Saturday, June 12, 2010

[Video] SS501 @ Music Core [2010.06.12]

Was out today but manage to see how leader wear for his MC. ^o^ Thank you for my dongsaeng for MMS me the cool leader photo.


Credit: shirbogurl4@YT

[1080p HD][2010.06.12] SS501 'Love Ya' Performance @ Music Core

[1080p HD][2010.06.12] Hyun Joong MC Cut for Music Core

[Eng Sub][2010.06.12] Hyun Joong MC Cut for Music Core

Thanks Shirley for the english sub!

[Photo] SS501 @ Music Bank 2010.06.11 [Fiesta]

Daebak! Daebak! Mansae! Mansae! SS501 won yesterday!

Until today the happy feeling is still there. Feel so PROUD of them! It's good to be TripleS. To show their appreciation to the fans, they even did the traditional korean bow, which is supposed to perform to people older than them.

Love this set of photographs of Fiesta that capture the delighted moment!


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[Eng Sub Video] SS501 @ KBS Radio Cool FM [8 June 2010]

Thanks for my dongsaeng-deul for all their hardwork. Now we have KBS Radio Cool FM with english subbed.

Thanks HYS ♥ PB-da for doing the english translation and Kelemama for subbing the video.

All parts are up! Thanks Kelemama for working over the weekends to sub the video.


Credits: (english trans) HYS ♥ PB-da + (subbing) kelemama @
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[Engsubbed] 08062010 - SS501 on KBS Radio Cool FM Part 1/6

[Engsubbed] 08062010 - SS501 on KBS Radio Cool FM Part 2/6

[Engsubbed] 08062010 - SS501 on KBS Radio Cool FM Part 3/6

[Engsubbed] 08062010 - SS501 on KBS Radio Cool FM Part 4/6

[Engsubbed] 08062010 - SS501 on KBS Radio Cool FM Part 5/6

[Engsubbed] 08062010 - SS501 on KBS Radio Cool FM Part 6/6

[Info] Mubank 2010.06.11 K-Chart Score (No1 - No 4

Credit: HYSTW + SS501UFO

+ Mobile
Total Mark
Love Ya21751565588186210483
2 Different Tears
Bona Mana

[Fancam] SS501 @ MuBank [2010.06.11]

Today SS501 won No 1 in K-Chart for their new song 'Love Ya'.

Will compile all related fancam for 11 June MuBank here.


Credit: yongyong113 @YT +

SS501 100611 Music Bank Encore Young Saeng focus

[Eng Sub] The truth of SS501 Kim Hyun Joong

Thanks Reena for subbing and translating this video.


Credit: reena29shadow @ YT + (Chinese sub) Hyunbar + (English sub) reena29lim
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The Truth of Kim Hyun Joong [1/2]

The Truth of Kim Hyun Joong [2/2]

Friday, June 11, 2010

[Diary] Hyung Jun: No. 1 2010-06-11 PM 11:08:34

Now's it's our Maknae Hyung Jun's turn.... now only left the other 2 hyungs! Lets keep our fingers cross that they will leave message too!


English translation:

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[Diary] Hyung Jun: Number 1 2010-06-11, 11:08:34 PM

Very very happy

It's a worthy award achieved by 5 of us along with our TripleS

In future too, we'll always be together like this too isn't it?

Thank you,

It's a wonderful night ^^


Original Korean Message

[김형준] 1위 2010-06-11 오후 11:08:34

너무너무나 행복해요

우리 다섯명이 그리고 트리플 S 와 함께해서 만든 값진 상이에요

앞으로도 이렇게 함께해줄꺼죠?


좋은밤이에요 ^^

[Diary] Jung Min: Today~!!! 2010-06-11 PM 10:23:03

Jung Min left a message in DSP after Kyu Jong, will the rest of the member do so too? Anticipating.....


English transaltion: ode ode @
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[Diary] Jung Min: Today~!!! 2010-06-11 PM 10:23:03

Our TripleS made the Number 1~!!


We didn't get first because we did well, it was because of our Triples' hard efforts that made us get Number 1,
and we all know that!!

