give your trust to the boys now. Since they said that they will be together forever, so trust them and patiently wait for good news!


English translation:
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[DSP Notice][2010.06.18] Notice regarding SS501 Album 'Destination' Promotion Period

Hello this is DSP,

SS501's promotional activities for 'LOVE YA' has had ended its run last week on the 13th June. Due to this short promotional period, we know that fans would surely be feeling very overwhelmed with sadness. SS501 had debuted on June 8, 2005 through KMTV's Music Bank, and so soon, it's already been 5 years that's flowed by~

SS501's contract validation period, as all of you should know, has had ended on June 7, 2010.

While preparing for this time's album and carrying out activities with every member, we had already carried out discussions with one another. In consideration of their expiry of contract, we had decided for their 'Love Ya' promotional period to last for only about 2~3 weeks.

May it be SS501 or may it be us, none of us is certain or clear about the future moves, and because of that, we're not able to talk about it officially as of yet, but once we have decided, we will let all TripleS know.

This time's DESTINATION album's song inclusive 'Let me be the one' will be made into a music video as a form of their comeback period 'making', and it will be ready around mid of next week where you could view it. For more concrete information, we will post about it again~

To the many TripleS who are feeling very upset about this short promotional period, we hope that TripleS could feel slightly less upset after the Let Me Be The One music video is released as you watch and play it.

Though it's only been 2 weeks of promotional period, but to our TripleS who's given them the biggest accolation -- Number 1!! Thank you for your love and concern towards this DESTINATION album. In future too, please show your unyielding love no matter what~

Thank you.

[Dsp media]

[Photo] Hyun Joong @ Eat Bulaga [2010.06.18]

Thanks Stalking_HJ for her tweets~

credit: fiona1111@naverblog
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[Photo] Hyun Joong Scans from High Cut

Thanks Stalking_HJ tweeting this!


[Video] Hyun Joong @ Eat Bulago [2010.06.18]

Credit: Liezle11@YT

Hyun Joong @ Eat Bulago [2010.06.18]

[Photo] Hyun Joong leaving Incheon airport [2010.06.17] by YulkooN

Thanks Stalking_HJ for tweeting this info.


[Info] Hyun Joong will appear in Philippines program 'Eat Bulaga' + Live preview

Saw tweets saying that Hyun Joong will appear in Philippines program Eat Bulaga at 12 - 2pm. By the way, Philippines time is GMT8+.

To view it live, go here ->

Thanks SoJuSunRise for tweeting the info.

[Photo] Hyun Joong @ Airport

Source: apolonioeric @ + NICKI @ Soompi KHJ

[Fan Account] Hyun Joong arrival in Hotel

Here's one fan account shared by katkat1970 in Soompi KHJ thread.


Credit: katkat1970 @ Soompi KHJ
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Hello everyone! I know you guys are all waiting for some fan accounts on Leader's whereabouts here in Manila. Ok, ok let me say that I am still in cloud nine and still in zombie mode because I DID SEE HIM IN PERSON!!!

The Demigod descended from heaven... and went to Manila, Philippines

I still can't believe that I had the pleasure of seeing him in person. It was a wonderful and a once in a lifetime experience for me. I am booked with some of my Triple S Philippines friends in the same hotel where leader also stays. He was like 3 floors away from us :rolleyes:

Me and my friend Apple travelled together from the province where we both live and went to the same hotel. As we travel, we talked and spazzed about him of course but keeping a tab on the time. When the bus clock struck at exactly 11:20, we started crying because here we are breathing the same air as him.

Okay on with my experience, we knew that Leader and his entourage went out to eat dinner and watched the soccer game between korea and Brazil. After we ate our dinner, we went down the main lobby and sate on the sofa as we wait for him to arrive.

Well, I can say that there were around 50 fans waiting for him to arrive. When I heard the sound of police sirens (yeah Leader has his own police escorts), I looked out and saw his ride, it was a white mercendez benz and heavily tinted. We positioned ourselves at the stairway, a good view indeed.

First came out the dancers then the body guards, all five of them (I knew one of them actually because they were bodybuilders), we all waited,keeping ourselves from geeting too noisy because we don't want Leader to get scared or something.

I kept a close look at the entrance, and that's when I saw the demigod himself. He was wearing a gray inner shirt and brown vest. He walked fast, as usual and that's when I saw what he really looked like.

Leader has a small face, clear skin and the face??? Do I have to describe it? He was sooo handsome in person and he's very shy. It was a little strict and the staff requested us not to take pictures so I don't have anything to share.

Also, I saw his 4dness in action! He was walking fast as I've said before, as he turned ti his left he didn't see the long table at the corner and bumped with it. Like nothing really happened, he got hold of the table first then continued to walk. Darn it, I really saw that!

But our Leader is sooooooo handsome, I am still in zombie mode. I will try to update as I can and hopefully share some pics later on.

He will be guesting in a variety show a little later on, and he has a scheduled interview with Myx Philipines today and with Star Talk tomorrow.

Well, I'll go for now and have to catch him again at the lobby.

[Video] Hyun Joong arrival in Manila @ Ora21 news

My planet was lost yesterday. So glad it is back in function again. Phew~ Hug hug hug~ Don't ever lost again my dearest planet~

By the this is recapped from what's miss out yesterday, leader arrive in Manila and was interview by the local tv news Ora21. In the interview, he mentioned that he was late in coming out of the immigration because he went shopping for a sunglasses in the duty free area.


Credit: Liezle11@YT

[2010.06.17] Hyun Joong arrival in Manila reported by Philippines news Ora21

Thursday, June 17, 2010

[Photo] Hyun Joong departure from Incheon Airport to Manila [2010.06.17] by khjeternity

Always charmed by him~♥


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[Fancam] Hyun Joong leaving for Philippines Charity Concert [2010.06.17]

Was so surprised to see the video released in SS601! Wow! Hyun Joongie has already left for Manila. I really envy the TS in Philippines now, you are going to see our handsome leader, breathing same air as him in few hours time. Maybe I should go top up my fuel and fly my UFO over later... kekeke.....

