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[Video + Eng Text Translation] HyunJoong @ TVBS The Person Part 4/4 [2011.08.28]

At last completed the final part of 'The Person'. Very late already so I will post up first without checking through the grammer. Pls pardon me for any bad grammer or spelling mistakes.


Credit: @ youtube + (English translation)
Please repost with full credit

English translation:

[Left caption] New Hallyu Index - Kim HyunJoong!

Host: Just now in the beginning we talked about
Host: your senior
Host: Mr Bae YongJoon
Host: When I read some of the information I know that
Host: actually he takes good care of you
Host: and gives you encouragement
Host: Do you think from this
Host: Korea entertainment circle
Host: just now we talked about very competitive
Host: for example from Bae YongJoon
Host: this senior
Host: when you are in close contact with him
Host: because of your work
Host: because he is your boss
Host: after getting close with him
Host: What kind of encouragement have he given you?
Host: You felt very touched
Host: or very surprised
Host: Do you have such experience?
Host: Can you share with us?
[Caption] Boss Bae YongJoon, Caring SMS
HyunJoong: Actually senior always encourages me
HyunJoong: He is the boss of the company
HyunJoong: and also like a elder brother
HyunJoong: Yes, and is always supportive at all cost
HyunJoong: and also believes in me and allows me
HyunJoong: to do according to my own opinion
HyunJoong: and has been giving me cheers
HyunJoong: During my 1st music ranking chart
HyunJoong: when rising up to the 1st position
HyunJoong: he send 'you have work hard, congratulations'
HyunJoong: SMS to me
HyunJoong: All these doesn't belongs to me
HyunJoong: Whatever I can do on alone
HyunJoong: is from the staff around me
HyunJoong: best dancers group
HyunJoong: and also everybody from the company
HyunJoong: believed in me and helped me
HyunJoong: and also with the company in the background
HyunJoong: giving all the help
HyunJoong: then all these is possible to fulfill

Host: I think a lot of those infront of the television
Host: female viewer friends
Host: when listening to this part will started to get a little
Host: impatient
Host: saying why you
Host: have not been asking about
Host: what we most wanted to ask about?
Host: But I think this question
Host: Maybe Kim HyunJoong has already answered
Host: until he doesn't want to answer
Host: Ok, nevermind
Host: Let us just ask about it
Host: that is about the part regarding your relationship
Host: Let us talk about one
Host: more interesting one
Host: don't know whether  
Host: those information I have read about you is correct
Host: It mentioned that previously you
Host: share to others that Yes
Host: you have one just like common people
Host: normal love relationship experience
Host: But at the end mostly
[Caption] Love relationship - mostly is 'She' suggest to broke off
Host: the girl will suggest to break off
Host: is this correct?
HyunJoong: Yes, it is true
Host: Really!
Host: Did you make a conclusion
Host: what is the main reason?
HyunJoong: I don't know
HyunJoong: what is the reason
HyunJoong: Actually this have
HyunJoong: no connection with whether I am an actor or singer
HyunJoong: having a relationship is just
HyunJoong: the difference of a male and female only
HyunJoong: Between male and female
HyunJoong: mostly will because of some little things
HyunJoong: have different opinions
HyunJoong: also don't have any special reason
HyunJoong: just like normal people
Host: just like normal
Host: also have a lot of people
Host: remember you mentioned before
Host: hope that you will have a lot of life planning
Host: will go according to this plan to conduct
Host: for example if before 30 years old
Host: can have a family is also not bad
Host: So now there's another 5 years
Host: Do you feel
Host: for your current
Host: work and career advancement
Host: your time is portion until so scattered
Host: if there is a love relationship
Host: Does this female must have
Host: very very huge tolerance
HyunJoong: Yes
Host: a tolerance like superman
HyunJoong: Don't know...
[Caption] Once set '30 years old get married' now waver
HyunJoong: When I am young will think
HyunJoong: 30 years old is already an ajeossi (uncle)
Host: Your uncle is
Host: the meaning of very old man?
HyunJoong: no, is about
HyunJoong: the age that should get married
HyunJoong: But as I grown up year by year
HyunJoong: in a split of eye has turned into a youth
HyunJoong: I noticed that I am getting close to 30s
HyunJoong: the age suitable to get marry
HyunJoong: this is what I think
HyunJoong: Actually originally set as target
HyunJoong: to get marry in 30 years old
HyunJoong: but now must push back a little
HyunJoong: I wish to be singer
HyunJoong: until more than early 30s

