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[Diary] Kyu Jong: "01 May" 2010-04-30 9:26:19PM

Credits : + (English Translation) xiaochu @


KyuJong, “01 May”
2010-04-30 9:26:19PM

Not much time left .. !!!!!!
I am trembling.. and getting nervous.. mm mm..
The day called 01-May, after 1 year, after 2 years, after 3 years, after 10 years.. even after many years later..
To me, and to all of us, we shall remember it as a precious day.. ^^
Right?! ^^
Even though ‘Thank you’ was always being said, I am grateful. To a person like me, since the beginning when we met till now..
It was all so happy moments..^^ It will be like this in the future too..
Till forever.. ^^ heh Thanks <3>

규종 : 5 월 1 일 .. 2010-04-30 오후 9:26:19
얼 마 안 남 았 네 요 .. !!!!!!
떨리기도 하고.. 긴장되고.. 음음..
5 월 1 일 이라는 날이 일년뒤 이년뒤 삼년뒤 십년뒤..몇십년뒤에도..
나에게는 그리고 우리에게는 소중한 날로 기억될거예요..^^
그치?! ^^
고맙단 말 늘 했지만 정말 고마워요 . 나란사람에게는 우리가 처음만난 날부터 지금까지..
너무나도 행복한 순간이었어요..^^ 앞으로도 그럴거구..
영원토록..^^ 헤 고마워 ♡
' 501day 를 기다리며... from 귤 '


Credits : matkyu @ + (English Translation) xiaochu @


Wow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not much time left ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Dugeun dugen*... hahaha

*dugen dugen is the sound of heart beating

[Translation] Seeing Bae Yong Joon and Kim Hyun Joong

Trans by:
suehan: Bunseongbae nim found this story from the comment section of the news regarding BYJ and KHJ’s meeting and reposted it in byjintoronto.

“I met KHJ and BYJ at the café & restaurant in Apgujeong where I worked before. I’m not sure if BYJ was concerned about his image, but BYJ was so well-mannered that he bowed in a 90 degree angle whenever he ordered his meal and left the restaurant and KHJ was calm like we saw him in the TV. He might be calmer than usual because he was with BYJ. Anyhow, both of them gave me a good impression.”

Friday, April 30, 2010

[News] Bae Yong Joon – Kim Hyun Joong decided to work together

[2010.04.30] Bae Yong Joon – Kim Hyun Joong decided to work together

Source: Sports Hankook
Translation: Suehan's byj blog
Reposted in:

‘A big movement' will occur in Hallyu market when they support each other.

‘Yonsama’, Bae Yong Joon and ‘Little Yonsama’, Kim Hyun Joong met secretly late one night.

They met at a certain place in Gangnam, Seoul late at night on the 28th. They had a meeting with their right–hand staff for long hours. The topic of the conversation of that night was unknown, but it’s believed that they might have exchanged the conversation about the overall entertainment activities including those in Japan.

One of their staff said, “Kim Hyun Joong had a consultation with Bae Yong Joon whenever he faced an important matter. He regards BYJ as his ‘role model’, trusts and depends on Bae Yong Joon.”


News about their meeting became the best topic in the entertainment industry. They developed a relationship after they encountered several times while working overseas last year. There is a 14 year age difference between them. However, it has been known that they have developed trust in each other through respect and thoughtfulness. It’s anticipated that there will be a great effect in the Hallyu market if they support each other even while working in different management companies.

A staff member said, “The future of Hallyu market is in their hands, and Japanese fans are delighted to hear the news that they are developing a caring relationship. I believe that they will fulfill their roles pushing and pulling Hallyu in the future.”

[Photo] SS501 days album jacket

Wow! This is some mind blowing photographs released by DSP!

A totally different concept for our boys. What will be the songs like for them wearing all the gas mask. Some science fiction theme songs?

Hmm.... what will the MV look like with this style? Alien invade the world and SS501 save the world? Kekekeke....


Leader Hyun Joong

Bad Boy Young Saeng

Center Kyu Jong

Sexy Charisma Jung Min

Maknae Hyung Jun

[Video] Hyun Joong in Gummy 'As a Man' MV (Complete)

At last it is released, thanks dongsaeng for informing me. I also want to have such a handsome roommate. But I not pretty ok or not hur? Kekeke....

Credit: ygfammv@YT

[M/V] GUMMY - As a Man(남자라서) : Kim Hyun Joong & Jung Ryeo Won

[Photo] More Hyun Joong in Basic House

Hope Basic House will keep releasing photographs of Hyun Joong in Basic House. ^.~


Credit: Basic House + TripleSTW + As tagged
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[Photo] Basic House in Robinson Singapore

After a fail attempt 'Finding Hyun Joong' during my visit to Basic House last week, I heard from LHL that Basic House is pasting Hyun Joong poster all over Robinson Raffles City and Centrepoint Orchard this week. (~~>.<~~) WHY LIKE THIS....................