Meet & Greet Session tomorrow night 7pm @ Crown Plaza Hotel, Charity Concert on Saturday, TS in Philippines, you are really lucky. You even can have dinner with leader! ^o^


Credit: + SS501MiniUFO @YT
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[Fancam][2010.06.17] SS501 Kim Hyun Joong departure from Incheon to Manila

Strictly NO reposting of video to any streaming sites

[Fancam][2010.06.17] Hyun Joong departure from Incheon to Manila [KingHyunJoong]


[Fancam][2010.06.17]Leader in Airport


[Fancam2][2010.06.17] Hyun Joong in Airport

[News][2010.06.16]Kim Hyun Joong donates to the Abiertas House of Friendship

Love it that he is caring to others, Love it cause he is helping out in charity, Love it cause he is so human. ^o^


Credit: Manila Bulletin + Soompi KHJ
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[News][2010.06.16]Kim Hyun Joong donates to the Abiertas House of Friendship

Kim Hyun Joong is a beautiful person inside-out. No wonder countless people admire him not only for his dashing looks but also because of his pure heart.

Despite Kim Hyun Joong's soaring career as an artist, his feet remain firmly planted on the ground. This is obviously seen on how he wants to share with others the blessings he continuously receives.

It is his desire to give back, that's why he joined the highly anticipated concert with Korean idol group Beast titled "K-Pop Meets P-Pop: Kim Hyun Joong and Beast Live in Manila" at the Araneta Coliseum on June 19, 8 p.m. He wants to donate to the Abiertas House of Friendship for the benefit of young mothers.

Founded in 1930, the Abiertas House of Friendship is a healing center for women. Its vision is a Filipino womanhood that emerges with dignity and self-worth out of the mire of misfortune and human cruelty through God's unending grace. Its missions are to provide a home where broken lives may find wholeness of spirit and integrity and to enable women and their families to become contributing members of society.

Its worthwhile projects include Bible Study and Fellowship Meeting for senior citizens in the community, the Abiertas Radiance School (a non-denominational center for learning), and education for children with special needs. Abiertas House of Friendship is located at 21 Boni Serrano (formerly Santolan Road), Quezon City.

"K-Pop Meets P-Pop: Kim Hyun Joong and Beast Live in Manila" is produced by Underwood Plan in partnership with GMA7.

The concert is presented by Underwood Plan and GMA7. Official Music Channel is MYX. Media partners are Manila Bulletin, PBO, Viva Cinema, Magic 89.9, 90.7 Love Radio, 91.5 Energy FM, 97.1 Barangay LS FM, 101.1 Yes FM, and 103.5 Max FM.

Ticket prices are available at P7,840 (Patron A), P6,720 (Patron B), P4,480 (Lower Box), P3,360 (Upper A), P1,680 (Upper B), and P784 (General Admission).

For inquiries, please call Ticketnet at 9115555, Viva Concerts at 6877236 and 6333808 and Abiertas House of Friendship at 7243969.

[Video] Young Saeng @ KNTV Christmas Party of Spring

Young Saeng first solo program that reminded him the importance of being in a group. Can feel that he was a bit nervous. ^o^


Credit: SSlovechau

100616 KNTV Christmas Party of Spring(YoungSaeng)

[Fancam] Hyun Joong @ KBS Open Concert

Credit: ahlia0606

2010.06.08 Kim Hyun Joong-Love Ya@KBS OPEN CONCERT

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

[Fancam] SS501 @ X-Concert [2010.06.13]

During the 5th Year Anniversary Commemorative Concert, fans are allowed to take video and photographs to their full contents. So we have a lot of nice fancams and photographs this time.

Thanks Ahlia for sharing the video clips!


Credit: ahlia0606@YT

2010.06.13 Kim Hyun Joong-Evermore@SS501 Fan Meeting

2010.06.13 Kim Hyun Joong-Snow Prince@SS501 Fan Meeting

2010.06.13 Kim Hyun Joong-Just One Day@SS501 Fan Meeting

2010.06.13 Kim Hyun Joong-Love Like This@SS501 Fan Meeting

2010.06.13 Kim Hyun Joong-Let me be the one@SS501 Fan Meeting

2010.06.13 Kim Hyun Joong-Ending Message@SS501 Fan Meeting

2010.06.13 Kim Hyun Joong-Video Editing@SS501 Fan Meeting

2010.06.13 Kim Hyun Joong-Video Interview@SS501 Fan Meeting

[Video+Eng Sub] SS501 @ TvN 'Newton' [2010.06.14]

6mins of video for TvN 'Newton'. Why so short~?

Thanks SSS for subbing the video. Can't help but laugh at leader's 4D responses to the producer. Why is he so concerned of whether a real stone will be throw and him asking the viewers to give comments to save a human's life is hilarious.


Credit: 3kimhe0park

[2010.06.14] SS501 @ TvN 'Newton'

[Eng Sub] SS501 interview + 'Love Ya' performnace @ TvN 'Newton'

[Translation] Additional translation for SS501 speech on 5th Year Anniversary Commemorative Video Screening Event [2010.06.13]

Here's even more translation of the boys' speech in X-Con. Which explain even more about what they want to express to TripleS......


Credits: (english trans) HYS ♥ PB-da @ Planet Hyun
Please repost with full credit

With reference to this video:

From start of the video:
We were able to overcome all that because five of us were together and not alone.
When one member becomes exhausted on stage, the other member is there for him to lean against on.
And that’s what I want to thank them about…

I think it’s same for me.
Whether it’s our debut years or right now, I still get nervous on stage and get tense with our comeback as if we’re new singers….
And I want to hear from people that SS501 is a group who tries hard every time.

