Monday, January 9, 2012

[Video] HyunJun @ Sunshine Girl Ep 1 & 2 [2012.01.07-08]

Thank you Pretty Boy for sharing Ep1 & Ep2 video of Sunshine Girl.

HyungJun acted as KangMin, 25years old, a Top star having 1st ranking in CF, drama, movie. 
External packaging: Charming, Killer smile, experience
Actual character: Rude, lack of motherly love, can't fell asleep unless beside a girl 

Hehehe, the top star in the drama is totally different from the HyungJun that we used to see. It is a big challenge for his acting skill. It is great that now we can see both HyungJun & KyuJong on TV screen weekly! ^__^

HyunJung's Sunshine Girl will be broadcast at KBS every Saturday at 10pm KST.

Compilation list of Sunshine Girl past episodes and X-Files, and also Eng Sub episodes links


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Ep 1

Ep 2

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Cut for Bed Scene

[Video + Chi Sub] KyuJong cut @ Go! Mrs. Go! Ep8 [2012.01.08]

Sob... why KyuJong appearance in the drama is so short..... I want more more more KyuJong please....

Thanks  for sharing the HD video cut of KyuJong in the drama.

Compilation of KyuJong @ Go! Mrs. Go! + Chinese Sub List


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Chinese Sub 

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Sunday, January 8, 2012

[Drama+ Chi Sub+ Photo] KyuJong Cut in 'Go! Mrs. Go!' Ep 7 [2012.01.07]

After a long wait up till episode 7, at last KyuJong first scene in 'Go! Mrs. Go!' appeared! KyuJong's acting is great and he looked all cool in the drama. ^__^ Hope to see him appearing more More MORE in the drama!

'Go! Mrs. Go!' is broadcast at TV Chosun every Saturday & Sunday at 7:50pm KST. You can watch it online at

The Official Website for 'Go! Mrs. Go!' is , you can find some photographs of Kyu in the photo gallery also and past episode video in the official webby!

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Compilation of KyuJong @ Go! Mrs. Go! + Chinese Sub List

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KyuJong Cut in 'Go! Mrs. Go!' Ep 7

Chinese Sub
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Official Photo from Go! Mrs. Go!