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[Info] JungMin Singapore Activities details Updated [2011.03.04]

Sony Singapore released JungMin's various activities in Singapore today. There are showcase, phototaking session + press conference, and photography session.


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[CF + Chi Sub + Eng Sub] HyunJoong TheFaceShop BB Cream CF + NG Cut [2011.03.03]

HyunJoong is so cute when he said he is too perfect. Guess he felt shy saying that. LOL.

Added Chinese sub video + text translation. Enjoy replaying the video. kekeke...

Yes yes yes HyunJoong ah~ you are WAY TOO PERFECT! ^o^

P/S: Added English sub version


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NG Cut for TheFaceShop CF


Chinese Sub Video
Credit: (Chinese sub) HyunJoongChina +

English translation:
(Note: You can use my translation to sub but must share the video link with me and credit me & the chinese translator)
HJ: Am I too perfect?
[Caption & narration] To a girl, skin is her weapon
[Caption] Suppleness Moisturizing Regeneration
[Narration & Caption] One BB cream from concealing to skincare one step completion
Power perfection BB

CF Making NG Cut

English translation:
(Note: You can use my translation to sub but must share the video link with me and credit me & the chinese translator)
Man as perfect as me is not easy to meet
I am too perfect
Am I very perfect?
I am really very perfect
Am I too perfect?
[Caption & Narration] To lady, skin is her weapon
[Caption] Suppleness Moisturizing Regeneration
[Narration & Caption] One BB cream from concealing to skincare one step completion
[Narration & Caption] Power Perfection BB


English sub version (have to turn on the 'CC' at youtube)

[News][2011.03.03] SS501 Kim KyuJong, Sel-ca Resembling Kim HyunJoong Attracts Attention

=_= No matter how I looked, this photo doesn't look like leader at all. If really must say he looked like leader then must be that dark circles. kekeke~

Thanks XiaoChu for the translation.


Credits : + (English Translation) xiaochu @

[News][2011.03.03] SS501 Kim KyuJong, Sel-ca Resembling Kim HyunJoong Attracts Attention

SS501 Kim KyuJong released a photo which resembles a lot like Kim HyunJoong.

Kim KyuJong uploaded a photo together with a message “Green peas, I miss you . . . I miss you very much !!!! Let's meet soon! How pretty you are… Green peas are great!” on 3-Mar at about 1pm.

Green peas is the name of SS501’s fanclub (*obviously it’s not.. it’s just a nick the boys call their fans)

In the photo, Kim KyuJong is dressed comfortably with a shy expression, sending his greetings to his fans.

Fans commented “Seems like you are looking increasingly like HyunJoong oppa…!”, “I thought that was HyunJoong oppa photo!”

Kim KyuJong ended his exclusive contract on SS501 with DSP Media last year and moved over to B2M Entertainment which also houses Lee Hyori.

[Video] JungMin @ Taiwan Variety 'Be Friend' [2011.03.02]

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Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Thursday, March 3, 2011

[Interview] SS501 Maknae Kim HyungJun going out his first step [2011.03.01]

Pardon me if there's any part which is not translated correctly. Let me know if any part which I have translated wrongly, I will modify according. Thank you.


Chinese translation: 豆子 h妞 果冻 未央 @
English translation:
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9th talk: Group idol solo new start!
SS501 maknae Kim HyungJun going out his first step

Q: Kim HyungJun-ssi, long time didn't met, what have you been doing all this while?
A: Although don't have any album activities, but was performing for musical 'Cafe-In', and also working on the forming of the pro-gamer team. Not as a singer but using my time and chance to challenge other area. The challenge of being a musical actor is really interesting, and has very good experience, but because of the performance schedule and also personal practice, almost had very little time to rest. This mini album was also producing concurrently together with the musical performance.

Q: Not as SS501 Kim HyungJun but as solo singer Kim HyungJun releasing your 1st album, how is your feeling?
A: Until now, had been performing as SS501 group member, solo activities is certainly not an easy task. Responsible of everything alone, thinking of everything alone. Everything have to be done alone, seems like there must have all kinds of challenges in my life originally. However, the kind of excitement for starting (activity) alone and the nervousness of standing alone on stage co-existed in my heart, it was just like during the trainee period, the excitement and nervousness during the debut, 1st time stepping on stage, now this feeling is even deeper, this is my growth and drive force to move forward. Until today, I have been working diligently just like when I am in SS501, there are still a lot of fans giving me support during my solo activities, therefore will definitely show even better side to everybody in my solo activities! Hope to be together with everybody, then will definitely do well.