Host: Ok, so please every
Host: Kim HyunJoong fans
Host: forget about this sentence
Host: that's what he said previously
Host: and now this sentence has changed

Host: Female which you more admire
Host: because we know in Asian society
Host: and also visited a lot of countries
Host: actually you and
Host: a lot of people that love you
Host: have close contact
Host: so everybody might be curious
Host: that say
Host: Female which you like
Host: is of what type
Host: and character
Host: a lot of people when talk about type
Host: will talk about external look
Host: but I think character
Host: should be very important
[Caption] 4D idol 'ideal type' big reveal!
HyunJoong: That's right, even if I say
HyunJoong: I don't care about external look also is a lie
HyunJoong: if character is same like external look
HyunJoong: beautiful and likeable definitely is good
HyunJoong: However with external beauty
HyunJoong: but character is not good
HyunJoong: means that this girl
HyunJoong: is not attractive to me
HyunJoong: then naturally will not be able to attract me
Host: But you don't have any
Host: special chance
Host: comparing to normal people
Host: will have more chances
Host: to develop your
Host: human relationship circle
Host: For example
Host: I know you mentioned before
Host: actually you also like
Host: to go together with friends...
Host: eat something simple
Host: or have a drink
Host: together with your past good friends
Host: but for this type of time now
Host: is very very little right?
HyunJoong: No
HyunJoong: Till now I will still
HyunJoong: meet up friend to have a drink
HyunJoong: No matter how busy
HyunJoong: will find time to meet up with friends
HyunJoong: drinking together and chatting
HyunJoong: I don't like
HyunJoong: a life that shut myself up
HyunJoong: even if I am an actor
HyunJoong: or a singer
HyunJoong: to shut myself up
HyunJoong: will make myself very unhappy
HyunJoong: I don't wish to have this kind of life

Host: You know people say about
Host: 'Otaku'. The meaning of this words?
Host: That is being able to be alone
Host: for example just staying infront of the computer
Host: to past the whole day
Host: or 2 to 3 days like this
Host: so you are definitely not
Host: this type of people
HyunJoong: Definitely not, Not
HyunJoong: I will definitely want to go out to play soccer
HyunJoong: have a drink
HyunJoong: completely can't
HyunJoong: I like to move about all places
HyunJoong: I cannot keep staying at home

Host: You current life
Host: have a very big changes right?
Host: previously we understand about
Host: your most busy time
Host: you said maybe for 5 days
Host: only can sleep few hours
Host: Then your current...
Host: entertainment career's market
Host: include Korea, China, Taiwan, Japan
Host: So can you let us
Host: all of your fans
Host: understand roughly
Host: Your life style
Host: How is it divided?
Host: and you have only left
Host: how much private time
[Caption] Cannot don't play soccer, loves to camping
HyunJoong: If I have my own time
HyunJoong: I will go to play soccer together with my friends
HyunJoong: or go to Seoul outskirt area
HyunJoong: to camping
HyunJoong: how did others enjoy
HyunJoong: it is also similar for me too

Host: So you will try to grab hold of
Host: your own private time
Host: maintaining your own
Host: private space right?
HyunJoong: Of course, because do not have a lot of
HyunJoong: resting time
HyunJoong: so will have tight arrangement

Kim HyunJoong
Taiwan BBQ
First experience
Host: HyunJoong I read before one report
Host: don't know whether is it correct
Host: He said you like to eat BBQ meat
Host: and then the more you eat then more you are picky
Host: even not eating BBQ meat for 1 month
Host: it is alright for you?
[Caption] Carnivore - Not picky with food
HyunJoong: Yes, I love to eat meat
HyunJoong: I like to eat
HyunJoong: I am a person with a big appetite
Host: Really?
Host: That is because you
Host: your big exercise rate
Host: Make people so envious
Host: So you like to eat meat
Host: Can't notice that
HyunJoong: I always dance and also always exercise
HyunJoong: so will not get fat easily
Host: You are not fat when you are young right?
Host: for example like a little fatty time
HyunJoong: I am very more skinny than now when I am young
Host: Skinny from young
Host: What you mean is
Host: from young your mum will ask you
Host: to eat more meat
Host: eat all you can
HyunJoong: Maybe because I am more active
HyunJoong: My mum is a vegetarian
HyunJoong: So everytime meat would be eaten by me
HyunJoong: She hope that I am more healthy

