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[Magazine] HyunJoong Singapore Asia Fan Meeting Tour @ i-weekly No. 759 [2012.05.14]

For fans in Singapore, do spend $2 to buy i-weekly to support him, remember previously the reporter of i-weekly that Tan Bao Zhu, the biased reporter which won't give any good report of our boys, who think that those who are good looking doesn't have talents but sell based on their looks totally ignoring the effort they spend to be famous. But for this reporter Zheng Shi Jie, the report is full of praises, so we must support reporters that are not biased and gave the true story. ^_^

Anyway, you won't regret spending $2 for that i-weekly because there's a total 3 pages coverage of Hyun Joong!


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[Magazine][2012.05.14] Kim Hyun Joong Fan Meeting 2012 @ Singapore i-weekly

[Grabbing attending of many]

Visiting Singapore first time to hold his fan meeting, Kim Hyun Joong friendly character overwrite usual Korean Star fan meeting standard.
Charming song and splendid dances + zero distance contact, full of fan service continuously given out during 2 hours.
Mischievious at times reserved at times, the charm which kills in seconds releases from this man with many faces, how could you withstand it?

[Listen! Kim's music performance]

Laser effects, 10 dancer team, in addition to record breaking 14 song list, the fan meeting was just like a mini concert.

Cladding deep-V full black war robe, Kim Hyun Joong first appeared in the middle of the stage, bring up the atmosphere instantly with his hit dance song 'Let Me Go' and 'Break Down'. When singing 'Please', he even generously revealed his abs, causing deafening screaming at once. Thereafter, for 'Happiness is...', he invited the entire floor to form a choir to sing together with him, 'Kiss Kiss', 'I am Your Man' and others, made one high at times and mesmerizing at times. For the 'Lucky Guy' performance during encore, the entire floor was brought to a standing ovation, but the most favorite one must be when he was 'possessed'  by 'Yoon Ji Hoo', performing the OST from 'Boys over Flowers' - 'Because I am stupid', accompanying with scenes from the drama, the familiar song made his fans reminiscent of great moments of how they first fall for him.

[Look! Unlimited Surprised]

Korean star's concert can't go without video clips in between sessions, it is the time for the artist to show their ideas and creativity. Kim Hyun Joong had previously revealed that he will show the other sides which he had never shown before. Just as expected, during that night he was turned into an alien stepping onto earth for exploration, and then he appeared as a poor beggar, but the most memorable and causing the floor to 'Awww...' non-stop was this video. Looking at him doing 5 things for his 'imaginary' girl friend which was a gigantic size teddy bear, when everybody was still mesmerizing in that, he suddenly 'walked out from the screen' and gave his surprised appearance, and without giving any warning, went down stage to give the gigantic size teddy bear to one of his fan!

[Play! Big prize for games]

During the game session, challenging fans with 'same mind', Kim Hyun Joong who was task to set questions, getting more and more engross as he played the game, all in all he posed in 'Marilyn Monroe', 'Love', and also 'baseball' actions, among all, the most hilarious one was when he posed for the classic Marilyn Monroe pose. Although the final winner of the game can had a photo together with her idol, unexpectedly the original disqualified fan suddenly appeared on stage, and even received a flower bouquet personally from Kim Hyun Joong, such a generous gift simply garnered the envy from the other Joong fans.

[Record Breaking]

On that night's fan meeting, he has made a winning kill of some 3000 Joong fans to make a pilgrimage, causing Kim Hyun Joong who held his first Asia Tour constantly talk in favour to thank his fans: 'Before the performance, I was faced with great stress and challenge, however once I see you, I am alright."

After the fan meeting, although Kim Hyun Joong had already shown his fatigueness, but he still fulfilled his promise, showing his classic smile, spending around 1 hour and 15 mins to Hi-5 or shake hand with all who attended his fan meeting, breaking the record of all local concert!