Which is why, we're even more more more very very very very thankful!!

But, what's this heavy-hearted feeling pounding inside the heart?^^;;

Why like that~~

Eiyee~ Gotta go to sleep early!!

There's another stage tomorrow...

Thought of that all of a sudden while already falling asleep so I came to leave this message..!

Everyone, goodnight...^^


Original Korean Message

[정민] 오늘~!!! 2010-06-11 오후 10:23:03

울 트리플S 가 1등했어요~!!


우리가 잘나서 일등한게 아니고, 울 트리플이 힘내서 일등한거 다알아요!!

그래서 더더더 넘넘넘넘 고마워요!!

근대, 넘 기쁘면서도 왠지 가슴한켠이 무거운건 뭘까요?^^;;


에이~빨리 자야겠다!!

낼 무대도 있으니...

쓰러져있다 문득 생각나서 글남겨요..!

모두들 굿나잇...^^

[Diary] Kyu Jong : We got Number 1 !!!!!!!!!! 2010-06-11 오후 9:24:51

As usual Kyu Jong is always the representative to leave message to TripleS for all major events!

Thank Ode for translating once again!


Original Source:
English translation: Ode ode @
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[Diary] Kyu Jong : We got Number 1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @ 2010-06-11, 9:24:51 PM

hh Pretties!! We got Number 1! Thank you ^^

Thanks to that.. I come to our homepage often~ Really thank you!!

baby let me love ya ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Heh.. eumm everyone has been fine right?!

There're also some who are facing the exam period now, right?! Study hard~~

Support hard for tomorrow's world cup too !! ^^ hehe

eumeum~ my condition wasn't in its best for today actually... T

hehe but it has disappeared already!! Thank you, really seriously..

Thank you ^^

The clock hanging in my room..

Until the day our Number 1 become the world's Number 1, we'll always be together side by side supporting...

There's such a vision from our pretties also,..^^ (it's 601's)

Always, before sleeping.. When awoken, I look at the clock and that reaffirms my heart!

We will definitely work hard and repay that!! Aja aja aja!!!

hehe.. Tomorrow is Music Core~~

Where HyunJoong-hyung and Kara dongsaengs are the MC, please remember to tune in~~ Heh ^^

Then, we'll see you tomorrow~~ Annyong annyong~~~ Thank you♡


Original Korean Message

[규종] 우리 1 등 먹었어요 !!!!!!!!!! 2010-06-11 오후 9:24:51

ㅎㅎ 이쁜이들!! 우리 1등먹었어요! 고마워요 ^^

덕분에.. 공홈에 자주 오네요~ 정말 고마워요!!

baby let me love ya ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

헤.. 음 다들 잘 지내시죠?!

요즘 시험기간이신 분들도 계시죠?! 시험공부열심히하구~~

내일 있을 월드컵두 응원열심히하구 !! ^^ 히히

음음~ 희한하게 오늘따라 컨디션 안좋았는데...ㅜ

히히 지금은 싹 사라졌어요!! 고마워요 정말루..

고마워요 ^^

내방에 걸려있는 시계에..

우리들의 1등이 세상의 1등이 되는 그 날 까지 늘 곁에서 함께 하며 응원하겠습니다...

라고 이쁜이들이 보내주신 문구가있어요,..^^

늘 자기전에..일어날때 이 시계 보며 마음 다짐하는데!

꼭 열심히해서 보답할께요!! 아자아자아자!!!

히히.. 내일은 쇼 음악중심이네요~~

현중이형이랑 카라동생들이 mc 보니까 많은 시청부탁드립니다아~~ 헤 ^^

그럼 내일 또 봐요~~ 안뇽안뇽~~~고마워 ♡

[Photo] SS501 @ Music Bank 2010.06.11 by Newsen

One series of photographs by Newsen

Credit: Newsen

[Video+Eng Sub] SS501 won No.1 in MuBank 2010.06.11

SS501 win for the 2nd week of the come back!!! Wow!!! I am so delighted now!!!
They are against Wonder Girls for the K-Chart and win by 10,483pts compared to 8,871pts!!

