Wednesday, May 16, 2012

[Video + Eng Text Trans] CTS News - HyunJoong arrival in Taiwan Taoyuan Airport [2012.05.16]

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English text translation:
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Superstar who came to Taiwan today were really a lot, other than Lady Gaga, Korea star Kim Hyun Joong also came to Taiwan. Similar to Lady Gaga, he was very friendly in the airport.

Korean idol Kim Hyun Joong who wore dark glasses and casually, upon arrival when being filmed by camera, he smiled and waved back to greet them. His lady fans immediately took out their presents and moved forward to pass to him, Kim Hyun Joong politely received them, after passing them to his assistance continue to walk, along the way he kept waving and greeting, totally do not have the air of a star at all. There were fans who kept using their camera to take his photo, but he didn't care, and even greeted the fans in mandarin.

Once stepping out to the airport arrival hall, big group of passionate fans started to scream crazily, everybody was trying to push forward, wanted to get closer to their idol. This round, Kim Hyun Joong came to Taiwan to hold his fan meeting, after fan meeting he will leave Taiwan, although arriving and departing in a rush, but his friendly and charming look, left a good impression to fans.

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