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[Photo] JungMin @ Kim JungEun Chocolate recording by 501_dg [2011.01.12]

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[Twitter] Boys tweet convo translation on 13 January 2011

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2011-01-13 @ 10:26am
행텐과 김현중씨는 정말 잘 어울리네요~ 김현중씨의 행텐 촬영장 스케치 동영상과 미공개 이미지가 지속적으로 업데이트 됩니다. 기대하세요!!
HangTen and Kim HyunJoong really suit each other well~ We will continually update on Kim HyunJoong's HangTen shooting site sketch videos and undisclosed images. Please look forward to it!!

2011-01-13 @ 8:55am
@HyungJun87 이제 이번 토욜까지 합해서 딱 5회 남았네 끝이 보이는구나...
@HyungJun87 Now there are just 5 more performance in total till this Friday, seeing the end...

2011-01-13 @ 1:07am
@Steven_Lee_ ㅋㅋㅋ알겠어요~전화자주할게요~~ㅋㅋ
@Steven_Lee_ kekeke Alright I get it~ I will call you often~~keke

[Video] JungMin funny 'Love Ya' dance

This video was taken from JungMin's 'Present Photobook'. Very funny. Wuri Mal~ after dancing it run away shyly.... Aigooo....

Thanks Kalend1289 for sharing the video clip.


Credit: kalend1289
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[Video] JungMin @ KBS JOY Entertainment Magazine Entertainers [2011.01.14]

Another long interview with JungMin. You can see him practicing his dance. If not wrong, I think he did hummed a little portion of his song. ^o^

Thanks iZomzaa for sharing the video in her youtube channel.


Credit: 501스런하루 ( + loiskr @ blogspot + iZomZaa
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[Photo] JungMin together with Angelina Baek

Sorry I don't know this MC is from which program. If you know, let me know ok.

No translation for her tweet at the moment. Will update once I found one.


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2011.01.13 @ 7.02pm한류스타인데도 늘 소탈하고 맘 착한 정민이. 솔로 활동에 출사표를 던졌다. 노래도 좋고 열정도 넘치는 정민이의 대박을 기원한다~♥

[Video News + Text Translation] KyuSaeng in Hong Kong FM report by Tungstar [2011.01.08]

Kekeke.... Saengie is so cute posing for the selca. He should take more selca and share it in twitter! I am sure a lot of us would love to see it!!! ^o^

P/S: Updated text translation


Credit: ying2HJ
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South Korea top popular male group SS501 2 members Kim KyuJong and Heo YoungSaeng held their fan meeting at Asia Expo on the 8th night. The Hong Kong stop for that night is their Asia Tour fan meeting 3rd stop, previously they had fan meeting in Seoul and Bangkok, the response during the event was very hot. As for Hong Kong fans, they were not lost out to the other countries fans, throughout the event, the atmosphere were very high. Both of them had performed their popular songs during the event, allowing their fans to enjoy the great melody.

[Singing 'Because I am Stupid']

On that night, KyuJong & YoungSaeng not even making singing performance, they also had closed interaction with fans, and upon request from fans posed charmingly and coolly for selca, making fans shouted until almost bringing down the roof. 

[YoungSaeng posing for selca]
MC: Must open eyes bigger
MC: Use hand to cover a little bit of face


[Video] HyungJun MBC Game Promo Clips

HyungJun MBC Game - 'Kim HyungJun form a game team' will be broadcast on 5pm KST, Friday, 21 Jan 2011 at MBC Game channel.


Credit: coloful-nim@prettyboy + lhlhjb + kelemama
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Recruiting for new members in his game team

[News] Kim Hyun Joong Chosen as 2010 Hottest, Star in China [2011.01.14]

Credit: + neylis @ Quainte501
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[News][2011.01.14] Kim Hyun Joong Chosen as 2010 Hottest, Star in China

Who are the winners of the year 2010 in China among all the pop stars around the world? "Guo Ji Zai Xian(国际在线)," an entertainment channel in China, conducted an online poll entitled "Hottest Stars in 2010" for the last four months. The poll results show Dai Yue(代悦) got the first place among Chinese stars, Zhong Han Liang(钟汉良) among Hong Kong and Taiwanese stars, Kim Hyun Joong among Japanese and Korean stars and Justin Bieber among the U.S./European stars.