[Special Off Stage Aspects]

Popular person: Other than the lead person, causing the floor to scream most must be him -- Kim Hyun Joong's bodyguard Mr Jeong. According to 'i' findings, Mr Jeong who is meticulous and responsible, everytime when on duty, other than ensuring the safety of his master, towards those kids that came to chase after their star, he had also given them great care. Therefore, other than loving their star, they have also love those beside him, they have even setup a Facebook page for him, causing a lot of Joong fans to press the 'like' button to support him. Mr Jeong, you have become popular!

Cross nation: As the 1st stop for this Asia Tour, this local stop has attracted fans from Malaysia, Japan, Thailand and other countries to travel all the way here.

Note to all: I have purposely clipped off the pictures of the 'KHJ Universal Offical FC SG' because I do not want to give fans the wrong impression that they ARE the official fanclub for Singapore, but in actual fact, there are NO OFFICIAL FANCLUB for Henecia in Singapore. The only recognized fanclub for Kim Hyun Joong is '2011 HENECIA' (issued in Korea) and 'HENECIA JAPAN'. This is verified and confirmed by Kim Hyun Joong's management office. Keyeast. Don't ever believe in others who claim that they are the official fanclub of Kim Hyun Joong other than those 2 which are listed above.

For more information about the notice from KeyEast about the official Kim Hyun Joong fanclub, please click here.

[Add on performance Same stage: the 15mins with KHJ]

Although arriving 2 days beforehand, his schedules was still busy busy busy.

Upon arrival in the afternoon, he was rushed to the hotel, holding his press conference and also marathon style interviews right after. Being able to sit face to face with him, was already at 8pm that night.

His charming face was showing a little fatigue, even his smile was also limited to show only when infront of the camera. The legendary mischievous and full of surprise '4D human', had to wait to be proven next round.

The U:zoosin brooch which is going to give out during the fan meeting, where did the idea come from...?
I have always have great interest in the outer space, the design idea come from my imaginary of the outer space world. How long did I spend? 5mins!

Returning Singapore for the 3rd time, which local attraction do you wish to visit?
The Marina Bay Sands and Ferris Wheel which are famous worldwide... If you meet me on street, please say Hi!

Would you consider to wear different so that you would not be recognized?
I feel that just because of fear to be recognized, and choose to wear differently or stay away from famous attractions, are very meaningless. When going out, must be very care free.

Why is your image more and more manly?
As an artist, changes are necessary. Only when keep trying different changes, then can show my versatility, and not letting down the support from my fans.

Prince charming VS Beasty Man, which is the real Kim Hyun Joong?
It is very difficult to clearly define it, because between both there are also some of my shadow. Prince Charming, mainly for the needs of filming... in real life I am more mischievous, and I am more man in my thoughts.

Other than changing your image, how do you think you could hold a place in the ever challenging k-pop market?
I think I have already went past the stage which need to compete with other idols, so I should forget about competing with others. The most important thing is not to find all means to stay on top, but how to improve myself. (Mini UFO: Wow weee... I like the answer, that's my leader!!!!)

Please update about your upcoming works.
Right after this, there will be a new drama, details are sure yet. Currently has already started to prepare for the new album which is going to be released next year, hope to have chance to participate in lyrics composing. I like to prepare earlier, to practice choreography for the album, tone my body to increase my vital capacity...

Heard that for your previous 'Lucky Guy' album, you are busy until you don't even have time to sleep...
Mainly were busy because of the theme song 'Lucky Guy'. For this fan meeting, I am also working very hard, almost not having a lot of time to rest. However, time passed very fast, I don't even know how I did I endure till today, ha! (Mini UFO: Hoho! Leader, no no no! You must rest, so that you can walk a longer path, health is very important. Please take care of your health, else all TripleS and Henecians will worry about you....)

Busy until like this, do you still have time to play soccer and read comic?
Will try to find time, because no matter what still need to recharge. However recently was really too busy until not having time to read comic!

Being fond of soccer, which is the soccer team or member which you support?
Park Ji Sung from Korea!

Most skilled position is...?
No matter what, I am not a professional soccer player, so when felt that still have strength, I will play the striker. When feeling too tired, then will play the defender.

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