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[News] Kim HyunJoong - revealing his abs, selecting Taiwan girl: I can't wait anymore [2012.05.18]

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[News][2012.05.18] Kim HyunJoong - revealing his abs, selecting Taiwan girl: I can't wait anymore

Kim HyunJoong on 18th & 19th for 2 days holds his fan meeting at the NTU Sports Center, starting the show with grand laser show and colourful light, making his appearance by 'breaking out from an egg'. Although it was named as a 'fan meeting', but he had performed 16 songs, the concept could matched a concert. He was not stingy to show his 'muscle', even specially selected 'Taiwan' in his video clip, and even praised fans 'too beautiful, I can't wait to meet her.'

Staying in Taiwan for 5 days this round, but rehearsing for the entire day yesterday, only returning to rest in his hotel at around 10pm, for this fan meeting he had really put in his full heart and strength for it. During the 2 hours fan meeting, Kim HyunJoong had changed 4 sets of costume, even wearing coat, revealing his well tone muscle and abs, causing screams from his fans.

Previously revealed in his press conference 'definitely not just hug only', Kim HyunJoong invited fans on stage to give a gigantic teddy bear as present, causing the envy and screams from fans under the stage. Previously he was bombarded with the high price for his fan meeting, but Kim HyunJoong had sang a total of 16 songs, his stage gorgeousness also matched concert standard, using his action to crush the 'rob money' sayings, showing his sincerity completely.

During the starting video clip, 'U:zoosin' Kim HyunJoong had selected Taiwan in the many countries, also showing the flag, and 101 building and other Taiwan icons. When there are fans appearing in the video, Kim HyunJoong gave his narration: 'Wow! So beautiful! I can't wait to meet her.' Causing fans to feel sweet after hearing that. Tickets for 18th was sold out around 70%, the last show will be performed on the 19th.

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