(Message in the video:
You are the person who makes me laugh and who makes me cry.
Always stay by my side.
To ‘Wan.du.kong’ who had been by our side for 5 years…)

I know that many of our fans had been staying with us throughout the whole 5 years but I believe that the number (fans) had been somewhat dropped.
It’s just natural that when people get old,
it’s difficult to be involved in fan activities that you have been doing when you were younger.
So I believe it will decrease naturally.
You know, just feel like it will decrease over the time.
(From 1min. 20sec onwards. the meaning has been translate in the previous post.)

[Translation] SS501 5th Year Anniversary Event

There's a lot of different version of the boys' speech in the 5th Year Anniversary Movie Screening Event a.k.a X-Concert. Guess we get a bit confuse after reading so many different versions.

Here's a version from my friend HYS ♥ PB-da, which was translated directly from Korean to English. This version is much clearer and expressed what the boys want to tell us.

From the message, the boys are trying very hard to tell everybody that they are not going to disband and they will stay with TripleS forever. They need all the support from fans. Hope everybody will stop speculate about some negative news about the boys, it is not going to help them at all. They are not going to disband, isn't it clear from their message, they will be together. If you are a true TripleS, then give them the trust they should be given, be patient, don't believe any rumours, don't believe the news, since most of the time they write their own version of stories which will attract viewership, even though they say they quote DSP, how true it is we don't know.

So just wait and keep in anticipation, I believe one of these days, there will be news of the contract for our boys. For now, give them the support they need, vote for them in music website, stream their music, buy their albums, this is all we can do to support them and allow them to be top in all music charts! That's what we can do to return the love SS501 give to us.


Credits: (english trans) HYS ♥ PB-da @ Planet Hyun
Please repost with full credit

(Interview clips before opening)

I believe it (number of fans) will decrease naturally.
You know, I just feel like it will decrease over the time.
But there are times when I become sad.
I am sorry that the only word I can express to you all is thank you.
There’s just no other word that I can say and that’s the only word I can express.
Thank you for always being there for us and being caring.
And I’m sorry that this is all that I can express to you…

I feel like this is an album that we feel as if we owe an apology to our fans.
It’s not because that our songs are not good enough or anything like that,
but just because we weren’t able to keep our promise with fans.
As you all know, we haven’t been able to release our second formal album yet.
We have released our first formal album but not the second one…
that’s why we are very sorry to our fans and we want to say thank you to those who are waiting.

You can just regard us as SS501 ourselves.
People who are not perfect but always doing our best and trying hard.
I think a lot of fans who support us think that we are giving them something to fill in their life but honestly, we think that we are the ones who are getting something from our fans.
So if you think about it, we are like having an unrequited love for one another.
Or should I say like having a heart ache?

Five years is not a short time.
If you think about it, it can be a very long time or on the other hand it is not much big deal of time.
But one thing for sure is that there are more times (with fans) ahead of us.
We realize that many fans are supporting us right now.
And even if some may change their heart or all of you get married and cannot keep supporting us all the way, we will still sing for those who support us in their mind.

This comeback may be shorter than LOVE LIKE THIS and therefore we are sorry to our fans. But we can assure you that we came back with a new style of music and a music that we feel very confident of…hm…what should I say…gosh…why do I feel like crying?

(Conversing to members and fans)

From Hyun-joong to Jung-min ->
I have known you for 7 years now which means that I have known you for 1/3 of my life and I want to thank you for always trying hard.
I want to say to our fans that you can always trust us no matter what we do.
I ask all our fans a continuous support and a long trust of SS501 and we will always have Jung-min by our side, who is the anchor of SS501.

From Kyu-jong to Hyun-joong ->
That’s right.
Just like what Hyun-joong said,
we have been spending such a long time together during our teen age years and into twenties now, and we may even spent more times together than our own parents.
We are a big help to each other.
We try not to let each other know of difficult or tough times that we each are having but I hope that we wouldn’t do this anymore as we are now old enough to understand it all now.
Not long ago, Hyun-joong had a slight mishap and from that accident,
his body condition was not much great.
But just like we know Hyun-joong, he did recovered fast and his perfectly fine now.
I hope he will take care more of himself.
Please look forward to what Hyun-joong is going to bring in the near future through dramas, movies and music.
I always say thank you which is the only word I can express to all of you.
I am sorry that this is the only word that I can say but I promise to you that I will do my best that can make up this word.
I will let Hyung-joon talk now.

From Hyung-joon to Kyu-jong ->
My heart bleeds that tender-hearted Kyu-jong speaks about that.
We have not brought this occasion today to tell our fans that we have already spent 5 years of our life as singers and we are ready to quit.
Because we never will, aren’t we?
I just want to tell all of our fans that each of us have been actively involved in individual’s activity and now that we have just released an album, LOVE YA, we want it to be a success which I believe it is, right?
SS501 is not going anywhere so please everyone, stay by our side and give us your continuous support.
Kyu-jong is a guy with a lot of emotions and tears.
I thought that I was the one with more emotions but I think Kyu-jong is more a thoughtful guy who sometimes cries alone at home.
And therefore, my heart tends to ache when I think of him.
So…He is very good friend just like a brother to me.
I hope that everything we do in the future will be a success.
And…I am sorry that I cannot suppress my tears today.
I’m sorry that I tend to always cry at this kind of occasion.
Anyways, I love all of my members.
So, I want to say thank you to Kyu-jong, I mean not only to Kyu-jong but to Jung-min, Young-saeng and Hyun-joong as well.
I’m sure that our tears that we shed today will be our memories that will be recollected 5 years, 10 years or 50 years from now.
Please be especially supportive to Kyu-jong because I’m sure that I could have not done well without him.
He’s my good friend who I can talk to when I’m in a midst of having difficult times.
He’s like a brother and a family.
I hope that all of you (fans) will be here for us and I want to say that I truly love all of my members.
Thank you.