Anyway, today I have even better news from my dearest dongsaeng.... Basic House advertisement on Today Newspaper! Argh! Why I didn't pick up a copy on my way....??!! Luckily there's a PDF online version, else I think I will knock my head to the wall... Kekeke.....

Anyway, how can I don't post up this nice nice biggy big advertise of Hyun Joong in Basic House. 1st in Singapore! ^.^ Please bring Hyun Joong over for the grand opening of Basic House.... ^.^

Credit: Basic House + Robinson + Today Newspaper + SS501UFO
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[Photo] Young Saeng @ KNTV Premium Event 2010 [2010.04.29]

HSScandal seems to be stalking wuri 5C Wangja to all of the events he goes to.... Love that they had captured the correct moment of his cute and shy expressions. ^.~

Was tired after working overtime, but looking at his smiles takes away my fatigue.


Credit: HSScandal
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Hi everybody, its Prince Heo flying class....
Please look carefully at the flying instructions

1. Aim at the person you want to fly the plane to

2. Target locked

3. Checking plane structure for damage before flying

4. Starting engine

5. Engine ignited

6. Set flying coordinates

7. Please fasten seat belts for own safety

8. Time to fly

9. Ready.......

10. Gearing up....

11. Taking off.... Enjoy your flight with Heo Airlines

12. Oh~ forget to refuel, the plane is detouring back....

12. Thank you for flying with Heo Airlines. Hope you enjoy your flight! ^.~

[Fancam] Young Saeng @ KNTV Premium Event 2010 [2010.04.29]

Our 5C Prince~ Nice to see him again singing shyly on stage. ^_^


Credit: HSScandal + ss501ufo@YT

[2010.04.29] SS501 Heo Young Saeng performing 'I Am Sorry, I Love You' in Japan KNTV Event

[Fancam] Young Saeng interview in KNTV Premium 2010 [2010.04.29]

[Fancam] Young Saeng singing はじめて見る空だった in KNTV Event [2010.04.29]

[Video] Hyun Joong star in Gummy's '남자라서' MV Teaser

Credit: KHJ0606

[Video] Hyun Joong star in Gummy's '남자라서' MV Teaser

Can't wait for the full MV.... but seems like it's a sad story.... the last clip with Hyun Joong looking up seems like he is waiting for somebody that doesn't come....

Monday, April 26, 2010

[Photo] Hyun Joong @ Gummy 'Loveless' MV

Hyun Joong in Gummy MV photo clips. That smile ah~ melts the heart.... Mini UFO almost knock the wall when looking at it~* cos the eyes can move away frm the photo..... =P

Credit: As tag

[Fancam] SS501 Concert @ Saitama Super Arena Japan 2010.02.25

Credit: HSScandal + mangos0rbet@YT
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Acting game (Jung Min as boyfriend and Young Saeng as girlfriend)

[Fan account] SS501 Concert @ Saitama Super Arena Japan 2010.02.25

Original source: hyssss1103 @ Baidu Tieba SS501


大家好~第一次发帖 想跟大家分享一下~^^


就是有个小短片 拍他们在巴士上到饭店~~贤重说 虽然我们说好501是我们的日子~
但是说到501~还是说 说到专辑 就会想到延期哈哈哈 ~ 因此这次也会延~

今天说了好几次 应该真的要延了~
贤重一定是官方说法~说 为了准备更好的专辑 需要更多时间准备 - -
但是今天好特别 因为永生好开心 ^^
而且永生的 SOLO 超级棒!!!!!!!

好像是贤重吧 说 发完专辑会再来日本~

真不好意思 脑袋真的很空白 而且他们日文韩文一直交错说 翻译也有一搭没一搭
於是我也忘了讨论 一直沉静在今天的永生里~

唉 我知道大家都很期待二辑 我也是~
而且安可时这麼温馨的气氛中 说了5.01 CB~~
所以501的CB~好像早就不可能了 只是一直没说 ><
不过就像贤说的吧~~~是501的特色了 - -
就是 延期!!~
被贤重这麼一说 好像也是 就像演唱会要下雨一样
准时发 好像怪怪的 呵~只能这麼想了
好 我知道没人想听演唱会的事了 呵~
但是我好想说喔 哈哈哈哈哈
因为永生今天真的心情太好了~ ^^
有人要听吗 哇哈哈

说话时间,永生又说自己是坏男人 但是用日文说好好笑
星空 结果马破音 永生在旁边一直笑~
again 日文

总之 变成永生演马女朋友 生气了 马要安抚他
这时永生的表情时在太可爱了 因为他无法用日文说下去
他就笑 然后像是喵了马一眼 想说你降问 我怎麼办
然后就说 我不会说日文
然后马对永生唱情歌 接下来要永生唱 永生就说为什麼
后来唱了一小段日文 结果忘词~停了五秒 用哼的哼完 好可爱

