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[News] JungMin – Feel touched when seeing fans waiting in the rain, telling fans to take care and not to fall sick [2011.02.19]

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South Korea popular boy group ss501′s member Jung Min, held fan sign at Xi Meng Ding in the afternoon on 19th, more than 5 hundreds fans waited in the rain to see him, he uses his chinese and said to fans “Everyone, please dont fall sick”, making all the fans at the place forgetting about the cold, damp weather, feeling happy and laughing.

Jung Min feels touched upon seeing fans waiting for him in the rain, some fans even came to the venue as early as 15th to queue up, the determinance is very shocking, on spot selling of more than 400 of the repackaged single album was immediately sold out, showing the support for Jung Min from the fans. Park Jung Min will also be having a fanmeeting tomorrow.

[Video News] JungMin arrival @ Taiwan by MTV News [2011.02.17]

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[Fan Account] Hyun Joong @ Sushi Restaurant [2011.02.19]

Thanks @wangziqi for tweeting me this fan account ^o^

Hmmm.... foreigner dancer? Is it the dancer which previously he mentioned somebody from USA who came to teach him dancing?


Chinese translation: 米娜姨@百度金贤重吧
English translation: babyvfan (
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[Fan Account] Hyun Joong @ Sushi Restaurant [2011.02.19]

Kim Hyun Joong came to Binguel? (the direct trans of the name) Sushi restaurant

My friend works at the sushi restaurant. Today, she got a 8 person reservation. When those people come, she found that one of them looks like jae joong from the way he walks (two of them were friends, they look alike) . So she wondered if Kim Hyun Joong also came? Then, another staff came over and asked “Did you see Kim Hyun Joong?” , so she looked closely, it’s Hyun Joong oppa! !!! my friend knew for the first time today that Kim Hyun Joong is this handsome!! he was smiling, keke, he also wore that black beanie, kekeke. anyway, he came with foreigners, those people looks like dancers from the crew. Hyun Joong’s English level is like a primary school student when talking to the foreigners..kekeke.

Hyun Joong is very well mannered, he gave a 20 000 won tip to the waiter for their table, and signed autograph for everyone employee in the restaurant before leaving, wowowo. . .

And, my friend also got his autograph!! so jealous!!!

Ah, oppas ate 45 sets of sushi today, kekekeke

[Fancam] JungMin arrived @ Kiki Restaurant [2011.02.17]

JungMin visited Kiki Restaurant. Fans mentioned that he was very friendly and even take initiative to shake hand with fans.


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[News] Park Jung Min will go to Taiwan for a long stay in May [2011.02.18]

Thanks @wangziqi for tweeting me this translation!


Eng Trans: Zi Qi @ babyvfan (
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JungMin admitted that he is cheerful & very loyal towards love, 
likes girls who are humourous

Park Jung Min will be coming to Taiwan to shoot for Taiwan idol drama, and will be having a long stay in Taiwan, he said excitedly yesterday “hope that the crew plans on a lot of different shooting sites, so can tour the places as well”. he was on diet for his new album ‘Not Alone’, but now the diet is over, he immediately ate the desserts the Taiwanese fans gave him!

He arrived in Taiwan the day before yesterday, during the interview, he expressed that he is very interested in acting, and confirmed to come to Taiwan for his drama in May, has been watching Luo Zhi Xiang’s drama “Love in the Corner” lately to study acting skills, at the same time learning chinese, he is able to communicate with simple chinese, after taking photo, he shouted in chinese “Let me see!”. He says “I dont mind kissing scenes. If i am worried about fans’ reactions, then I won't be able to act in dramas”.

Park JungMin eating fruit jelly given by fans

He ate the food the fans gave to him
For the good appearance for photoshoot of the album, he worked hard and lost 12Kg, exercising everyday, and rejecting all the delicious food, it has been hard for him. As now the diet ended, he looked at the food the fans gave and says “very thankful for the love from the fans” and begin eating immediately. He tried Wu Geng Chang Wang previous night* (*MiniUFO Note: Wu Geng Chang Wang 五更腸旺 is a dish comprises pig intestine, duck/pig blood, sour preserved lettuce, leek and etc, it tasted spicy), and gave a thumb up and said in chinese “delicious!” , he also expresses that he will go and eat mutton steam boat before leaving Taiwan.