From Young-saeng to Hyung-joon ->
I ought to be little shy when I have to say things by myself.
All of a sudden, this thought came across my mind while listening to other members talk.
Five of us were always together for all this time but I don’t think we’ve actually had a time to realize an importance of each other.
One time, I was in Japan for my individual activity and it was my first time being all alone.
And it was during that time I felt deeply about the importance of other members and how lucky we are that we are a group who rarely feels lonely.
In some way, I have found enlightenment after all these years.
I truly want my members to know that I am very grateful that I have them by my side although I haven’t had a chance to express how thank you I am all these years.
You know, I always felt like they are like a matter of course to me.
They are naturally a thankful cause to me and whom I naturally was to love.
I didn’t know what I was going to say today but seeing all other members cry, I wanted to be the only one who does not cry.
But I guess I can’t seem to be suppressing my emotion as well…
When you guys tell me it’s okay to cry, I feel like I have to suppress my tears more.
I’m not sure what to say to our fans as there are too many things to say…

I just want to say again to all our fans that we all shed our tears today not because it’s a sad day but because it’s a day for a new take off.
Therefore I want everyone to be happy and smiling.
It’s a new beginning for us and I know that all of you will be concern and worry about any false rumors or abusive comments that we might get in the future.
But don’t worry and just trust us, because we are SS501.

From Jung-min to Young-saeng ->
What should I say?
First of all, I always feel thankful to Young-saeng…
Um…first of all, I have the strongest personality and therefore…
So……I don’t think I can do it. I will do it later.
I think that will be better.
Anyways, I hope all of you can give us your continuous support.
Um…When we have next SS501 concert, I hope many of you can be there.

(Saying goodbye)

Yes, it has been five years already that we and ‘wandu-kong’ have been together.
Five years is like a long time or in some way a short time but to me, it feels short.
Until the time when I look back today and say, ‘that five years was nothing’, we will try harder and become a better group to all of our fans.
Until the day we become ‘the greatest in the world’, we will continue to run forward so don’t you ever cheat on us.
You can still have boyfriends though. (Means that the fans can still have boyfriends but don’t become fans of other singers)
Thank you so much for this occasion and it was very valuable time for five of us.
It was a joyful and happier time than any other concert we had.
I guess if I say it all, other members wouldn’t have anything to say.
(Hyung-joon: No, we’re okay / Hyun-joong: that’s okay~)
That will be all from me and I will write more in web site.

Um…first of all, I’m sure that there are fans out there who couldn’t make it today.
So thank you all of you who made it here because you have been a big energy to us.
I hope that today could be a good day to remember to all of you and will be a driving force to be with us continuously.
We SS501, especially I have been experiencing tough times until right before this occasion today, but I now believe that I can work everything out from now on.
So please keep supporting us and provide us with a bigger power which already is a big help to SS501.
Anyways, please keep supporting SS501.

Thank you all of you who came to cheer us up today and I just want to say that I love you all. We SS501…especially myself is not an easy man.
But I love you all and please give us your continuous support and love.
And we will try harder for that love.
Thank you.

Thank you very much and all five of us coming this far is truly a dream come true for me.
But still, there are a lot of things to do…we have been singing for five years and we have released only one formal album.
That does not make sense isn’t it?
Although it may take some time, we will be releasing a great album so Say Ho~~ that’s right.
Please stay by our side so we can all be together for 10 years, 20 years or 30 years from now.
Thank you!

Yes, please keep faith in us.
Thank you and I love you all.
It’s been a long day, hasn’t it?
So that’s it from me~
But I’m sure that we all made a memorable day that no one can forget.
Thank you so much and there is this word we write every time we have an autograph event.
That is ‘thank you always’.
Yes, thank you always and I love you all.

Yes, we will sing a song for you guys.
Our comeback song, LOVE YA.
Thank you for being here today although it was a short event.
We will try to make it more impressive and longer next time.
I’m sorry and thank you.

It’s our number one chart song, right? Let’s LOVE YA!

[Sound] Hyun Joong Pre-recorded message in Simsimtapa

During the previous interview in Simsimtapa, each member has pre-recorded some messages. The messages will be broadcast in Simsimtapa, starting from yesterday till friday.

Hyun Joong tried to mimic Andrea Kim again in his pre-recorded message.

Kekekekeke..... I really laugh till drop off floor listening to his messages.

Cheong mai FAN-TAS-TICAL yeyo
Cheong mai SUR-PRISE yeyo
Oh~ Bravo~ FAN-TAS-TIC



Credit: rrzztube@YT

20100605 SimSim Campaign(Hyunjoong Only)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

[Translation] 5th Year Anniversary Screeing Event Speech [2010.06.13]

Did this in the middle of the night, try to keep my clear when translating, there might be inaccuracies since I have done the 2nd check, but I guess most of the gist of the message is almost there. Hope you enjoy the read.

Will do a recheck tomorrow when I have time. My bed is waiting for me again~


[Translation] 5th Year Anniversary Screeing Event Speech

Original source: SS601
Chinese translation: luisa @
English translation: SS501UFO @ Planet Hyun
Please repost with full credit

(Interview recording before screening event)

Hyung Jun:
(Number of fans) Seems to be naturally reduced, anyway just have the feeling that fans has reduced?
So sometimes felt very sad, always can just only say thank you
Really sorry can only say 'Thank You' this word
Thank you everybody for cherish us taking care of us, thank you.
Really sorry can only use these words to express all my feelings

Young Saeng:
To the fans, this is an album full of apologetic, not saying that the songs are not good
Firstly, not being able to fulfill the promise made with everybody
And also, fans also know, we still don't have an official 2nd album
There is a 1st official album, just that small difference... really really sorry...
So wanted to express my thankfulness

Jung Min:
Just need to think about SS501 forever that it is alright,
Although are not very perfect, but are 5 person that are working very hard
Fans are giving your support to this kinda 5 person
Although fans think that you have gain something from us
In actual fact we keep thinking that we gain a lot from the fans
Feel like between a lovers, seems to have mutually go into single-sided love, and said it has given hurt mutually?