Q: Your New album is going to release. Please introduce.
A: Because it is my first solo album releasing using my name, so when producing this album, was very worried of the music direction. Until now, the styles and genre are different from other songs, had tried all types of style, had been worrying non-stop thinking of a unique style, until finally found E-tribe and Rado to produce the music together. Producing songs which I wanted and satisfied of and with a charming style.

Also, in this album, have put in a lot of effort in order to bring out my own personal image, showing my distinctive voice, in order to show even better masculine charm, has put in a lot of effort on the choreography, will have changes comparing with the previous style, please try to find out about it!

Q: Is there any special incident during the preparation of the album?
A: Em... special incident... First of all, now could only remember I have put in a lot of time to digest the album preparation. Musical OST recording, dance practices, vocal practices and etc. For this album sales, has even included filming schedule and fan meeting in Japan, doing everything simultaneously. Physically tired and weary but enjoyed everything. All these were the happy process when I am preparing for the album, will get more force like this, right? ^^

Q: How's your normal life? Do you have any free time?
A: There is nothing special, although the living pattern is different from others, normally will also work, from there took out some time to relax. When resting, most prefer to stay at home, is trying hard to spend time together with my family members which I treasured most.

Em.. Recently if it is something more special, has interest in making Plastic models. Once I have time will start to assemble, in a very short period concentrating in assembling. After completed, will feel very contented looking at the final model. Very great! In the future, during my free time, I will like to concentrate in learning to make music. Has been wanting to learn to compose all this while, in my next solo album, will want to have my personal composition, the real Kim HyungJun style song. Cool! Really very contented. Will work hard to let others experience it, please keep in anticipation.

Q: Not long ago held a fan meeting and showcase in Japan, how's the responses?
A: First, really very happy and thankful! It was a very enjoyable experience. Starting from fans who welcome me in the Japan Airport, and also fans who had been watching me on stage during the event, really thankful for you. Ah! The fan that left the deepest impression, although not feeling well, had been staying on till the end, until sending me off the event venue. Seeing their look, I am really touched. Could feel the heart and thoughts of the fans, and made a decision in my heart, "Must put in all effort to strive hard for Japan activities!"

Q: For the upcoming South Korea showcase, how do you feel?
A: Just like the meaning included in "Putting on the first button is most important", cannot determine a lot of thing during the start. So at certain level felt a little burden. Although will feel like this during SS501 debut, but now I am alone, putting on the first button of my life, so while exciting is also nervous. The most excited part is to be able to see my fans!! Because they are my friends which I have most wanted to see during this period. During this activities will still be together right? ^^ I think it is because of fans then there's me now.

Q: Will also make your 'solo debut' in Japan, please talk about your feelings and plans.
A: Last time during SS501 period had done a lot of activities in Japan. From now on, since it is my solo activities, whether will be able to fulfill the anticipation of the fans? When thinking about this will be nervous and a little fear. However, is full of anticipation of going back to Japan once again. Seen the fans during the 19th February showcase, had gained some courage. In Japan, via Avex, will have concurrent album sales and showcases during April, will also participate in TV activities and has plans for performances.

Q: Determination of future activities! What is Kim HyungJun's direction?
A: As long as won't hurt my health/body, will want to show more. First of all, will work hard to be a singer as a whole, and also just like challenging in the area of musical will want to try going into other direction. Each of you who are watching me, listening to my music, if you feel the joy because of me, I will work even harder to show all that I can perform, and also using now as a start.