Host: Now you can see...
Host: Thank you for coming
Host: This is from our Taiwan
Host: many Korean BBQ
Host: from what you see here
Host: comparing to in Korea
Host: do you feel is there any difference?
HyunJoong: It is almost 90% similar
Host: So in your own home
Host: Will you on your own
Host: Because you are staying alone
Host: Whatever you eat are what your staff
Host: help you buy or prepare
Host: or you will once in a while buy
[Caption] Difficult to cook - Most good at... Instant Noodle
HyunJoong: If not cooking on my own
HyunJoong: then will call for delivery
Host: Ok, then what is your best dish
Host: you must say, cannot bluff
HyunJoong: I think should be instant noodle
Host: I was just about to say cannot say instant noodle
Host: Ok
Host: So now we seen all this
Host: Among here a little more different
Host: is this 'Salted Crispy Chicken'
Host: have you eaten this during your previous visit?
HyunJoong: Yes, I have eaten before
Host: Tried before last time
Host: Then tried a little
Host: a small piece
HyunJoong: Then I shall not stand on ceremony
Host: Do you have this in Korea
HyunJoong: About the same, very similar
HyunJoong: It is available in Korea
Host: Different name, but it is available
Host: Then for this side, we can see
Host: We heard Korean fans saying
Host: when you eat Korean BBQ
Host: will not have like sausages
Host: so many kind of things
HyunJoong: In Korea will BBQ these
HyunJoong: for sausage this kind
HyunJoong: will only BBQ during camping
Host: Normally when in restaurant will BBQ 'Hotdog'?
HyunJoong: Normal restaurant mostly will not have
HyunJoong: It is more commonly seen in Beer House
Host: For example you mentioned in the program
Host: you like to go out together with friends
HyunJoong: Yes, a cup of beer accompanied with hot dog
Host: You are so busy everyday
Host: How simple can your meal?
Host: You should be unable to eat your 3 meals normally
Host: For example when you are more busy
Host: For example when you are rushing for album
Host: or filming
Host: you will mostly eat very simple
[Caption] Future partner - cannot just know how to cook instant noodle
HyunJoong: Talking about this... I am that type of
HyunJoong: Whatever others give me
HyunJoong: then i will eat type
Host: He is so easy to feed
Host: even for instant noodle also alright?
HyunJoong: Even let me eat instant noodle also alright
Host: As long as can fill up the stomach then ok
Host: So as long as the person you like
Host: in future when getting married
Host: as long as she can boil water
Host: cook instant noodle, that will be alright
Host: Am I right?
HyunJoong: That's not ok
HyunJoong: Like this maybe I will dislike her
Host: Ok, lastly we will
Host: ask the...
Host: BBQ sausage
[Caption] Amazing Taiwan Sausage - First try!
Host: Taiwan sausage
HyunJoong: Korea sausage
HyunJoong: will be directly bbq
HyunJoong: Taiwan's sausage
HyunJoong: seems like is being marinated before
HyunJoong: very fragrant and delicious
Host: Actually Taiwan's Black Pork
Host: is very fragrant and delicious
HyunJoong: really very delicious
HyunJoong: this smell
HyunJoong: is similar with pork jerky smell
Host: Thank you HyunJoong, thank you
Host: hope in future if you have chance
Host: will visit Taiwan
Host: Taiwan has a lot of
Host: delicious food
Host: and comparing with Korea
Host: a little different taste
Host: Hope that when you are free will always visit here
HyunJoong: Ok, hope you can invite me over

[Next part preview]
HyunJoong: I can feel a lot of fans
HyunJoong: are supporting and loving me
[Left Caption] Must accomplished - Not disappoint others
HyunJoong: and also a lot of staff
HyunJoong: because there are a lot of people
HyunJoong: I don't want to make all these people disappointed
HyunJoong: I don't wish to because of my
HyunJoong: little mistake
HyunJoong: spoil the overall
HyunJoong: If the album don't sell well
HyunJoong: it is ok to make everybody disappoint
HyunJoong: I don't want to because of my
HyunJoong: little trivial
HyunJoong: make others disappointed