Kyu Jong:
5 years' time, say long is not long, say short is not short
In future there will even more time. (With fans) created and experience time together.
Althought there are a lot of fans to encourage us now
It doesn't matter whether fans would be staying beside us forever, whether will get married, and whether the numbers will reduce,
For those who give us encouragements, we will continue to sing.

Hyun Joong:
Comparing to 'Love Like This', this time's activity time will be shorter, really sorry
(wanted to produce) really completely new music.... music that could let us feel really confident... how to say....
Strangely, why am I suddenly tearing? (Wipe tears)

Young Saeng:
Until now no matter what, comparing to the fear and loneliness being alone, will have confidence to win when 5 of us together.
If standing alone on stage, after that another person come up, the strength will be stronger
During that time will want to say words of thankfulness

Hyun Joong:
I am still the same
No matter during just debut or now
Everytime when performing for album stage will be very nervous
So will want to heard words like SS501 really work very hard

(In the mid of the fan meeting, words that members say)

Hyun Joong to Jung Min:
Knowing for 7 years, 1/3 of my life? almost 1/3 duration, not very long, and not very short
Thank you for being so earnest
Thank you for always being the fan, be our strong backing for 4 of us
What I want to tell the fans is
No matter what we SS501 do, please trust us
Having all of us who trust SS501, and also with Jung Min's support, so please forever support us
Yes, morale support

Kyu Jong to Hyun Joong:
Yes, just like Hyun Joong hyung has mentioned, we have really spent a long time together
Actually, comparing to the time spend together with parents, the time spend together with the members were even longer.
Our 10s generation, initial stage of 20s generation are gradually flowing away
(Hyun Joong hyung) gave us a lot of strength
Although he has been holding on alone with much difficulties at behind, however, has never showed it infront of us,
Since now has already growing older, (Hyun Joong hyung) hope that you do not continue to hold onto it alone, we will be very heart pain~
Previously met with a minor accident and was injured
But it is really Hyun Joong hyung, recovering very fast, and is already alright now
Hope that he will be more careful in future
After this, whether it is drama, movie or album, hope everybody give many support
Also , the words that I always said, 'Thank you and also sorry'
Will continue to work hard until do not feel sorry (crying look)
Forever Forever
Has been talking too long, let Hyung Jun continue. (Finally still cry)

Hyung Jun to Kyu Jong:
Hearing the words from our kind-hearted Kyu Jong, I also felt very heart pain
I do not come to say 'Already 5 years, going to end' kinda words to be here, right?
Today wanted to clearly tell everybody, although 5 of us will have individual activity
Our album has just released right? will continue to work hard
Love Ya will be very popular, right?
SS501 is not leave, hope everybody also don't leave this postion
Kyu Jong has a lot of tears
Everybody might have thought that I love to cry, actually Kyu Jong has a lot of thinking in his heart
Returning back home and continue to think, even cried
So when watching Kyu Jong I will feel very heart pain
So... (Crying look)
Kyu Jong is a friend which I am thankful, treating me like blood brother
Hope in future, whatever we do will go smoothly
Also... (Crying most terribly)
Really sorry today, very sorry that the tears can't stop flowing,
Sorry for keep crying
Really love all of our members
So... really... Kyu Jong... and also... Kyu Jong...
My friends of same age Jung Min, that 3 Kyu Jong, Young Saeng hyung, and Hyun Joong hyung, thank you
Today's tears, 5 years, 10 years, 50 years, till our death
will be my beautiful memories, from now will work even harder
Please give more care for wuri Kyu Jong
If there's no Kyu Jong, I will really be very heart pain
very good friend, just like blood brother's charming Kyu Jong
Wish everybody will give him a lot of care, all of us will do so too
Everybody please give him more care. Thank you

(It is Young Saeng's turn to talk to Hyung Jun, Young Saeng was shy)
Young Saeng:
Doing this one by one really is quite embarrassing
After listening to everybody's word, thinking of,
5 of us is always together, after being together for a long time, couldn't feel the preciousness of being together
I has once went to Japan alone
Other then concert, that's my first time alone on the stage
At that moment, had deeply experience
Will not be alone in a group, it is really good
This could be an late enlightenment from me
Words wanted to tell the members, of course wanted to say Thank You
Naturally, don't need any specially explained word
Thank you, is of course naturally, love you, like you, is also of course naturally
In short... don't know what I want to say... everybody suddenly crying
Today I prepare to keep smiling, so keep holding the tears
(Fans: Just cry, just cry)
Even if you have asked me to cry, but I just can't cry~
Wanted to tell the fans.... what do I want to say

Hyun Joong:
I am representing the members and wanted to say
Today is not a sad day
But it is a new day, hope everybody will smile
It is a completely new start
Towards those rumours, those bad comments
Although everybody will feel worry
But starting from now on, please do not worry
Wanted to say
Hope everybody trust our SS501

Jung Min to Young Saeng:
What do I want to say? First towards Young Saeng hyung always (crying look)
Em, first I am always... orh... my character is stronger... (crying even more terribly)
So most of the time... ah~ can't~
In future we will talk privately~ That will be better
No matter what hope everybody will continue to support us
Em.... (crying terribly) following by this...
Do come to our SS501's performance next time (crying look)

(Final farewell)
Kyu: We and the pea princesses has walked through for 5 years
It is a time which is not very long, and yet not too short, but I still feel it is very short
After very very long time in future, will realize 'ah, that 5 years doesn't seems like anything'
We will become even more charming, giving everybody more presents
Just like everybody always said: "Till the day we become the 1st in the world'
We will work even harder
Don't be flicker minded oh