接下来是贤重演亨的女友~马说 这女友好大一只~贤很称职的一直装女生声音
装可爱~最后亨冲过去强吻贤的嘴巴 太惊悚 好像真的是亲到的样子
贤也吓一跳 一直说亨好可怕~

接下来是问 谁的拳最有力量~
日FAN排名是 贤压倒性胜利 再来是马 奎 生 亨~
亨连拿两个最后一名了 呵~
再来是永生 我感觉他内心压力很大 哈哈哈哈 结果128kg~原谅我一直发花吃
但永生那样子好MAN 阿~~他自己也吓到怎麼那麼好呵~一直很不好意思~再来奎108还是109KG~~马也是128~最后是贤 大家对贤了了解不用我多说了 呵 他此刻内心的压力 哈哈哈哈
结果129还是130~他就松了一口气说 马就算了 看到永生那麼强 压力真的很大 哈哈哈哈
亨俊好可怜阿 我觉得他可以更好的 只是因为是第一个~ 那机器可能还不熟 所以他一直说 是机器的问题~

喔 曲顺我记得 其他谈话的 有点忘了 我随便打了~
曲顺先讲完 刚刚四首后是SOLO
贤 那首请对我好一点 亚巡那首 歌名有点 哈 - -
马 日二辑的 浅い梦の果て
亨 安可场那首 GIRL 歌名又有点 哈 - -
生 ZARD那首经典名曲 原谅我 歌名真的无法 但就是超有名那首^^
全场超级HIGH~因为是名曲~而且永生一直超HIGH大喊 SAITAMA~
然后背对大家一直扭屁屁 背景是动画一直在抖动 配合著永生的扭屁屁~
永生真的一直在朝摇滚生迈进~中间又嘶吼了一阵~ 比唱摇滚FIND还~嘶吼 哈
对了永生衣服超级可爱黑裤子红鞋子 牛仔外套很多可爱图案
途中一直说 再一次 然后挥手说再见~
我一直说永生的好 大家原谅喔!!!

花样原声带2那首 可惜的心情~歌名我真的不知道 ><
唱这首时 马说是花样的OST~好多新FAN~都不知道这首 只知道因为我太傻
LALALA呼喊你的歌 永生到后来自己的LALALA的部分全部要FAN唱~是太累了吗哈
DEJAVU 说是最后一首了 马好好笑 一直看手表说时间的问题 从SAITAMA回去有点远 哈哈哈哈

马就说 所以要跟大家最后道别一下 因为最后一首~~
奎亨都是说 谢谢大家远道而来
话说永生好像真的不打算说日文了 贤还有挤一点出来
永生跟武道馆一样 都只有一开始会说一句 但每次都得不太到大家回应 因为真的听不是很懂 两次他都自己打圆场 哈 然后之后他就不会再说了~

安可前 有一段短片跟大家说掰掰 然后就消失了他们 当下真的想说 天阿 没有了??
结果他们又陆续回来说 有啦有啦 倒数10秒

好像唱SNOW PRINCE时 马又抱永生~~
永生撒娇时 贤重笑得有够开心
我也好想看图跟视频 这次他们拍的短片都好可爱~

还有一个大福利 这也有拍成短片 演唱会前一天 团员自己挑一个喜欢的位子在签名板上签名送给当天幸运的观众 永生说自己喜欢17号~有人可以跟我说这个数字到底有甚麼意义吗? 永生真的好爱它 好像还都囔著说 坐在那比较远 所以就挑这个位置了c区417~
贤奎都挑了501 马是d 21 亨挑了二楼的 说那边会坐著最美的女生
结果这些FAN不但可以拿到签名版 还可以上台坐在他们旁边一起按著指示跟他们合照~
永生跟奎的号码没人坐~要重选 奎就选了 我猜是601的相反~106~
永生又来了 他想超久 一直嗯阿 阿阿 又说他喜欢17号 有没有h区~主持人就说没有
他又再度嗯阿 嗯阿 然后自以为潇洒的说 那好吧 就a区~~但大家已经等了超级久了呵

这个福利真的要把人搞疯了 第一个是贤 那FAN坐在他大腿上 贤两手抱她腰 头好像靠一起合照~ 再来是奎 只有一起喝一杯饮料 用两根吸管
马的是双手合掌 额头贴一起看像观众席 就以前贤跟赵慧莲那动作 呵
亨得也好夸张 从后方抱住那女的脸还贴在一起~大贴在一起~
到永生了~~~~结果哈哈哈哈哈哈 不知道为什麼 永生只是搭她肩
后来主持人说 感想是? 永生说 有点不好意思耶 哈哈哈哈哈
但我也不知 为什麼别人的指令这麼夸张 永生的~呵呵呵呵 是FAN自己抽了~谢谢那个FAN了~我好开心 呵呵呵