Everything that HyungJun own, referencing to his thought, style, trying hard to improve and show out. Have been through the musical, it is very fun. Please anticipate of Kim HyungJun as an actor. No matter in acting, MC and other areas, I will also enjoy, and also want to allow those who are watching to be entertained. Happy and blissful actor Kim HyungJun! In future will also become Kim HyungJun who always smiling brightly, everybody also always smiling. Using positive glaze, look at me. Please have lots of anticipation for my new solo album, and give me more care and affection. Thank you. ^^

[Info] HyungJun 1st Official Mini-Album - Tracklist Info

Credit: (English translation)
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[Info] HyungJun 1st Official Mini-Album - Tracklist Info

1. Angel (feat. E-Tribe)
*luxurious Urban RnB, bright and cheerful

2. oH aH {title track}
*Urban RnB, harmonious feel and melody oozing with soft, gentle charisma

3. Girl
*Funky, pop-dance music, sweet voice accompanied with an addictive melody

4. Not another girl but you
RnB cum hip-hop, never tried before by Kim Hyung Jun. Produced also by Rado the musician.
Different type of feel from all 4 other songs

5. Heaven
One and only ballad track in this album. Lyricist by Kim Hyung Jun. Smooth ballad piece.

6. oH aH (Instru.)

7. Girl (Instru.)

[News] Kim HyungJun, Colorful Album Jacket Released.. '5 person SS501?' [2011.03.02]

Very eye catching, refreshing and unique design~ Something different from the usual SS501 album that we had seen all these while! Good try!

Thanks XiaoChu for working to produce so many translation.


Credits : + (English Translation) xiaochu @

[News][2011.03.02] Kim HyungJun, Colorful Album Jacket Released.. '5 person SS501?'

Kim HyungJun from SS501 released his first album jacket photo and announcing his forthcoming comeback.

Kim HyungJun, whose first album will be released on 8-Mar, released the photo of his album jacket. Kim HyungJun transformed into colorful style with drastic colored clothes.

The photo generated attention because in it shows 5 images of Kim HyungJun, as if during his group activities. He was surrounded by 4 Kim HyungJun who is made into black & white images.

Earlier on, Kim HyungJun released a song ‘Girl' on 28-Feb for his fans who have supported him. This song is an addictive song which is filled with his unchanging heart towards fans.

With the upcoming release of his album in March, he is preparing for a large-scale promotion in Korea, Japan and around Asia. Currently, Kim HyungJun is at the peak on the final practices for his solo performance.

Kim HyungJun will have his first solo showcase on 5-Mar, 1pm at Gaia Theatre, ChungJung-do, Seoul.


HyungJun's Avex Japan Website revealed this new page today!

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Unvealing the other 4 mysterious face in colour~ ^^

HyungJun Profile photo

[Info] HyungJun solo album digital sale support method

Thanks LHL for the taking the lead to call for the support of all TripleS for HyungJun new album digital sale support method. All oversea TripleS, let's do our best to support wuri Maknae HyungJun first solo album digital sales!


Credit: @hl2412 twitter
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[TokTok] KyuJong toktoks on 02 March 2011

Kekeke~ Wuri Cute & Sweet Kyu~ Talking by himself in TokTok today. ^o^ Kyu ah~ Can you tweet in future with TripleS?


Credits : + SS601 + (English Translation) xiaochu @

*Please read bottom up
Hello hello~~heehee It was fun!! See you again everyone~~~
Pretties.. I am rattling on and on by myself here today..^^
Instead, don't be complaining or be too stressed up!!~~ Let's enjoy always~~
If you smile always, you won't realise how precious that smile is ^^ heehee!!
I sincerely pray and hope for you to be filled with happiness ^^ !! Enjoy the pain that comes sometimes!!
Heard this very late isn't it?!! Hahaha...Sorry..^^ Hmhm!! Anyways!! Always!! Always!!
This song keeps ringing in my ears today, and pretties came to my mind..!! So I came here like this~
That is one line from our ALL MY LOVE song..^^
Hold even tighter forever to the dream that will be starting in the future..
I will not fall. Give me one light from the shinning overflowing night sky
I wish it is the same miracle in the world that I was born into.. Forever into the continuous future too *not too sure abt this
I really wanted to say this to many of you who wished me happy birthday!! Thank you ^^
Always spend your each and everyday filled with laughters, I am thinking of this..!!
I wanted to write message but maybe my computer is having some trouble..the message wasn't posted so I came here after such a long time^^
Hello pretties..!! It's already March..^^ Is everyone doing well according to your new year resolutions?!!