Park Jung Min’s fansign at Xi Men Ding is at 2pm today, fanmeeting is at 7pm tomorrow, there are still about 100 tickets left, please go to for more details.

Jung Min admitted that he is cheerful and very loyal towards love. He likes girls who are humourous.

[Video + Text Translation] JungMin @ Taiwan MTV 'JKPop Craze' [2011.02.18]

English translation:
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English translation:
MC: Fahrenheit's Calvin Chen

SS501 fans
Pea princesses
Do you miss them?
Yes, right?
Although previously they have came to Taiwan
but it has been sometime since then
But now
There's one person will come first
Because he has already release his solo album
'Not Alone''s Park JungMin
Why is he not lonely?
Because he has you companion him
Park JungMin Is it ok
So he come to Taiwan
On 19 and 20 February
This Saturday and Sunday
There will be press conference
Then at Taiwan University Sports Hall
There will be a fan meeting
So I think
Everybody should really support him
Because I can understand this feeling
What if
I am alone fighting alone
Performing alone and whatever
I will definitely feel very lonely
I will definitely feel worried
You see
He worried until he already
Reduce weight up to 12kg
Could only say he is even more care about his body shape
But 12kg I think really is
Too much already!
Therefore on 19th & 20th
Everybody definitely must go to cheer for him
Support a bit
So what does he want to say
to Taiwan fans
Lets listen now
Coming back later
Will give you his personally autographed diary
Please see

[Note: The rest of the interview is similar to the interview by SonyMusic which I had already translated here]

[Fancam] JungMin returning to Hotel [2011.02.18]

With his such friendly way towards fans, I am sure after this trip, JungMin's fans will increase tremendously. ^^


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[Fancam] JungMin @ Thai restaurant 瓦城泰國料理 [2011.02.18]

JungMin having dinner at Thai Town 瓦城泰國料理


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[Video New] JungMin arrival @ Taiwan by Sina News [2011.02.17]

Credit: SINA News + oloverbobo
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[Photo] HyungJun promotion poster with Progamer 2 team [2011.02.18]

Today @501gamedan tweet a series of cute photographs of HyungJun together with his Storm-V team posing for their promotion poster. Did you noticed the Piropiro on the sleeve? Cute hur? ^o^


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[Photo] HyungJun departure @ Gimpo Airport by Junique [2011.02.18]

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[Official Photo] HyungJun arrival @ Haneda Airport [2011.02.19]

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[Audio] HyungJun @ MuHigh - 알면서 (You already Knew) [2011.02.18]

Tonight HyungJun's new ohgeul song is a song by Rain - You Already Knew. Thanks LHL for sharing.


Credit: 망설임@prettyboy +
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[Audio] HyungJun @ MuHigh - 연예인 (Entertainers) [2011.02.15]

HyungJun sang this Ohgeul song on 15 Feb. Thanks LHL for sharing in her youtube channel.


Credit: 망설임@prettyboy + poohmuhigh
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[Video] HyungJun @ Progamer Season 2 Ep 5 [2011.02.18]

Links to previous episode
Ep 1:
Ep 2:
Ep 3:
Ep 4:

 Today is the start of the competition and the preparation before competition.


Credit: MBC game + +  DHJfan
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Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4 End

[Video] Mnet Wide New - HyungJun @ Kan Mi Youn 'Paparazzi' filming site [2011.02.16]

Credit: SS601 +
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[Fancam] HyungJun departure @ Gimpo Airport to Japan [2011.02.16]

Remember that previously I translated this extra info in HyungJun new album info section here. HyungJun is going to have his 1st Party in Tokyo on 19 February, which is today. There will be 2 sessions: 
1st session will be his fanclub commemorative fan meeting, a Hi-5 session (1pm)
2nd session will be his new album commemorative fan meeting (8.30pm)

HyungJun has already left Gimpo flying to Japan yesterday. Here's some fancam of his departure frm Gimpo Airport.


