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[Video + Eng Text Translation] HyunJoong @ Yahoo K-Wave - Taiwan & Korea Fan Version [2012.05.15]

At last I complete the Yahoo! K-Wave Taiwan & Korea Fan Version interview. I must say his answers in this version is more 4D and make me laugh non-stop while translating. Hehe... that's something which I love of him, mischievous, fun, spontaneous and 4D! Continue to be yourself leader, we really love you to be like this!  ^____^

Please note that I have decided to not allowing repost of my text translation, as I have spend a lot of time doing it. The sub video with my translation will be done by Kelemama later.

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English text translation:

English text translation:

[English Text Translation]

MC: Yahoo Celeb Mission first protagonist - Kim Hyun Joong
HJL: Among so many Yahoo! K-Wave celebrities,
HJL: I am very honoured to be the first to start this activity.
HJL: feel really happy
HJL: In future also wish that through
HJL: Yahoo! K-Wave
HJL: will be able to have interaction with Asia fans and even fans from worldwide.

MC: The followings are questions from Korea and Taiwan fans.
MC: Which country should we start first?
HJL: Lets start from Korea this time.

MC: Ok, lets take a look at questions from Korean fans.
MC: 5th question
MC: 5th question is from our Korean fans
MC: Lets take a look at the question
MC: Future family model

Fan: What is your ideal future family model?
HJL: My ideal future family model
HJL: definitely must have a wife (Mini UFO: o.O""" leader ah, else you want to have a Mini UFO instead?)
MC: and then
MC: just one
MC: just one is enough?
HJL: yes of course
HJL: Of course only can have one
HJL: and also wish to have 2 daughters
HJL: and 2 sons
HJL: wish to let them grow up in village
MC: Then what type of wife do you want to marry?
HJL: A kind person
HJL: Kind and treat me and my daughters and sons well
HJL: Also must be beautiful
HJL: Tall
HJL: Haha, I am joking
HJL: just wish for a virtuous girl that's all
HJL: But can't be a Seoul resident
MC: Must not be a Seoul resident
MC: Jeju Island?
HJL: Jeju Island is not bad
HJL: I wish to retire in Jeju Island in future
MC: Do you speak Jeju Island dialect?
HJL: Like this (try to speak in Jeju Island tone) hehehe

MC: Next, the 4th question
MC: Is our Bae HyoSun ssi's question
MC: Question is?

Fan: If you have super power, which do you wish to own?
HJL: I have been troubled by this question for very long
HJL: I wish to have the ability to teleport
MC: Then where do you wish to teleport to now?
HJL: I have thought about this many times
HJL: To be frank, I really wish to visit the treasury of Korea Bank (Mini UFO: Laught till die, I really salute you to have think of such answer!)

MC: Just like the movie "Jumper"
HJL: It is not because I want to steal
HJL: Just wish to take a look inside only
HJL: Still have something I wish to do
HJL: wish to go to the restriction zone in America which UFO appearred.
HJL: There's such place in Americas right?
MC: That's right, that's right
HJL: I wish to go over there to take a look

MC: Tell me the last one,
MC: Place that you wish to teleport to
HJL: Do you know
HJL: Place which Males usually wish to go, that kind of places
MC: Ok, understand
MC: No need to say anymore
MC: Place that male most wish to go is
MC: The place which everybody also wish to go in their heart
HJL: Not exactly, it could be beauty saloon
HJL: or manicure saloon
MC: Oh, manicure saloon is also not bad
HJL: OK, let just think of it like that

MC: Next, the 3rd question
MC: Is question from our Park MiSuk-ssi
MC: Please read aloud for us to listen
MC: The 3rd question is

Fan: Ways to de-stress yourself
HJL: ways to de-stress myself?

MC: Although doing work which you like
MC: but no matter what is a human
MC: more or less will have time when are very stressful

HJL: Of course will have time when feeling very stressful
HJL: Was very stressful during the Asia Tour
HJL: during acting was also quite stressful
HJL: But I will not purposely try to reduce the stress
HJL: Because stress cannot be eliminated by just thinking of it
HJL: I will continue to bear with it up till the last moment on stage
HJL: at that moment the feeling is the best
HJL: during filming, after filming the last scene
HJL: the stress will be eliminated and felt relax
MC: That's definitely
MC: Must be very happy during that time right?
HJL: That's right, really very happy
HJL: I will also go to exercise
HJL: but not to de-stress
HJL: but because as artist Kim Hyun Joong
HJL: it is necessary to have body management

MC: Ok
MC: 3 of you have already finished asking your questions
MC: the next question will be revealed by me
MC: What is question 2?
MC: The 2nd question is going to be revealed
MC: Personal charm
HJL: there should be some charm which I don't know
HJL: I have thought before in which area I am good

MC: Have you ever look into the mirror
MC: and feel that you are really handsome
MC: have you ever think like this before?
MC: I myself is always like this

Fans: hehehe

HJL: I will also be like this
HJL: But was after returning home, removing my makeup and then looking into the mirror
HJL: and will feel very horrible
HJL: just like when lady makeup
HJL: after makeup will be more confident
HJL: maybe because of my profession is an artist
HJL: after make up I am more confident

MC: When looking at the mirror
MC: do you feel that any part of yourself
MC: is better looking than others?