Kim Hyun Joong won the "Hottest Star" title for Japan and Korea. On the top of the list were Kim Hyun Joong, Park Yoo Chun and Kim Jae Joong. Park and Kim are former TVXQ members and seperated from the group and formed a new group JYJ. Kim earned huge popularity in China, Japan and Korea with his superb singing performance and outstanding appearance. Park featured the drama "Sungkyunkwan Scandal" and successfully started his acting career in 2010. They expressed their sincesre gratitude to their fans whenever they topped the the popularity charts and that must be part of the reasons why their fans love them.

[News] JungMin, Going Ambitious 'Solo'.. 'Do Well Even When Alone' [2011.01.13]

Count down to another 5 more days to JungMin new album! Remember to support JungMin in buying his new solo album ok!

Thanks XiaoChu for the translation.


Credits : + + (English Translation) xiaochu @

[News][2011.01.13] JungMin, Going Ambitious 'Solo'.. 'Do Well Even When Alone'

One by one, idol group members are transforming into solo artiste from group, and dreaming to have a powerful transformation.

-non-related omitted-
‘Hallyu-dol’ SS501’s Park JungMin will also be starting his solo activities. He moved to a new management agency CNR Media and this is the first solo album to be released under his own name.

Park JungMin was supposed to release his first solo album on 25-Nov last year, but was postponed to early this year due to YeonPyeong-do incident. He wrote the lyrics to his title song ‘Not Alone’ and other songs included in his album, he lost over 10kg from before and flaunts his more agile and chic look.

Different from his previous lively and cute image, he changed to an even more matured and masculine appearance, and can definitely feel the difference in his music style as compared to he was in the group.

Attempting to be ‘Ambitious Going Solo’, Park JungMin worked with hitsong maker Shinsadong Tiger, this album will show the never-been-seen-before ‘transformation’ by both Park JungMin and Shinsadong Tiger. Album is expected to be released on 20th, he will start his local and overseas promotions with a showcase on 22nd.

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Friday, January 14, 2011

[Audio] HyungJun @ MuHigh - Let's Not Break Up [2011.01.14]

New Ohguel song ^^


Credit: 망설임@prettyboy + poohmuhigh
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[Photo] JungMin @ Kim JungEun Chocolate recording by Mabel [2011.01.12]

Thanks Mabel for sharing all these beautiful clips from the video they have taken.


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[Fancam] JungMin @ KJE Chocolate [2011.01.12]

Kim Jung Eun Chocolate's episode with JungMin's recording will be broadcast on 2011.01.30 via SBS.

P/S: Added 2 more video from Mabel, originally these were flash files. Like the way JungMin answered to his fans. keke~ Em~ ^^

The 3rd movie, I guess it should be the dance for 'Not Alone', the music has been intentionally removed by the original sharer since JungMin official album is only released next week.


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Credit: + SS501UFO1

"Oppa" "Emmm?" "Oppa is the best" "Emmm!" (Trans by @gobblepop ^^)

[Visual Radio] HyungJun Music High [2011.01.11]

Thanks LHL for staying up late night to record all these clips for us. Will include in the full video once she post it in her youtube channel.

P/S: Added in full video clip of 11 Jan Music High video clips. Thanks LHL for sharing!


Credit: 노랑_규종 + poohmuhigh
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Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


Oh-guel-song - Rain's It's Raining

Ending Aegyo Time

[Photo] JungMin @ Kim JungEun Chocolate recording by PHeromin [2011.01.12]

Thanks 박정민부인 from SS601 for sharing this set of photographs taken by PHeroMin.