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[Chi Sub Fancam + Eng Trans] JungMin @ Synarra 'Not Alone' Fan Sign Event by HKTripleS [2011.02.10]

Credit: ShaN_貝貝 HK TripleS + oloverbobo
English translation:
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English translation
JM: Hi~ everybody
JM: Isn't it cold?!
JM: Very cold right?!
JM: Really pity right
JM: The weather should return to warmer, isn't it
JM: Should have your meal
(Think fans ask him to eat also)
JM: Cannot ah... need to go on diet
Fan: I am you fans ah
JM: hahaha... Today also have an interesting fan sign event ok?
JM: Today also depends on you
JM: Sta...rt!

[Chi Sub Fancam + Eng Trans] JungMin @ Busan Yes24 'Not Alone' Fan Sign Event by HKTripleS [2011.02.09]

Credit: (Chinese Sub) ShaN_貝貝 @ HKTripleS + oloverbobo
English translation:
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JM: Ah.. Ah..
JM: Really thank you for coming from such a far place
JM: Should start with a greeting. Hi! I am Seoul boy - Park JungMin
JM: Really happy that everybody come to Busan
JM: Today also want to have the fan sign event in a fine atmosphere
JM: Want to start?
Fans: Yes!
JM: Ei! Today also make lots of eye-contact ok!

Ending Speech

Fans: You have work hard, very charming..JM: I know! Very enjoy!
JM: Firstly today's fan sign event is ending
JM: Very thankful that you come
JM: Really like to meet with everybody, having conversation, this kind of fan sign event
Fans: (Shouting location place) Joenlla-do
JM: Will always go
Fans: Really?
JM: Em, really... promise promise
Fans: Daegu
JM: Daegu?! Will go
Fans: GiMae
JM: GiMae please come to Busan
JM: Masan?! My uncle stay there
JM: Will always go to play at Masan. To visit uncle.. Haha
JM: Really thank you everybody. Be careful when go home. Do not catch flu.
JM: Just now during fan sign, on the P.S. wrote "Everyday with you is Merry Christmas"
JM: I am also spending Christmas will everybody everyday... Thank you...
JM: Do not catch flu! Be careful when going home! Good Bye~

[Fancam] JungMin 'Not Alone' Valentines Special in Kobe by Double Baby [2011.02.13]

Credit: Double Baby + iZomZaa
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Valentine Kiss

Love Love Love (Dream Come True)

Mister (KARA)

If you cannot

Not Alone (Japanese version)

[Fancam] JungMin arrival @ Taipei Taoyuan Airport [2011.02.17]

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Credit: Min Love 珉戀Taiwan +

Credit: sstsys


[Video News + Text Translation] CTV News: JungMin arrival to Taiwan [2011.02.17]

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Credit: CTV News + YUKO❤ on Vlog + newstsvn
CTV News

English Translation:
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Newscaster: Today he came to Taiwan alone, taking the Cathay flight reaching Taoyuan airport and will be having a series of tight schedules and activities during his 6 days stay . Park Jung Min' s hit song "NOT ALONE" is on the No.1 chart last week. Do you know, after he went solo, Park Jung Min is now the hottest and most popular male korean singer.

Voice -over: The hottest and most popular boyband SS501 member Park Jung Min has stepped onto Taiwan. The fans has been waiting at the airport for hours! Give present, give flowers, asking for autographs, making the airport very packed.

Park Jung Min is just like a boy next door with smile that mesmerise all his fans. He also has great fan service and gladly obliged some fans by giving them his autograph writing his name down on the album when they requested for it. The fans really lucky!

Park Jung Min even greeted everyone: Hello everybody, my name is Park Jung Min. Happy New Year . Thank you, I love all of you!

Lots of Hong Kong & Macau fans also purposely came down to see Park Jung Min as they will also be attending the fansign and fanmeeting on 19 & 20 Feb respectively. Heard that he has prepared a Chinese song, a chinese love song which he will be singing during the fanmeet. Park Jung Min will be opening his mouth to sing a Chinese love song, bet it will electrified all the fans.

