Saturday, October 8, 2011

[Video] KyuJong - Yesterday @ Music Core [2011.10.08]

A lot of oversea fans went over to support KyuJong during his come back promotion. Guess he is sure very happy to see them ^^


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[Eng Sub Video] Young Saeng @ Jung JiChan 'With You' Interview + Rainy Heart + Let It Go [20110805]

Hee.... I admit it, I didn't know about this interview at all until I watched this Eng Sub video. Though the video quality is a low but it is better than none. Keke. Thanks for subbing

Pay attention to 6:48 - 7:19, when Saengie was singing H.O.T - Blessing, Wow!!! It's so nice even without the background music, his voice truly bring out the feeling from the song and so touch listening to it~ Don't miss it ok!

Also include a higher definition video of this interview but without trans. Oh... and also fancams from during the recording. Enjoy~


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[Eng Sub] YoungSaeng @ Jung JiChan's 'With You' Interview + Rainy Heart + Let It Go

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Higher Quality Unsubbed Video [20110805] YoungSaeng @ Jung JiChan's 'With You'

[Fancam][20110620] YoungSaeng singing 'Rainy Heart' @ Jung JiChan's 'With You' 

[Fancam][20110620] YoungSaeng singing H.O.T - Blessing @ Jung JiChan's 'With You' 

[Teaser MV] HyunJoong - 'Lucky Guy' 1st Teaser [2011.10.07]

Is HyunJoong a Lucky Guy? Hmm.... I think we are the lucky girls because he said 나는 네 남자야* (I am your guy) ^^

Do you like the MV? I like it so much, it is so fun and retro ^^ 

What's next? Can't wait for the next teaser on 3pm, 10 Oct! 

And I just can't imagine HyunJoong dancing Rock & Roll with 'Lucky Guy' ^o^ [MiniUFO also want to rock & roll with HyunJoong ^o^]


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*The track list in his 'Lucky' albums include:
1. Do you like that
2. Lucky Guy
3. 웃어요 (Smile) [Read: USeoYo]
4. 나는 네 남자야 [Read: NaNeun ne NamJaYa]
5. U
6. Lucky Guy(Instrumental)