All the hardware of TripleS comes true! Yeah! Give a pat to yourself for helping out in the streaming and purchase of the original albums!

Thanks all video uploader for sharing the video clips! Thanks Reena for subbing the interview and thank you speech.


Credit: shirbogurl4@YT

SS501 interview in Music Bank

Credit: reena29shadow @YT

[Eng Sub] SS501 interview on 11 June 2010


[2010.06.11] SS501 'Love Ya' @ KBS Music Bank

K-Chart Winner 2010.06.11 Music Bank - SS501

Credit: reena29shadow@YT

[Eng Sub] SS501 winning speech 11 June 2010

[Info] Estimated total point calculation for MusicBank 2010.06.11

This is an estimated calculation for today's MusicBank by Korean fans. Guess we still need to work hard on the Streaming points to secure future winnings! Hope that SS501 will win today! SS501 fighting!

P/S: Sorry since the Taiwan TripleS didn't credit the source, I don't know this calculation is done based on which cut off date.


Credit: TripleSTW + (English translation) SS501UFO @ Planet Hyun
Please repost with full credit

* digital music charts (online stream chart + mobile chart)

1. 2 Different Tears (Wonder Girls) (Online stream 3546 + mobile 3153) = (Total 6699 point)
2. LOVE (CNBlue) (Online stream 3242 + mobile 1810) = (Total 5052 point)
3. Love Ya (SS501) (Online stream 2035 + mobile 224) = (Total 2259 point)
4. Bona Mana (Super Junior) (Online stream 1329 + mobile 350) = (Total 1679 point)

* Viewer Preference chart (Past MusicBank preference score reference)

1. Bona Mana (Super Junior) (1200 point)
2. Love Ya (SS501) (1000 point)
3. 2 Different Tears (Wondergirls) (700 point)
4. LOVE (CNBlue) (350 point)

* Album Sales Chart (Based on : Hanteo Chart Reference : Hottracks/Synnara)

1. Love Ya (SS501) (6220 point)
2. Bona Mana (Super Junior) (2568 point)
3. LOVE (CNBlue) (749 point)
4. 2 Different Tears (Wonder Girls) (313 point)

* Estimated Total Score (Excluding broadcast score) (digital streaming chart + Preference point + Album Sales)

1. Love Ya (SS501) (2259 + 1000 + 6220) = (Total 9479 point)
2. 2 Different Tears (Wonder Girls) (6699 + 700 + 313) = (Total 7712 point)
3. LOVE (CNBlue) (5052 + 350 + 749) = (Total 6151 point)
4. Bona Mana (Super Junior) (1679 + 1200 + 2568) = (Total 5447 point)

[Info] MBC Show! Music Center - 12 June 2010 schedule

Credit: Baidu Tieba + (English tranlation) SS501UFO @ Planet Hyun
Please repost with full credit

In this week's MBC Show! Music Center on 12 June 2010, the special MC will be SS501 Kim Hyun Joong, KARA Han Seung Yeon & Goo Hara

Comeback Stage
- Koyote 『Return』
- Flower 『기억해...사랑해...』 (Remember...I Love you...)

Girls on top
- 4minute 『Huh』
- Davichi 『시간아 멈춰라』 (Time Please stop)

Hot stage
- SS501 『Love ya』
- Super Junior『BONAMANA』
- f(x) 『NU ABO』 Hot DEBUT
- Infinite 『Come Back Again』

- Gummy 『Because of you』
- Soya n Sun 『웃으며 안녕』 (Smile to say Goodbye)

Volume UP stage
- Secret 『Magic』
- Sistar 『Push Push』
- Double K 『Favorite Music』
- Wink 『얼쑤』

New Song
- Hwa YoBi 『Bye Bye Bye』
- Park Hae Kyeong 『새 남자친구』 (New Boyfriend)

[Photo] Hyung Joong @ KBS Open Concert [2010.06.08] by khj0606

Lotsa photographs of Hyun Joong.... Hyun Joong overload again~ But I am enjoying it!


Credit: 쉰둥이 @
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