[Twitter] Boys tweet convo translation on 02 March 2010

Thanks XiaoChu for the translation.


Credits : xiaochu @
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2011-03-02 @ 11:10pm
@JungMin0403 근데 페이스북에서 친구 신청한 박정민은 너인거야?
@JungMin0403 Are you the Park JungMin who request to friend in facebook?

2011-03-02 @ 8:43pm
@JungMin0403 전화 꺼져있어소 나도 걱정 잠깐 했었다 ㅜㅜ
@JungMin0403 Your phone was switched off so I was also worried for awhile ㅜㅜ

2011-03-02 @ 8:24pm
@JungMin0403 깜짝 놀란분들 많으실거라는;;
@JungMin0403 There should be lots of people who were shocked;;

2011-03-02 @ 8:08pm
참 올려야하나 말아야하나 고민하다 올립니다! 저 박정민 잘 살아있으니 걱정마세요!^^ 걱정해주신분들 감사드리고.. 저 역시 삼가고인의 명복을 빕니다..!
I was comtemplating to upload or not to upload, and I uploaded! I, Park JungMin, am well and alive, so don't worry!^^ Thank you to those who worry about me.. I send my condolences for the deceased..!
*XiaoChu Note: Park JungMin from group DND, a choreographer, committed suicide on 27-Feb. Since our Mal has the exact same name, I guess some people thought it's our Mal who died. ^^;

2011-03-02 @ 8:05pm
앗!!! 홋카이도에서 이사님이 찍어주신사진!!^^
Aht!!! Photo that my director took for me in Hokkaido!!^^

2011-03-02 @ 5:35pm
@90KKB 확실히 너 보고 좋아한거맞겠지 쪼꼬,,,ㅋㅋㅋ
@90KKB Choco certainly seems to like it when she sees you,,, kekeke

2011-03-02 @ 4:30pm
@90KKB 김대표님 회사 견학좀 가야겠다는~
@90KKB Should go for a tour at Mr Representative Kim's office

2011-03-02 @ 4:22pm
HnB Company 사무실에 놀러 온 쪼꼬! 작은오빠 보고 좋대요~!~! 멍멍!!
Choco who came to play at HnB Company office! She said it's great to see little oppa~!~! Bowow!!

[Twitter] Boys tweet convo translation on 01 March 2010

Thanks XiaoChu for the translation.


Credits : xiaochu @
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2011-03-01 @ 6:39pm
@HyungJun87 이제 조만간 컴백이네?? 다시볼날이 멀지않았군..ㅎㅎ
@HyungJun87 You will be making a comeback soon?? Not much days left to seeing you again..heehee

2011-03-01 @ 3:03am
@acehongle 이제 곧 출동입니다! 볼케이노 홍!
@acehongle Making a move now! Volcano Hong!

2011-03-01 @ 1:10am
@HyungJun87 간지나게 달려보자
@HyungJun87 Let's do it stylishly

[Twitter] Boys tweet convo translation on 28 February 2011

Thanks XiaoChu for the translation.


Credits : xiaochu @ Please repost with full credit

2011-02-28 @ 10:12pm

@HyungJun87 오 걸스걸스걸스

@HyungJun87 Oh Girls girls girls

2011-02-28 @ 7:45pm

넌 내여자란걸 ~

You are my girl ~

2011-02-28 @ 5:36pm
3월호 잡지에 게제된 행텐 (hangten) 김현중씨의 광고입니다. 완전 귀공자 같아요!!!
Hangten Kim HyunJoong's advertisement in March issue magazines. He's totally looking like a prince!!!