But can have boy friend~ (Kyu's meaning is not to like other singers, but still must have boy friend =.=)
Although don't know how's today for everybody, I am very happy, thank you everybody
To 5 of us, to me, today is really an exceptionally meaning time
Happier comparing to any other public event, feeling more happiness
I talked too much the others can't say anything (Hyung Jun: Won't~/Hyun Joong: It is alright~)
Just say until here
I will always leave message~ (in DSP)

Jung Min: There's a lot of people couldn't attend today's event, 5 of us feel very sorry
Everybody present here have replaced them to give us even greater strength
Hope everybody also will think that this is a wonderful memories, hope today will be the motivation for us to continue to move forward
In many area SS501... actually to me, today my feelings are heavy and sad
I will treat it as a homework that we must complete
Although has been given us a lot of strength now
Hope everybody will give our SS501 even more strength
No matter what please continue to support our SS501

Hyun Joong: Thank you everybody who came to support us
Although it is just a formal word, 'I love you'
No matter what SS501.....
(Fans: repeat again)
I am not an easy man eh~
Em, no matter what hope in future continue to give more care and love to SS501
We will also work hard. Thank you.

Hyung Jun: Thank you
We, SS501 could go until today, it is just like dream
Need to do even more in future
The official 2nd album
Official... Already 5 years, can't make do with '1 album singer'? Correct?
About this problem we are also very lamenting, no matter what, not just the fans, we are also keep thinking about this problem
Even needed more time, also will produce a fantastic 2nd album~~~ combining the digital technology
So please wait for us at the same place
In order for our meeting in 10 years later, 20 years later, 30 years later, we will work hard~ Thank you

Young Saeng: Trust us. I love you.
Finish~ (Members: Em? What happen ah~)
Today really.... too late already~ The last train is going to over~ Finish~
Will not forget today this day
Really really thank you, sometimes also very sorry
Really..... during autograph event has written many times 'Thank You'
No matter what very thank you, thank you~ Once again, I love you

Hyun Joong: Em, sing a song
SS501 Love Ya
Although it is very short (event) time, really.... sorry...
Next time really really will be longer~ more flexible time
Em, sorry

Hyung Jun: Our Theme Song~~ Love Ya


Original Chinese Translation

[分享] 五週年紀念放映會發言總整理



還有,歌迷們也都知道,我們還沒有正規 2輯
正規一輯倒是有,就那麼一點的差別 ...非常非常抱歉..



(要做出)真正的全新的音樂 ...能讓我們有充分自信的音樂 ...怎麼說呢 ...


每次會 CB的時候都會像新人的時候那樣緊張

認識 7年了,我人生的1 / 3吧?差不多1 / 3的時間,說長不長,說短不短
謝謝你總是做歌迷,做我們 4個人堅強的後盾


我們不是為了說什麼 '5年了,要結束了'之類的話來這兒的,對吧?
今天想明確告訴大家的是,雖然我們 5個人也會有個人活動
還有 ...(哭得很厲害)
..真的...圭鐘 ... ...還有 ...圭鐘

總之 ..不知道要說什麼了...大家突然都在哭


恩,首先我總是 ..哦..我的性格比較強 ...(哭得很厲害)
所以總是 ..啊〜不行了〜
恩...(哭得厲害)接下來 ...

圭:我們和豌豆公主們一起走過的時間已經 5年了

不過可以交男朋友〜(圭的意思是說不要喜歡別的歌手,但是要交男朋友=. =)
對我們 5個人,對我來說今天真的是意義非凡的時間

玟:還有很多人沒能參加今天的活動,我們 5個人很遺憾

不管怎麼樣的SS501 ...
恩,總之希望以後繼續給予更多的關愛的 SS501

正規 2輯
正規 ..我們都5年了,'1輯歌手'能說的過去嗎?對吧?
即使需要一點時間,也一定會拿出很棒的 2輯的〜〜〜協禾數字科技
為了我們 10年後,20年後,30年後的相見,我們會努力的〜謝謝


雖然是很短的(活動)時間,非常....對不起 ...

Monday, June 14, 2010

[CF+Chinese Sub] Hyun Joong @ Hotsun Chicken CF 15's & 20's version

After such a long anticipation, the hotsun CF is finally released, Zorro Hyun Joong really look so cool in the CF, but still can't figure out the storyline from the CF. Hope to see the longer version CF soon.......

Thanks HJChina for the chinese sub.


Credit: amber1775

Hyun Joong @ Hotsun CF 15's

Credit: PeeressJM

Hyun Joong @ Hotsun CF 20's

Credit: PeeressJM

(中字)SS501 Kim Hyun Joong - Hotsun Chicken New CF 20s

[Fan Account 3] SS501 @ 5th Yr Anniversary Commemorative Concert (X-Concert)

Souce: justhought @ ptt SS501 (
English translation: SS501UFO @ Planet Hyun
Please repost with full credit

This is a live report from Seoul from a Taiwan Fan Justhought


SS501 5th Year Anniversary's secret gift for fan - 90mins Fan Meeting!!!

(Special reporter live report from Seoul)

2010/06/08 SS501 celebrated their 5 Year anniversary, on the next day of their 5th Year Anniversary, there's news in SS601 website - June 13, SS501 5th Year Debut Commemorative Video Screening Event!

To suit their team name 501, 501 fans will be allowed entrance, and a small gift will be given by the organizer.

(Not allow to queue overnight, number card will be given out starting from 10am)
(With the thought of getting the souvenir and also thinking that being able to review 501's video was not bad idea, the reporter went to participate in the event)

(From 601 website, there's even news like --- Actually the 5 members would not appeared -- It is just purely a fans celebration activity)
9.30am, arriving on site -- there's not more than 100 people queueing!

Since it was mentioned previously that queueing before hand was not allowed, so it was in a total chaos~

Waited until about 11am then the number card was all given out (the best part was your number card was selected base on drawing lots!!)

The number I drawed was no. 27.

While queueing for the number card this morning, there's about 2-3 videocams, major korean fanclub moderators have also showed up one by one~

But the reporter and friend were still not sure~ What the content of today's event???