Host: So this time able to
Host: visit Taiwan at your busy time
Host: I feel that everybody also
Host: very excited
Host: Lastly can you let us...
Host: share with us
Host: a little more
Host: the changes this time to you
Host: to your career life is an important
Host: key and change
Host: You hope your own
Host: entertainment career life
Host: 25 years old, you hope to be able...
Host: after the transformation this time
Host: able to develop some
Host: different kind of direction
Host: is something you very anticipate
[Caption] Must do until not make anybody disappoint
HyunJoong: Until now
HyunJoong: until 25 years old
HyunJoong: I am always moving forward
HyunJoong: Now will think of helping some
HyunJoong: people behind
HyunJoong: leading them to strive together
HyunJoong: whether my staff
HyunJoong: or junior
Host: So this is one
Host: after reaching 25 years old
Host: or when we will reach a certain
Host: successful level
Host: towards you own self
Host: the responsibility become different
Host: the views become different also
HyunJoong: I can feel that a lot of fans
HyunJoong: are supporting and admiring me
HyunJoong: and also a lot of staff
HyunJoong: because there are a lot of people
HyunJoong: I don't want to make all these people disappointed
HyunJoong: I don't wish to because of my
HyunJoong: little mistake
HyunJoong: spoil the entirety
HyunJoong: If the album don't sell well
HyunJoong: it is ok to make everybody disappoint
HyunJoong: I don't want to because of my
HyunJoong: little trivial
HyunJoong: make others disappointed

Host: For our program lastly
Host: Do you ahve anything for our Taiwan
Host: such a long lasting
Host: over the 6 years of support
Host: Kim HyunJoong's fans
Host: Do you have any special words to say?

HyunJoong: Looking over here right?
HyunJoong: Although this is only my 2nd visit to Taiwan
HyunJoong: however because of each fan
HyunJoong: concern and love towards me
HyunJoong: then there is chance to visit Taiwan
HyunJoong: participate in such a great program
HyunJoong: very rare opportunity
HyunJoong: In this time's schedule
HyunJoong: could not arrange for any live performances
HyunJoong: really very sorry
HyunJoong: In the near future
HyunJoong: I will come back with live concert
HyunJoong: to reunion again with everybody
HyunJoong: Fans please definitely wait for me
HyunJoong: Really very thankful to everybody
HyunJoong: I wish to tell everybody
HyunJoong: I love you, thank yo

Host: Thank you
Host: Wish you safety and success

HyunJoong: Thank you

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[Video + Eng Text Translation] HyunJoong @ TVBS The Person Part 3/4 [2011.08.28]

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Credit: @ youtube + (English translation)
Please repost with full credit

English translation:

[Left caption] Hallyu 10 years, Getting stronger in strength

Whether is this hand gesture
or this 9 pairs of beautiful legs
they are as splendid as rainbow

Simple English lyrics
matching with catchy rhythm

Korea popular culture's
entertainment culture
is more than 10 years

Specifically use most popular and easy to understand method
breaking away from language barrier
attacking Asia market

June this year
SM Entertainment Company topped their performance
stepping out of Asia
Holding a concert
in Paris
7000 seats at the venue
was fully booked
mesmerizing all their oversea fans

The first hallyu movement in Taiwan
can trace back to year 2001
A drama acted by Lee YoungAe
Following on in year 2002
Bae YongJoon's 'Winter Sonata'
and then in year 2003
the popular 'Jewel of the Palace'
'Hallyu' 1st level battle line
have once beaten Taiwan entertainment circle
till they could hardly ward off the blows

Korean drama themes are ever changing
But those that Taiwan imported
mostly holding tight to those using family
as their drama theme
Therefore Taiwan's grandmothers and mothers
Over these 10 years has become
their most loyal mainstream viewer group
On the average Korean star
Female star mostly own
Angelic face, demonic body
Male star handsome and charming
and also from Taiwan and Japan male star
rarely seen 'muscle man' body
just that extra bit of
'male charm'
made Korean star's external condition

Invincible Universal God
We love you Universal God

Kim HyunJoong is this wave of
new Hallyu wave's outstanding performer
Scheduled to arrive in 12pm Taiwan flight
Haven't even touched ground
Spanning different age group's
fan boys fan girls
When the sky was just only starting to brighten up
had already grouped up in Taoyuan International Airport
The Korean agency company created
'Uzoosin''s charm
is full of motives to engulf Taiwan

Reporter: Why do you like Kim HyunJoong?
Reporter: What is his good points?
Fans: He know how to sing and can dance
Fans: good leadership
Reporter: He and other Korean Star
Reporter: has any difference?
Fans: He has his own character
Fans: and he is very humorous
Reporter: Have you heard about 4D idol?
Fans: Yes, 4D, Kim HyunJoong