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[Video] JungMin interview @ Live Tong [2011.02.17]

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[Video + Text Translation] JungMin 'Not Alone' interview by Sony Music Taiwan [2011.02.17]

English translation:
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English translation:
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Q: What is your thoughts for having a solo album before the other members?
JM: Firstly, this is my 1st solo album
JM: Althought there are lots of pressure and nervousness
JM: But also very excited and anticipating
JM: Just have the confidence to do well
JM: Definitely will be very interesting
JM: Just do with this kind of thought

Q: Please introduce 'Not Alone'* (*LOL they spell Not Alone as Not Alon'G')
What is your recommendation for this mini album?
JM: 'Not Alone' is an album which will allow everybody
JM: see many difference in Park JungMin
JM: Is a multi genre album
JM: Main theme song 'Not Alone' is mixed with orchestra music
JM: The songs are very sweet and beautiful.
JM: 'Do you know', 'My Everyday is Merry Christmas', etc
JM: there's rock style, and also latin style
JM: This is an album which possess Park JungMin's charm
JM: Will allow everybody see a multi-talented Park JungMin
JM: In addition, because in this album there are songs written personally by myself
JM: it is a very truthful album
JM: so hope everybody can listen to this album
JM: Park JungMin's recommended song is 'Do you know?'
JM: I usually listen to british rock songs more often
JM: Therefore has special feelings to this kind of songs
JM: So I will to recommend this song 'Do you know?'
JM: Hope everybody will try listening!

Q: About the MV filming this time, any interesting thing happened?
JM: During filming will
JM: have a lot of staff participated together
JM: Previously during SS501 filming
JM: There's no chance to perform with different performer
JM: But this time actually found some students
JM: dancers and performers etc
JM: everybody participated together
JM: there's around few hundreds person at the filming site
JM: each of them was working hard and diligently in filming
JM: Although it was very tedious but in order to present a better scene
JM: This is the most interesting thing which left the deepest impression

Q: What is your 2011 new year goal?
JM: 2011's new year goal
JM: is hope my solo album
JM: in other Asia area
JM: is also being love by many fans
JM: also hope to be able to act in Taiwan and Korea drama
JM: also no matter when the greatest wish is
JM: wish everybody will be healthy
JM: everybody please be healthy

Q: What do you want to say to Taiwan fans?
JM: Hi everybody, I wish to go to Taiwan soon!! Wait for me~
JM: All fans who love JungMin
JM: You have work hard
JM: Please wait for a little while
JM: Will work hard with a completely new look
JM: (English, no need translation)

Q: For your first solo showcase, do you have anything to say?
JM: If you don't come you will regret!
JM: Everybody sure hate to regret right!?
JM: In your life definitely don't have regrets
JM: If this time you don't come, you will definitely be regretted
JM: So hope everybody definitely must come!!!
JM: Definitely must come yo~~~
JM: Definitely must come yo!
JM: Everybody definitely must anticipate and support JungMin oh

[Video] JungMin @ Studio 23 [2011.02.17]

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[Poster] HyunJoong @ TheFaceShop Promotion Posters for JAN & FEB 2011

The look of HyunJoong is a little different from his normal look in some of the poster. Almost thought TFS has a new model. Kekeke


Credit: TheFaceShop Korea
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[Photo] HyunJoong Hangten Poster

Credit: +
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[News][2011.02.15] Kim HyungJun, Transformed into James Bond... Netizens ‘Slicked-back Hair Terminator’

Thanks XiaoChu for the translation. Coincidently both articles about 2HJ today have the term 'terminator' in the title. 2HJ turning to terminators! Kekeke


Credits : + + (English Translation) xiaochu @

[News][2011.02.15] Kim HyungJun, Transformed into James Bond... Netizens ‘Slicked-back Hair Terminator’

Kim HyungJun, member of group SS501, has made a craze with his transformation into James Bond.