Anyway... no matter what will still get a small gift, just have to wait until 7pm to return and queue for entering the hall!!!


When returning at 7pm, noticed that there's a lot of videocams and reporters from various TV station started to interview the fans,

DSP staff and guards have also appeared~

(This clearly shown that, the 5 men will appear)

Around 8+pm (Originally was scheudled to enter hall at 8pm... but if no delay then it's not DSP), a piece of paper was distributed according to serial number~

On top of it was written: What do you wish SS501 to do? (Meaning that there will be a game!~ Hoping for everybody's anticipation)


Continue to drag till 9pm, finally started to enter the hall, since my number, no. 27 was quite infront,

Was considered the 1st set of fans to enter the hall, before entering, the staff mentioned --- No running/chasing, no snatching of seats, else it will be dangerous!

Originally when was outside, heard that picking numbers which was more infront might ended up sitting at behind~

But the fact has proven, God has been good to me!!! (2nd row 2nd row 2nd row!)
Although I had close contacts with this 5 men for few times, but looking at their performance from such a close distance ---- 1st time ah!!!!

(5 men -- just 1M right infront of me!! Using the korean fans word --- DAEBAK!!!)


Before SS501 came out, a short video clips were played~

Starting from Young Saeng - Hyun Joong - Hyung Jun - Jung Min - Kyu Joong

One after another, each of them talked about their life journey during these 5 years --- Other than gratefulness, there's still gratefulness~

(The content, actually I really can't remember, also since it will be broadcast, hope everybody anticipate)

(Seem like when Kyu Jong filmed his portion, his condition was not so perfect, his video clip doesn't look cool -- causing everybody to laugh)

After this, their past video clips were played, counting down from 2010 to 2005~
Among the video clips --- There's really really a lot of video clips from Taiwan
Even have the video clip of Park Jung Min singing 'Tian Mi Mi'~ (Other oversea areas, there's no clips, only TAIWAN!!)

That's the only thing which will cause Taiwan fan to feel touch!!! (I was screaming~)

At the end of the video clips, SS501 following HANA (or Radios star) walking down from the upstairs to downstairs~

(At my side were Jung Min, Kyu Jong and Young Saeng) (Another side were Hyun Joong and Hyung Jun)

Seeing that they were willing to shake hand, I also put out my hand --- Park Jung Min~ (This is the pair of hand which I am most unfamiliar)

Kyu Jong and Young Saeng, was a little regret not being able to shake their hands~


After they went up on stage, MC Jung Min said -- Do you know that we will come today?

Everybody said -- Yes!!! (OMG! How come I didn't know about this~)

After that he said, isn't this a secret? Why do you know that we are coming?

The program after this, I couldn't remember the sequence, just starting from writting out the important points, if you are interested, please find the video to discover it yourself!

Point 1: Draw lots

There's 3 fans with more special contents,

One of the fans wished the 5 members to surround her and hug her!

Another was Hyung Jun fan, she wished that Hyung Jun can hug her tightly!

The last one was the best, Hyun Joong said seem like this was a noona fan,

Because the content was wanting them to live well kinda comments~ P.S. Can he removed the ear rings which he is wearing and give it to her?

Hyun Joong --- Very spontaneously removed his ear ring, and gave it to that noona!!!!

(Even wanted everybody to confirm that the ear ring which he removed --- was from the left ear!!)

(((501 really fulfill whatever you request!!!)))

Following this, for fans starting from no. 502 onwards who was outside the hall,

In the beginning there's interview connection between inside hall and outside hall, Park Jung Min said, why aren't there any reporters outside hall~

Kim Kyu Jong then ran over to the screen, becaming the reporter for the outside hall~ Really interesting!!

After that was to pick fans from outside, since they were outside and can't came in, so special offer~

10 were picked (each member picked 2)

When MC Park was revealing the number, he kept saying -- Who's that? ... oh, why doesn't he seem to be very happy oh!!!

Come... When we sang up to 'Love Ya''s PERFECT... this lyrics --- You must show very happy responses!!!

(The highlight was Jung Min & Hyung Jun were trying to help the fan to practice twice, but she was still very shy, don't even dare to show how high she was!)

After that was the time the group members started to talk~

Starting from Hyun Joong to speak something~

After that was Kyu Joong --- Started.... brewing !!!

When the MIC was passed to Hyung Jun, Hyung Jun said --- Kyu Jong, without you we can't make it~

(This won't cause him to cry? That boy from Jeonju went to aside to wipe his tears)

(Was crying which talking)

(After Hyung Jun talked for awhile, CEO Park turned towards the stage)

(The 2 from the '86s..... were extremely silent)


After that the songs they sang include 'Let Me Be The One'

Originally when singing, 5 of them were sitting~

Who knows half way throught the song, Jung Min stood up and started to dance~

Followed by Hyun Joong... Young Saeng, Kyu Jong, Hyung Jun... Also started to leave their seat and started to dance~

Maybe because it is the 5th Year Anniversary Fanmeeting, although the dance was unplanned, but.... it was very sincere!!!

After that they said because the weather was getting hotter, so this song was not bad, and can reduce the heat --- correct, that was 'Snow Prince'!!!

When singing 'Snow Prince', they dance, Great, Great, Great.... Because it has been quite long since we last see the live performance for this song!!

The 5 boys danced the song with smiles on their face and were very happy.

After that they said something again~

After that seem to want to sing the song which Young Saeng composed - 'Forever'

Young Saeng said, originally he was thinking of composing a wedding song, but after composing, it was sounding quite sad~

He said, with everybody's encouragement, he will work harder to compose!!!

After that he said --- This is the 1st time singing this song in an official event~

(If my memory didn't patch to the wrong segment, this song were sang under the condition whereas they were crying uncontrollably)

After the music started, Hyun Joong started to choke with a crying tone during the 1st lyrics~ So didn't sing well~

Then he said.... can start over once more?