In order to chase star
School lessons, family life
can temporary throw behind
in order to get a glance from Kim HyunJoong
wearing in body, holding on hand
all of them
are Kim HyunJoong's merchandise
In order to hold onto the idol eyesight
competing on each sincerity or creativity
and also competing with Taiwan fans'
buying power

Reporter: Roughly spend how much in learning Korean?
Fans: Around NT50,000 (approx USD1742)
Reporter: What about for Kim HyunJoong, how many items you have bought?
Fans: A lot
Reporter: For example?
Fans: Album, photographs
Fans: all those side merchandise
Fans: including those things that he endorse

Reporter: What have you bought in Taiwan
Reporter: Kim HyunJoong's product
Fans: Bought all, all
Fans: We bought everything
Fans: Clothes, Uzoosin

[Exit immigration]
From immigration to airport exit door
Within the short 100m distance
Kim HyunJoong is
well protected
Filming cameras snatching to get a good position
but was difficult to catch
to get a clear shoot of Kim HyunJoong
moreover those that were barricaded
fans that were outside
wanted to have a glance
was even more difficult
screaming loudly
5 hours of waiting
just for this short and blur
one minute

HyunJoong: The feeling of coming to Taiwan this time
HyunJoong: is same as 2 years ago
HyunJoong: Although coming after 2 years later
HyunJoong: but still able to see so many fans
HyunJoong: still so supportive towards me
HyunJoong: I felt very touch
HyunJoong: Not long later, I will
HyunJoong: hold a concert to reward all fans

[Right caption] Thousand people, 'Same hand same leg' 'Surprised'
Fans showing their welcome on the way
that is International Top Star's
basic treatment
The Shopping center beside the City Hall
from level 1 to level 3
were full of crowds
can see Kim HyunJoong
has a different charm as compare to
other Korean idols

Especially when 2000 fans
'Same hand same leg' performing dance
The sight was very grand
seems like a Taiwan extraordinary miracle

[Caption] 1, 2, 3 dance together

A heavy thunderstorm started since noon
it even strengthen
fans loyalty and passion
On the contrary, reporters who were waiting for interview
franctically looking for place to shelter from the rain

HyunJoong: Long time no see
HyunJoong: Hi everybody, I am Kim HyunJoong

HyunJoong: Everytime when talking
HyunJoong: will start to thunder and continue to rain
HyunJoong: seeing you standing there under the rain
HyunJoong: felt very bad
HyunJoong: felt very heart pain
HyunJoong: just like how my fans have supported me
HyunJoong: I will also reward all my fans

HyunJoong: Once I start talking it thunders

Korean New No.1 star
understand Taiwan fans effort
Originally lightly hitting palm's
High five fan meeting
Kim HyunJoong knew how to
win fans
High five became shake hand
Holding tight to each fan's heart not letting go

In the press conference
30 media companies
combining force
Korean artist visiting Taiwan
become Taiwan entertainment page
big event
Looking at Kim HyunJoong case
can see that Korean entertainment company train their star
each step
has undergo meticulous calculation
from group to solo
from Korea to Asia
What the Korean has created
is not a top star
but an exclusive Kingdom for top star
At that place, other than having
Korean entertainment culture
glorious deliverance
there are also Asia various countries currencies
therefore the unending delivery
of actual return
Hallyu wave
actually do not show any sign of holding back

[Preview of next segment]
HyunJoong: Talking about this... I am that type of
HyunJoong: Whatever others give me
HyunJoong: then i will eat type
[Left caption] Future partner, cannot just know how to cook instant noodle
Host: He is so easy to feed
Host: even for instant noodle also alright?
HyunJoong: Even let me eat instant noodle also alright
Host: As long as can fill up the stomach then ok
Host: As long as the person you like
Host: in future when getting married
Host: as long as she can boil water
Host: cook instant noodle, that will be alright
Host: Am I right?
HyunJoong: That's not ok

[Video + Eng Text Translation] HyunJoong @ TVBS The Person Part 2/4 [2011.08.28]

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Credit: @youtube + (English translation)
Please repost with full credit

English text translation:

[Left caption] Kim HyunJoong Multiple direction heavenly king

Debut for 6 years, Kim HyunJoong has a kind of
Hundred transformation Heavenly King's taste
Other than his agency
holding tight to the market trend
absolutely not letting go
Kim HyunJoong himself is always 
diligent and perseverance
has a determination to climb above