Recently, Kim HyungJun transformed into the eternal romance of ladies - 007 James Bond, in Kan MiYeon’s first mini album title song ‘Paparazi’ teaser video.

Wearing a neat black suit in the video, Kim HyungJun appeared as a refined gentleman, with a slicked-back hairstyle, showing his charisma as well as his masculine beauty, attracting attention with his perfect James Bond image.

In the video, the romance where Kim HyungJun gently kissed on the back of Kan MiYeon’s hand, and together with the romance of James Bond’s charisma, the video made the hearts of female fans flutter when watching it.

Netizens who watched the video commented ‘I thought he was a reincarnation of James Bond’, ‘He is slicked-back hair terminator’, ‘How can he be so fabulous?’, etc.

Kim HyungJun successfully debut as a musical actor with good praises for his comedy romance musical ‘Café in’ where he played a double role. He signed with Japan AVEX in 2011, and will be releasing his first solo album in Japan in March.

[News][2011.02.18] 'Spring Bachelor' Kim HyunJoong poster photo shooting scene Sculpture beauty boy terminator [2011.02.18]

Chinese translation: xiaoyudian @
English translation:
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[News][2011.02.18] 'Spring Bachelor' Kim HyunJoong poster photo shooting scene, Sculpture beauty boy terminator

Singer cum actor Kim HyunJoong, while waiting for 2011 spring started his busy schedule.

After MBC drama 'Playful Kiss' filming ended, Kim HyunJoong has been in a resting state. Toward Kim HyunJoong's schedule of not leaving home at all, fans could only waiting anxiously. In order to relieve the thrist of fans' longing, Kim HyunJoong appeared like a 'Spring Bachelor' image infront of everybody. After looking at HyunJoong's spring like smile which is warm and kind, it seems like spring is coming. Sports Korea made an exclusive report on Kim HyunJoong fashion photo shoot scene.

# Long time no see
Wearing short sleeve shirt, Kim HyunJoong greet everybody with his friendly smile. Although haven't met for very long but still a 'Sculpture Beauty Boy Terminator'. Before photo shooting, Kim HyunJoong gave his sunshine like greeting to staff, relaxing their tension.

#Model pose

Tired and continuously yawning Kim HyunJoong, once started filming is just like a professional model, started to pose charmingly. The photographers looking at Kim HyunJoong's pose, keep exclaiming "Good! Good! Like this. A little~ more cool gaze"

#Transform into romatic dandy boy

Fairy Pitta (*A Bird with 8 colour feather) this term perfectly fit Kim HyunJoong. Retro style attire, adding bow and cap giving people association to Charlie Chaplin's style, completely transform into romantic dandy boy. When changing, Kim HyunJoong asked: "Although this is not the style I like, really have a different feel. How is it??" Really no matter what he wears look stylish!

# Monitoring

During the break, the staff gathered infront of the monitor, in order to see the result of Kim HyunJoong posters photo shoot. The editor said: "Really has nothing to edit, just simply taken also looked like poster."

# "Flower leader' HyunJoong
Beautiful like flower male Kim HyunJoong starting as flower leader. After changing more than 10 pieces of attires and now showing any restlessness. Kim HyunJoong even discussed with photographer about shooting.

# Break time

Temporary resting time, Kim HyunJoong sit at the prop desk looking at the busy staff. Interlocking his fingers, sloppily crossing his leg, showing an expressionless look while sitting there, looking cute and adorable.

More photographs:

[News] SS501 Park Jung Min Come To Taiwan, Warm Smile That Mesmerise People [2011.02.17]

Credits: Taiwan Apple Daily + PJMIFC
Chinese to English Translation:
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[News][2011.02.17] SS501 Park Jung Min Come To Taiwan, Warm Smile That Mesmerise People

Korean Boyband SS501 member, Park Jung Min, will be having his fanmeeting on 20 Feb at the Taipei University Sports Hall. He arrived Taiwan today and was in a very good mood, with smile on his face all the time, kept waving and greeting to the camera. The fans who went to welcome him are very happy. He even signed some autograph for fans. There were around 200 fans waiting at the airport arrival hall for him, upon seeing Park Jung Min, they were very happy and kept screaming non-stop.