2011-02-28 @ 1:48pm
RT @Radoworld: 김형준(Ss501) 솔로 EP앨범!!! [ Girl ]이 선공개됐어여!! 지금바로Go Go Go~!!!ㅎㅎ
RT @Radoworld: Kim HyungJun (Ss501) solo EP album!!! [ Girl ] has been pre-released!! Right now Go Go Go~!!! heehee

2011-02-28 @ 1:47pm
RT @HyungJun87: Girl 선공개!!!!! 만세
RT @HyungJun87: Girl pre-release!!!!! Mansae

2011-02-28 @ 1:33pm
北海道!!!! 良い思い出 有難う(>_<)また 来るぞ!ナマラメンコイジョンミンが!( *`ω´)
Hokkaido!!! Thanks for good memories(>_<) Come here again! Very Cute(he used dialect) JungMin is!!( *`ω´)

* Translation thanks to hirominnie43 @ Twitter

2011-02-28 @ 1:06pm
너 솔로?? ^^ RT @HyungJun87: Girl 선공개!!!!! 만세
Your solo?? ^^ RT @HyungJun87: Girl pre-release!!!!! Mansae

2011-02-28 @ 12:50pm
@HyungJun87대박나시옵소서!!! 타이틀도 기대만땅입니다.
@HyungJun87 It is going to be a huge success!!! Filled with anticipation for the title too.

2011-02-28 @ 12:46pm
Girl 선공개!!!!! 만세
Girl pre-release!!!!! Mansae

2011-02-28 @ 10:51am
김형준(Ss501) 솔로 EP앨범!!! [ Girl ]이 선공개됐어여!! 지금바로Go Go Go~!!!ㅎㅎ
Kim HyungJun (Ss501) solo EP album!!! [ Girl ] has been pre-released!! Right now Go Go Go~!!! heehee

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[Info + S-Plus Notice ][2011.03.02] Kim HyungJun's Schedule + MBC Show Music Core

Thanks XiaoChu for the translation. It's time for us to start looking forward to Friday, Saturdays and Sundays for Music Bank, Music Core, Inkigayo. ^o^


Credits : + SS601 + (English Translation) xiaochu @
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[Info][2011.03.02] Kim HyungJun's Schedule

3/3 - MBC Sae Ba Kwi recording
3/4 - Mnet Mnet Wide News Music Video Filming, 8pm~
3/5 - Kim HyungJun Korea Album Showcase, 1pm
3/5 - MBC Show Music Core recording, 10pm~
3/8 - SBS Kim HeeChul's Youngstreet, Guest!

[S-Plus Notice ][2011.02.03] MBC Show Music Core

Hello, This is S-Plus Entertainment.

Here are the details about artiste Kim HyungJun's first music broadcast recording schedule and entrance for fans.

There will be a recording for on 3-Mar Saturday at 10pm.

On that day, we will allow 300 fans in, by order of arrival.
(However, there will be possibility that the number of fans allowed in may change due to situation on that day itself)

The broadcast date for this day's recording will be on 12-Mar.

As this is the first broadcast schedule, we hope that many will come to support.

Thank you.

[B2M Notice] Notice Regarding Postpone of Heo YoungSaeng, Kim KyuJong Homepage Opening [2011.03.02]

Thanks XiaoChu for the translation. At last after waiting for so long, we will see Saengie and Kyu's homepage next week! ^o^ Guess we can hope for more interaction with them soon in the homepage~


Credits : + SS601 + (English Translation) xiaochu @

[B2M Notice][2011.03.02] Notice Regarding Postpone of Heo YoungSaeng, Kim KyuJong Homepage Opening


Hello, this is B2M Entertainment.

We will be opening the beta version of Heo YoungSaeng Kim KyuJong's official homepage by mid of next week.

First of all, we know that there are many frustrations as we did not communicate with Fans.

Moving on, we will be actively replying to enquiries after the opening of individual homepages.

We have decided to design Heo YoungSaeng's homepage using his solo album jacket design

We will be designing Kim KyuJong's homepage according to the drama and musical once it has been decided on.

After opening with a beta version, we will successively make amendments to the design.

In addition, we will first open the sections where communication is enabled in the homepage next week, and then consecutively open up the rest of it.

Later on, we will put up a notice to inform about the domain name and beta version opening schedule.

We would like to say sorry to fans who have waited for so long.

Thank you.

[News][2011.02.03] SS501 Park Jung Min Suicide?! Chinese Media mistook photo of Cheorographer Park Jung Min

Stupid chinese media, never check before using photographs. How could they make such a big mistake! Tsk!Tsk!Tsk! They should publish an apology to wuri JungMin for the mistake!