[Left caption] Striving ahead, no 'give up' in dictionary

Because he debut from 19 years old
Starting from trainee
Has deeply understood
1 minute on stage, 10 years of hard work under stage
Even if practice dancing until both legs turn weak
Can't stand straight, will still meticulously check through
his each performance

Year 2011 Kim HyunJoong cut away his long hair
Seems to make a decision with his past
childish look
severing all ties
In his official website he announced

himself as
Universal God
Working diligently in his music to give his viewers
a completely new feel

[Break Down MV]
Full black leather shirt and pants
made Kim HyunJoong's 182cm height
even taller and stronger
forgoing the Flowery Pretty Boy feel
revealing his muscles

Although it is a mini album
however in hallyu circle which is full of competition
it is clearly that
Kim HyunJoong wanted to prove himself again
He is no longer 'Boys Over Flowers's
Yoon JiHoo
and also not 'Playful Kiss's
Baek SeungJo
He want to use his music to announce
He is Kim HyunJoong
He hope that
HyunJoong time has arrived

[Leader dancing 'Break Down']
Next On
Showing his utmost in powerful dance
Kim HyunJoong go all out

[Right caption] New Hallyu Index - Kim HyunJoong!
Host: Korea's entertainment market
Host: competition is very intense
Host: is it correct?
HyunJoong: Yes, correct.
HyunJoong: I think not only Korea
HyunJoong: Taiwan is also similary competitive
HyunJoong: Now it is not just only selling CD
HyunJoong: After digital music has arrived
HyunJoong: Competition is even more intense
HyunJoong: Album sales become lower and lower
HyunJoong: Album is not so sellable anymore
HyunJoong: Looking at the whole market perspective
HyunJoong: it is getting more and more difficult

Host: So for yourself
Host: for example this time you change your style
Host: releasing your own solo album
Host: your own design
Host: A lot of people like to say
Host: I am competing with myself
Host: I am competing with my previous self
Host: In actual fact in your mind
Host: Do you have one
Host: in the entertainment circle
Host: that you are competing
Host: secretly in your mind
Host: your competing standard or person
[Caption] Competing person - Myself in tomorrow!
HyunJoong: Definitely will have
HyunJoong: the future Kim HyunJoong
HyunJoong: definitely must be different from
HyunJoong: previous Kim HyunJoong
HyunJoong: Tommorrow's Kim HyunJoong
HyunJoong: definitely must be better than yesterday's
HyunJoong: Whether is myself
HyunJoong: or music both are similar
HyunJoong: Therefore for every album
HyunJoong: I also wanted to let everybody see
HyunJoong: some new creativity and development

Host: There's a lot of people
Host: act and sing
Host: both career going on together
Host: For you
Host: these 2 entertainment specialities
Host: In your mind
Host: Is there any one
Host: which you love more?
Host: or you feel that
Host: when doing it the pressure
Host: will not be bigger
Host: Because just now you talked about changing style
Host: for example after changing style
Host: because of your album has changed style
Host: So your future drama direction
Host: would you also make
Host: very big different changes
HyunJoong: There are really a lot of people
HyunJoong: asking me this question
HyunJoong: This question to me is
HyunJoong: just like others asking whether
HyunJoong: "My mum is better"
HyunJoong: or "My dad is better"
HyunJoong: For the album part
HyunJoong: it has already made a big change
HyunJoong: that's for the singer part
HyunJoong: I wish that in the acting part
HyunJoong: will have big breakthrough in future
HyunJoong: The next drama
HyunJoong: should not have
HyunJoong: Baek SeungJo ('Playful Kiss lead actor)
HyunJoong: or Yoon JiHoo ('Boys Over Flowers' lead actor)
HyunJoong: should be a more manly Kim HyunJoong
HyunJoong: in addition to more matured acting skill
HyunJoong: I will work even harder