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Thursday, January 13, 2011

[Photo] HyunJoong Samsung Card New Year Promo Photo

Sweet photo from Samsung Card. Thanks @KHJ860606_fan for tweeting.


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[Twitter] Boys tweet convo translation on 12 January 2011

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2011-01-12 @ 5:06pm

@eunjinsocial 누나!!!!!!^^ ㅎㅎ 여기서보니반갑군요오~~~~~

@eunjinsocial Noona!!!!!!^^ heehee Glad to see you here~~~~~


2011-01-12 @ 4:31pm
@JungMin0403 녹화잘하구!!!!! !!!! !!!! ^^ 난 영생형이랑 스케줄있어서 놀러못간다 ㅠ 담에갈게 ㅎㅎ !! 화이팅!!!!
@JungMin0403 Do well for the recording!!!!! !!!! !!!! ^^ Won't be able to go over since YoungSaeng hyung and I have schedule/work TT Will go next time heehee!! Hwaiting!!!!

2011-01-12 @ 4:16pm

@HyungJun87 마지막 일요일에 보러갈껭~~ㅎㅎ

@HyungJun87 I will go and watch on the last Sunday~~ heehee


2011-01-12 @ 3:49pm

@HyungJun87 벌써?ㅠㅠ

@HyungJun87 Already? TT TT


2011-01-12 @ 3:47pm

@HyungJun87 형!!! 화이팅~~~ ^^

@HyungJun87 Hyung!!! Hwaiting~~~ ^^

2011-01-12 @ 3:22pm
@mystyle1103 아직 안끝났거든요? 보러오지도 않고,,, ㅠㅡㅠ

@mystyle1103 It has not ended yet alright? You didn't even come to watch,,,


2011-01-12 @ 2:58pm

@HyungJun87 수고했다 ㅋㅋ

@HyungJun87 You've worked hard keke


2011-01-12 @ 2:52pm

이제 뮤지컬"카페인"공연도 다음주면 끝나네요, 마지막까지 화이팅!

Now, muscial "Cafe-in" performance will be ending next week, Hwaiting till the end!

2011-01-12 @ 10:49am
행텐의 산뜻한 점퍼를 입은 김현중씨 모습이 마치 귀공자 같네요. 지금 행텐매장에 들러보세요~
Wearing Hangten's refreshing jacket, Mr Kim HyunJoong looks like so prince-like. Visit Hangten outlets now~

2011-01-12 @ 10:46am
한류스타 김현중씨와 행텐(hangten)의 만남!! 행텐의 2011년 Spring 촬영장에서의 김현중씨 모습입니다~
Meeting of Hallyu star Mr Kim HyunJoong with hangten!! Mr Kim HyunJoong's look at Hangten's 2011 Spring photoshoot studio~

2011-01-12 @ 12:35pm

@eru_Ndrew 형도 새해복많이 받구요~~ㅋ언제봐요~~

@eru_Ndrew Happy new year to hyung too~~ke When are we meeting~~


2011-01-12 @ 12:35pm
@Actor_ParkJiBin 형은 지금밖이야~~ㅋㅋ

@Actor_ParkJiBin Hyung is outside now~~keke

[Twitter] Boys tweet convo translation on 11 January 2011

Credits : xiaochu @
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2011-01-11 @ 8:41pm
@mystyle1103 했다~ 복마니받구~
@mystyle1103 Followed~ be blessed~

2010-01-11 @ 8:32pm
@mystyle1103 형 뭐하고있어??
@mystyle1103 Hyung, what are you doing now??

2010-01-11 @ 8:02pm
@eru_Ndrew 팔로우해줘요~~ㅋㅋ
@eru_Ndrew Please follow me~~keke

[Eng Sub Video] Music High - Guest Hwangbo [2010.11.12]

Thanks Reena for subbing this video.


Chinese sub by:
English sub by: reena29shadow@twitter
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Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

[Photo] KyuJong @ KyuJong & YoungSaeng AND Story in HK FM by Kyu's Viola [2011.01.08]

Credit: Viola @ Kyu's
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