Source: TV Daily English Translation: Honeyeeee + Wonderrrgirl @ Please repost with full credits

[News][2011.02.03] SS501 Park Jung Min Suicide?! Chinese Media mistook photo of Cheorographer Park Jung Min

SS501 Park Jung Min is not the victim of this case of suicide assault.

Chinese media reported on Cheorographer Park Jung Min (37) who took his life this month on the 27th.

However, picture appearing on the articles is not the Cheorographer, but Park Jung Min of SS501 which brought confusion to many overseas fans.

In the news coverage, with regards to the deceased Park Jung Min's death, the well-known and the very same truth was reported by the Korean media as well, but the photo being used (by the Chinese media) was completely out of context.

Overseas fans who have read the article responded, "Just looking at the headlines and the picture only, one will be misled by it" , "A correction to the article should be made".

[Video News] HyunJoong @ MBC Entertainment Today - Charity Football Match [2011.03.02]

Please repost with full credit

[Photo + Eng Trans] HyungJun @ Music High [2011.03.01]

HyungBin.... kekeke.... Wuri Maknae also trying to mimic HyunBin in Secret Garden. Keke... Guess he need a more 'bling' jacket to look like Kim Joo Won. Kekeke.... But errr.... He actually reminds me of Gil Ra-Im instead of Kim Joo Won =X

XiaoChu for the translation.


English translation: XiaoChu @
Please repost with full credit

Not the tracksuit that is stitched with all his heart by the craftsman,
Wearing the tracksuit where a cute cat was drawn on one side of the chest... HyungBin ke
Trying to look arrogant
Bashful HyungBin~
'Is this the best? Are you sure?'

[News] Korean Idol Park Jung Min wishes to challenge Jolin Tsai [01.03.11]

Thanks Rainaftershine for the translation.


Source: Yahoo Taiwan
English translation:
Please repost with full credits

[News][01.03.11] Korean Idol Park Jung Min wishes to challenge Jolin Tsai

Korea idol group SS501 member Park Jung Min recently came to Taiwan to promote his solo album, he said confidently that he wants to attempt the *sky ring which Jolin Tsai performed during her Asian Tour on Asia Plus programme ‘佼个朋友吧’.

In order to enter the Chinese market, Park Jung Min started to learn Chinese seriously, he even showed off his fluent Chinese during the programme which nearly made the host Hwang Zi Jiao forgot that he is a Korean singer and almost used Chinese to conduct the interview. Park Jung Min also sang ‘Friend‘ by Emil Wakin Chau, ‘Chase‘ by Leslie and William Wei Li An’s ‘Yes or No‘. Because there is only 3 words ‘Yes or No’ in the chorus of ‘Yes or No’, Hwang Zi Jiao said ‘He memorized the lyrics very well!’

Upon asking which Taiwan Entertainment artist skill he wanted to challenge, Park Jung Min actually answered that he wants to challenge *sky ring which Jolin Tsai performed in her concert, and confidently said that he already tried to stand at a very tall place (rainaftershine: His solo during Persona Concert ^^) previously, so he is quite confident that he can challenge Jolin.

Park Jung Min also said that he still really looks handsome from young till now, he was worried and do not know what to do because he cannot even close the drawer due to the amount of chocolate he received during elementary school. And because he only gave chocolates to one girl which arouse anger, he had no choice but to give everyone chocolates too.


Here's the news reporting Jolin's various stuns in her concert, the sky ring which JungMin mentioned could be seen from 0:26

Credit: chunjoclin1688

[HJ Official Mobile Site Staff Blog #13] Entering the end of January.... [2011.02.28]

Oh~ I envy HyunJoong! He can eat so much and yet not gaining weight. I think I will gain weight even drinking plain water =_= But I am really very tempted by this Galbi Mandu~ Sounds yummy~

Thanks Miyo for sharing the translation.


Source: KHJ Japan Official Mobile Site
Japanese - English Translation: miyo
Please repost with full credit

Staff secretly tells about at backstage!
True self of KHJ!