HJL: I like to look at my eyes

MC: Let's take a look at what does Korean fans
MC: towards Kim Hyun Joong who has beautiful eyes
MC: what is their most wanted to ask question?
MC: The question is

HJL: Recently, the most happiness moment is
HJL: when visiting Japan
HJL: I was detained by the airport immigration
HJL: because for the previous visits, I have been using my performance visa
HJL: but for that time, I used my travel visa to enter the immigration
HJL: I was detained for 1 hour
HJL: when being released, felt very happy

MC: Why were you being detained?
HJL: Because originally I have been using performance visa
MC: Because previously HyunJoong-ssi always went to Japan
MC: having very high popularity in Japan
MC: They thought you are going over there for performance
MC: but trying to use travel visa to enter the immigration
HJL: Yes, therefore after being detained for 1 hour
HJL: At that instant when being released, was feeling extremely happy

MC: What were you thinking during that 1 hour?
HJL: They kept saying
HJL: If it is to perform in Japan
HJL: they will take me away
HJL: therefore of course was not very happy!
HJL: so when being released
HJL: I feel extremely good

MC: All the stress must be removed right?
HJL: Yes, during that time it was really very stressful

MC: Ok, after looking at Korea fan's question
MC: Although there aren't any Taiwan fans here
MC: Through Yahoo! Celebrity Entertainment Hallyu Craze
MC: Taiwan fans can see Kim Hyun Joong's interview
MC: Even in Taiwan, also have many fans
MC: who have questions to ask Kim Hyun Joong
MC: We have prepared 5 questions

MC: Let's look at the 5th question
MC: Future model and plan
HJL: will still remain as a singer to meet with everybody
HJL: in future will want to go to more tv program
HJL: to have more interactions with fans

MC: The 4th question is...
MC: My last 24 hours in my life
HJL: If left with 24 hours only, also can't do anything
HJL: I only want to be with my family
HJL: to have meal together
HJL: pray to God
HJL: Let me go to heaven!

MC: You are very honest
MC: just after having meal will keep praying
MC: God please bring me to heaven

MC: Next, the 3rd question
MC: The 3rd question is
MC: UFO travel companion

HJL: Although currently I do not have a crush yet
HJL: but at that time should be bringing girls that I like to go
MC: What if the girl says
MC: 'I am very afraid' and doesn't want to go together with you?
HJL: Then I will not let her know
HJL: just bring her there together
MC: Oh, just like this
MC: Understand...

MC: The 2nd question is
MC: Do you have any Taiwan friend?

HJL: Up till now I do now have any Taiwan friends
HJL: But I wish to meet the actors from Taiwan Edition's 'Boys over Flowers'

MC: The 1st question is
MC: The 1st impression of Taiwan

HJL: Taiwan and Korea has not much difference
HJL: The people are very happy and friendly
HJL: Where ever I go, can see my photographs
HJL: even more than I have expected
HJL: seeing so many fans supporting me
HJL: was thinking I should have come here more often for promotion
HJL: Because of this type of impression
HJL: So feel that no matter what kind of activity
HJL: will definitely think of Taiwan
HJL: Taiwan fans during every time
HJL: when I come to Taiwan
HJL: will welcome me passionately in the airport
HJL: When at airport
HJL: Not being able to have more interaction with everybody
HJL: I felt very sorry
HJL: In future if there is chance
HJL: will have more interaction with Taiwan fans

MC: For Kim Hyun Joong who has answered honestly
MC: please give another round of applause to give him support

HJL: Although the interview session is very short
HJL: really very happy to be able to see everybody
HJL: hope in future
HJL: through Yahoo! Celebrity Entertainment Hallyu Craze
HJL: more information about me will be released
HJL: Hope everybody give your support
HJL: In future
HJL: through Yahoo! Celebrity Entertainment Hallyu Craze
HJL: Will show other in my best image
HJL: Thank you everybody

MC: Please visit Yahoo K-wave more often
MC: and participate in Yahoo! Celebrities Entertainment, Hallyu Craze activity
MC: Also hope everybody will continue to support Hallyu icon Kim Hyun Joong
MC: Let us give a round of applause to end today's interview
MC: Thank you everybody
HJL: Thank you! Thank you!

HJL: Hi everybody, I am Kim Hyun Joong
HJL: Sincerely congratulation
HJL: for the opening of Yahoo! Celebrity Entertainment, Hallyu Craze
HJL: Please give more support
HJL: to Yahoo! Celebrity Entertainment, Hallyu Craze
HJL: Go! Yahoo! K-Wave

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