看到很多永生韩站的FAN 坐一排!!~
不知道大家知不知道这次活动的方式 要办信用卡 年费两万六日币
我千辛万苦办了卡 结果办卡人数大不如预期 本来有一万个名额 结果只有2000个人办
结果今天看 二楼根本不是二楼 比会员的一楼视野好多了~~~我吐血加吐血~
其实真的是有一点微词 因为dsp完全不做日本宣传~完全~
但是一直在办这种很麻烦参加 又极度剥削大家的活动 而且因为他不做宣传 所以他老再剥削同一批族群~~日FAN钱很多 但是也有像我这种学生牺牲者~呜呜


一开始摄影机坏了吧 还是怎样 头两首歌两边大萤幕没离开过奎 一路跟拍
奎阿 我也很支持你~但是永生今天这麼帅 我全然看不到 真的都要流泪了 ><
第三首终於正常时 一到永生就拉远@@
亨说 下次在东京巨蛋开如何??
珉亨互动还是一样很多 马全场一直扭~~一直跪在地上扭

安可终於可以听到永生唱歌了 哈 之前泼水他都直接放下麦克风的
今天没有玩水 所以扎实的唱完两首歌~呵

今天一套黑衣 一套白衣真的帅翻了~~~
永生 真的瘦好多^^

但是贤还有说一遍 要好好准备好专辑~所以~~
总之真是谢谢大家的支持~~~因为每次看日本的消息几乎没有 所以~想说大家很著急
以后我会尽量努力呵呵 如果有活动的话~


今天听到星空跟BE A STAR好高兴~可惜没听到WASTELAND~我的最爱~呵呵

最后还有一个成员直接给你礼物的 抽100个~偷偷进行><
福利真多~跟我无缘 呵
万一5.01还是有二辑 大家不要怨我~我忘了最近大家很爱开玩笑~呵
但是许小胖就算4.30回去~5.01直接cb~好像不知道耶 不太可能的感觉~@@

呵 你说之前 真的没想到过是骗人的耶

但是如果真的无法如期~像贤今天降轻松带过~感觉也没那麼差了 呵
不相信阿 不相信~><

然后就会一直抛给奎 说对不对
应该是有准备的 但是奎还是一直笑~因为他都是用韩文回答 觉得很假吧 哈哈哈哈哈

喔我想到一个很好笑的~~~马说 他真的很喜欢这绿色的光~但是大家挥的时候可不可以
前后前后 左右左右~要大家对拍子 哈哈哈哈哈哈

Sunday, April 25, 2010

[Video] SS501 Concert @ Saitama Super Arena 2010.04.25

Saitama Concert Clips, short and far shots. Better than none.
Thanks Linvadata for sharing!

BTW, album released will be delayed but still released in May. A little bit sad to hear this....


Credit: linvadata@YT
Please repost with full credit



Love Like This

Making A Lover ~★


Again + Talking Time Part 1

Credit: (Chinese trans) hyssss1103@Baidu SS501 + (Eng trans) SS501UFO @ Planet Hyun
YoungSaeng acted as JungMin's girlfriend, got angry and JungMin supposed to pacify him
JM: Are you angry?
YS: Of course
JM: Why are you angry?
YS's experession now is so cute, because he couldn't use Japanese to continue, so he just smile and glance at JM, thinking of saying that you asked me like this what am I going to do.
After that YS said: I don't know how to speak Japanese
JM: That's not my problem ma~ he
After that JM sang a short part of love song to YS, after that wanting YS to sing, YS asked why?
After that he sang a short Japanese song, then forget the lyrics~ stop for 5 seconds then continue using humming... so cute

Talking Time Part 2

Credit: (Chinese trans) Myau @ TripleSTW + (Eng Trans) SS501UFO @ Planet Hyun
This part is very hilarious~ should be girlfriend got angry wanted to be pacified~ HyunJoong acted as HyungJun's girlfriend... Hyun's angry expression is so cute.. HyungJun first called Hyun softly.. Right after Hyun answered.. HyungJun immediately become a lecherous (?!) ajussi.. making shy HyunJoong shocked and immediately run away.. after HyungJun pulled back Hyun.. even want Hyun to give him Bobo.. while Hyun is still undecided... HyungJun give him a force kiss ><>This part ah~ is so cute!!!!

Talk time Part 3

Pre-recorded Video Clip

Please be good to me


Young Saeng solo - Zard's 負けないで

[Photo] Customized Hyun Joong mug by bstreet

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Basic House 'Safe the world' move
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These are the mugs that a-hlia-ssi ordered from bstreet.