[Fan Account] Fan account - Saw a Celebrity in Front of the Deok Soo Palace Art Museum! [2011.02.16]

Thanks Shirley for the translation and Liezle for sharing in her blog. ^^


Credits :
Korean to English translation by shirbogurl /
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[Fan Account][2011.02.16] Fan account - Saw a Celebrity in Front of the Deok Soo Palace Art Museum!

From my school, I went to Deok Soo Palace Art Museum for homework reason.

For the first hour, I followed the tour guide's explanation and looked around Deok Soo Palace

After that, I wandered around to take pictures of each buildings.

Then, I reached the front of Deok Soo Gong Museum and stood there in order to take pictures.

However, there was a man coming down the stairs.

I waited in order to take the picture after that man come down the stairs

Little by little, the face became more apparent as he got closer...

Wow Kim Kyu Jong!!!

All the Double S fans, I saw Kim Kyu Jong.

In front of Deok Soo Gong Art Museum....hahaha

Nowadays, there is a Picasso Exhibit at the Museum. I think he came to see that.

He's tall and has an especially high nose that left a deep impression

Would taking a front picture violate his portrait/privacy rights? Because it seems inappropriate, I only took a picture of the back view.

Kim Kyu Jong is on the right. I don't know who the girl is on the left, but Kim Kyu Jong used Honorific form when talking with her.
(note: bf and gf usually do not use honorific form with each other)

Anyways, he seemed to walk around freely (comfortably) and is very ordinary looking (in a good way).

Good impression and tall and skinny...Since the moment he stood on the stairs, he stood out from others.

[Download link] JungMin @ Ken Wu 'Entertainment e-Era' - aza aza Korea Song [2011.02.15]

Ken Wu is so sweet to provide download for the recording of JungMin on his website. Before you start clicking, and even reposting, I need to give some instruction for reposting. When reposting, please make sure you include ALL Credits that I listed below. This is request from Ken Wu for reposting the download link for the mp3.

Oh by the way, if you want to listen it via online, thank 美承 for sending me this link to tudou

*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Credit Start ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*



[就是愛JK | Star節目討論區]

[音樂飆榜 官方網站]
[音樂飆榜 | Star節目討論區]
週六(PM:02:00-04:00)首播 (註:03:00-03:30 日韓榜)

PS:請依照當週(CHANNEL [V])官網所刊登節目表播出時間為準







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Ok this is the reward for following rules.....

Download Link:

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[Video] JungMin wishing everybody Happy Lantern Festival [2011.02.17]

JungMin wishing everybody Happy Lantern Festival. Lantern Festival is the last day of the Lunar New Year celebration, it is also called the Chinese Valentine ^o^


Credit: Taipei Walker +
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[Magazine Translation] HyunJoong @ i-weekly No.693 10 Feb 2011 Issue

Magazine scan: Kelemama @
English translation:
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[Magazine Translation] HyunJoong @ i-weekly No.693 10 Feb 2011 Issue

Matching Lover?

Kim HyunJoong
Relationship status: Single. In a status which will not inform you even in a relationship or married
Previous lovers: Secondary school first lover, unknown Korean artist
Who is suitable: She who is from Mars

Known by Korean media as a boy who out of the norm and own a mind of mars.

Converse and behave in a leaping way, having a unique type of logic, he has his own little planet, you must adjust your frequency yourself.

Don't like to be bounded by anything, even when sleeping also don't like to wear clothes; love to mix with his buddies, might accidentally neglect you; believe in love in first sight, once fall in love in the other party because of one greeting.

Love easy going, girl who has cool character, don't know how to get along with person who are too prudent.

When having a relationship with him, due to his idol status, he will not announce to the entire world, but he will bring you to fish, eat sashimi, watch movie, and drive around.

Too dull relationship will make him bored, be an alien together with him, once in a while fake broke off with him then go back to him again, alternative method will maintain the freshness of the relationship.