This song, he wanted to sing it well!!!

So.... restart once more~

Really superb, because it was sang while their emotion were brewing at a certain point, certain part in the middle, it was very clear that Jung Min and Hyung Jun, because of getting more emotional, couldn't sing~

But for the solo parts, both of them had performed it perfectly.

(This song's live performance was really exceptional, especially the last part which Jung Min & Hyun Joong were singing the bass accompaniment, while the rest of them singing the main key)

After that they sang 'Love Like This' ---- This section they danced.... also, the fan support chanting for this was the best!!!!

The also sing 'Only One Day' (I really can't very remember the song sequence)

After that when wanted to sing 'Pea Song'~

The members wanted everybody to stand up~ And sang along together~!!!

Jung Min led everybody along the music beats, the members would also pointed their mics to everybody from time to time~ Wanting everybody to sing along!

Finally, Hyun Joong took out the glooves to distribute (to the rest of the boys)~ (Wanted to sing 'Love Ya)

Before singing 'Love Ya'~

Kyu Jong started to give a long talk, other than thank you also had many sorry~

But everybody under stage kept responding --- Don't said sorry, there's nothing to be sorry ah!!

He said... I had finished talking, anything else to talk?

Of couse.... Of course need ah~

The content after this... I really can't remember!

But, Young Saeng did mentioned that they were really very very sorry that the 2nd full album has not been released. After debut for 5 years, but couldn't produce the official 2nd full album, other than sorry, hope that everybody will continue to anticipate, is that alright?

Hyung Jun kept saying, not only 5 years, 10 years, 50 years, until death.... also will continue to produce!!

Forget who said this, saying~

Today's performance, was not even tired, very happy, very touched, being able to spend this time together with everybody, really very happy!

Everybody actually wished that they could perform more, but~

Jung Min said.... everybody still need to rush for the last train ah (That's right, I was one of those that were panicking)

At about 3M infront, saw that there were 'Love Ya' solo edition. Although it's lip sync. That's still fantastic!!!

SS501 Debut 5th Year Anniversary Commemorative Event, started from 9.30pm and ended at 11pm,

very cozy, very orderly, heart-warming, touching 90mins!!!

The members paid a lot of attention in responding the questions and responses from the TS under stage.

Kyu Jong and Jung Min were very nice to response to the requests from the 1st and 2nd row to perform aegyo for us to take photo!

Today's SS501 were not stars, but were friends who had go through with TS for the past 5 years!!!

Really so great~

During the event, I also found a certain point, and shouted 'Kumawo!!!' loudly

The group members heard it!~ (Really very thank you SS501...)

((Today, photography were allowed, everybody can take to their full content~))

SS501 Thank You!!!


Original Message

出處:justhought@ ptt SS501

SS501 五週年給歌迷的神秘小禮物---90分鐘的FAN MEETING!!!


2010/06/08 SS501 歡度出道五週年,在出道五週年的隔天,

SS601網站出現了- 6/13 SS501 出道五週年紀念影片欣賞會的消息!

為了呼應501的隊名,6/13 將會開放501位歌迷入場,主辦單位會致贈小禮物。









但記者跟友人還是搞不清楚~ 今天內容到底要幹嘛???







上面寫著:你希望SS501做什麼? (擺明了有小遊戲!~ 請大家期待)



算是第一批進場的歌迷,進場前工作人員有說---不要追逐 不要搶座位 要不然危險!


但事實證明,老天至眷顧記者我的!!!(第二排 第二排 第二排!)


(五位先生---就在我前方兩公尺!! 套句韓飯的話---大發!!!)




陸陸續續單獨說出五年來的心路歷程---除了感謝 還是感謝~



隨後放的影片就是從 2010開始倒數到2005~


甚至有朴政玟唱甜蜜蜜~(海外其他地方 沒有片段only TAIWAN!!)


影片到最後SS501 隨著HANA(或是RADIOS STAR)從上面走到下面來了~

(記者這邊是 政玟 圭鐘 永生) (另外一個走到是 賢重 跟 亨俊)





大家說---知道!!! (見鬼了我怎麼不知道~)

然後就說,這不是秘密嗎? 怎麼大家都知道我們要來?










(((501 有求必應啊!!!)))



金圭鐘就跑靠近螢幕,充當場外記者~ 非常的有趣!!



朴MC在爆號碼的時候,一直說--誰啊?....喔 怎麼沒有很高興的樣子

來...我們唱完LOVE YA 的..PERFECT這句時---你要有很開心的反應喔!!!






(這能不爆淚嗎? 全州來的躲到旁邊去擦淚)








隨著 賢重...永生 圭鐘 亨俊...也一一離開座位開始跳舞~


之後又說天氣熱了 這首歌應該不錯 可以消暑---沒錯 就是 雪王子!!!

唱雪王子的時候,有跳舞,好讚 好讚 好讚...因為好久沒看到這首的現場了!!








音樂下去後,賢重第一句應該是因為有點哽咽~ 所以沒唱好~








隨之又有唱 LOVE LIKE THIS---這段有跳舞...而且最讚的仍舊是應援聲!!!

也唱了 只有一天 (歌目順序我真的不太記得了)

之後要唱 豌豆公主的時候~

團員們們就要大家站起來~ 一起合唱~!!!

政玟一直帶著大家打拍子,團員們也無時無刻的把麥克風指向大家~ 要大家一起唱!

最後,賢重拿手套出來發了~(要唱LOVE YA)

在唱LOVE YA之前~












政玟說...大家要趕末班電車啊 ( 沒錯記者我就是很緊張的其中一個)

在前方三公尺的地方看LOVE YA有SOLO版本.雖然對嘴~ 但 整個棒呆了!!!

SS501 的出道五週年紀念活動,九點半開始十一點結束,






在場中我也找到了一個時間點,大喊了一聲 空忙喔!!!

團員們有聽見!~ (真的很謝謝SS501...)