Entering the end of January....
2011/02/28 HyunJoong's obsession

This is Keyeast staff SY~\(o^▽^o)/
While the sakuras in Izu have bloomed and my Japanese friend have sent me a picture of it making me envy, in Korea it has also become a little warmer.
But from the spring rain that rained continuously yesterday is a prove that spring is coming.
How is it over at where everyone is staying at?

Recently, Hyun Joong has been into working out and practising for his dance everyday.
I suppose everyone know the reason for it right?
After working out and practising for his dance everyday will get hungry and naturally will start to look for delicious food~!!
In Japan which most of you probably would have know about the Korean food, [Galbi] (갈비) and when winter comes one will want to eat [Mandu] (만두)
Putting these two together will become a food called, [Galbi Mandu].
Recently, Hyun Joong has been crazy about [Galbi Mandu] and have been eating it everyday~ ^^;;
(How I envy that he won’t even get fat even if he ate so much >_<) Please at least try it once if you get to come to Korea~ Till then, see you again at the staff blog in March~


Note by Miyo: In case you are wondering why the staff blog number jumps cuz there were other entries which did not really talk about Hyun Joong.. So it was not posted.. ^^

For those who ain't familiar.. Galbi is marinated beef/pork short ribs and Mandu is dumplings.. ^^

[Japan Official Mobile Site] Kim HyunJoong: To All Japanese Fans [2011.02.28]

Seems like HyunJoong was very happy on 28 February after the football match, because he left 2 messages in one day. ^o^


Source: KHJ Japan Official Mobile Site
Japanese - English Translation: miyo
Please repost with full credit

To All Japanese Fans
2011/02/28 Hyun Joong

To all Japanese fans
This time, I will meet everyone with a cool image at the Playful Kiss event.^^
Please wait happily till we meet at the event in March.
I will also work hard for the preparation of the solo album.
Let's get excited towards May~

[News] Park Jung Min, Heo Young Saeng, Kim Hyun Joong...SS501, acelerates solo pace [2011.03.02]

Thanks Honeyeee for the translation. One by one our boys is releasing their solo album and we see them growing more and more matured. Well, I am sure when they get back together again we will see an even better album!


Source: Star News
English Translation: Honeyeee @
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[News][2011.03.02] Park Jung Min, Heo Young Saeng, Kim Hyun Joong...SS501, acelerates solo pace

Boy Group SS501 accelerates their solo pace. After their contract with their former agency DSP media expires, member of SS501 move into each's respective agency. This year, one by one, each member will embark on their solo activities.

The first member to break the news of his solo activites was Park Jung Min who had released his first solo album 'Not Alone' on the 20th January. Despite the absence of ripple effect which is undoubtly powerful when SS501 is as a group, Park Jung Min's popularity had not shot to another level higher, his solo debut has also satisfied fans who have been waiting for SS501.

Following Park Jung Min, the youngest member of the group took over the baton and will be making his comeback on the 8th. Prior to his release of solo album, on the 28th last month, Kim Hyung Jun showcased his new song 'Girl'. Through which, Kim Hyung Jun is determined to leave a deep impression of 'Solo Kim Hyung Jun' to his fans.

Besides domestic activities, Kim Hyung Jun is also preparing for a large-scale promotion in Japan as well as throughout Asia.

SS501's main vocalist Heo Young Saeng is in the preparation for his solo comeback. Heo Young Saeng's comeback was originally scheduled to be end of February has been now announced that he will be releasing his solo album in the mid of March. Official personnel from Heo Young Saeng's agency, B2M Entertainment revealed, "The dates for comeback have not been confirmed yet but the preparation for comeback stage will be in the mid of March".

With his particularly rich and appealing vocals and a combination of well-polished dance skills from SS501's days, Heo Young Saeng is expected to display his best skills.

Group Leader Kim Hyun Joong is also currently aiming to make his comeback in May. KeyEast official personnel revealed, "Kim Hyun Joong is in the admist of working on his solo album", "He is committed to the solo album and is currently working on variety of songs that has been collected"

Hence, members of group SS501 is expected to put on a well-intention yet fierce competition with each other for the time being.

[Video] Hyun Joong recording Coupang CF Music [2011.02.28]

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[Photo] Hyun Joong @ FC Men Vs SamYook University Football Match by 알리아 @ khj0606 [2011.02.28]

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