Host: In your mind
Host: that 'Manly' image
Host: what is it like?
Host: Actually you have already
Host: gradually change style
Host: for example
Host: I am sorry, let me ask in this way
Host: like your boss
Host: Among Asia region,
Host: most are familiar with Bae YongJoon
Host: Is he what you have in mind,
Host: a model or a representative?
Host: but everybody is different
Host: right?
Host: Kim HyunJoong & Bae YongJoon is different
Host: I am just curious
Host: just like previously you
Host: share a lot with us
Host: to be more manly
Host: what kind of image has that feel?
Host: a detail image
[Caption] Will work hard, can tolerate, "then is a real man"
HyunJoong: Talking about my boss
HyunJoong: Bae YongJoon sunbae
HyunJoong: has a more gentleman image
HyunJoong: but he has his own principle in his mind
HyunJoong: In my mind
HyunJoong: that manly image
HyunJoong: is not very valiant
HyunJoong: type of image
HyunJoong: should be knowing how to understand others
HyunJoong: know how to work hard
HyunJoong: made effort to tolerate others
HyunJoong: although from externally looks like
HyunJoong: not very manly
HyunJoong: But I think
HyunJoong: only in this way then is considered as a real man

Host: From young to grown up
Host: at home how are you
Host: educated?
Host: I know you have another elder brother
Host: Your family relationship
Host: Should be very close
Host: What about talking about your family?
Host: You feel that
Host: what kind of education have your parents gave you?
Host: From the moment you enter into
Host: entertainment career, during these 6 years
Host: has been very useful to you
HyunJoong: Actually my family has been opposing
HyunJoong: me from going into this music road
[Caption] My family teach me to "love~others"
HyunJoong: so I left my home
HyunJoong: and started to pursue the music road outside
HyunJoong: Because I am staying alone now
HyunJoong: staying a little far
HyunJoong: not because of relationship is not good
HyunJoong: but because of something in the family
HyunJoong: and also because of my working place is quite far
HyunJoong: so will move out to live
HyunJoong: We will still keep in contact with each others
HyunJoong: Actually in the music road
HyunJoong: My parents didn't teach me anything
HyunJoong: but they taught me to learn to love others
HyunJoong: and also some principles of treating others and behaving
HyunJoong: that kind of principles

Host: So for your entertainment career
Host: whether acting or singing
Host: you have such a huge passion
Host: and during that time you even not hesitate
Host: to earn your own pocket money
Host: to support yourself
Host: Do you think your this...
Host: When did this started?
Host: then you decided that
Host: you want to do it this way
Host: Previously we talked about
Host: there are a lot of young kids
Host: has the feeling that being a star is so great
Host: but in actual it is not only just like this for you
Host: you actually willing to sacrifice a lot
Host: But you want to have a try
Host: whether you can make it
Host: and when was that started?
Host: You started to understand yourself
Host: being so determined
HyunJoong: Starting from 14 years old
Host: 14 years old?
HyunJoong: Everybody before 14 years old
HyunJoong: will study obediently
HyunJoong: but my result is really very good
HyunJoong: but I am more confirmed of this entertainment road
HyunJoong: is more important than studies
HyunJoong: so started to think about all these

Host: So... after that
Host: I know
Host: after you left school
Host: you even delivered pizza
Host: then working in that Fried Chicken shop
[Caption] From working learn to tolerate, Life topic
Host: Actually every job
Host: has its sacredness
Host: we always say in this way
Host: Every job actually has
Host: its side which is worth to be respect
Host: Do you think during that time
Host: from those jobs
Host: what have you learned?
Host: Actually now in your
Host: entertainer career
Host: those that you have learned
Host: are still very valuable
Host: Are you willing to
Host: share with our young viewers?
HyunJoong: Singer, actor, part-timer
HyunJoong: Fried Chicken or Pizza
HyunJoong: are uncomparable
HyunJoong: but I have really learned something
HyunJoong: that is to tolerate
HyunJoong: if you follow your own willfulness
HyunJoong: it will destroy everything

Host: Was there any incident which
Host: left more impression
Host: when you were younger
Host: you really had a deep impression
Host: and you really tolerated it
Host: not following your own emotion
Host: during your part-timer period
Host: for any of your jobs
HyunJoong: Before I start part-timing
HyunJoong: I will always said
HyunJoong: things that others don't like to listen
HyunJoong: That was my past character
HyunJoong: But now
Host: Really?!
HyunJoong: Yes!
HyunJoong: Because of the need to face customer
HyunJoong: so must learn to put in effort
HyunJoong: learn to tolerate
HyunJoong: one caring sentence
HyunJoong: can exchange back how many
HyunJoong: warm responses to me
HyunJoong: I had really experience this
HyunJoong: this is what I gained from part-timing
HyunJoong: and also must be determined and moved towards the dream
HyunJoong: increasing speed to move forward
HyunJoong: then can fulfill the dream
HyunJoong: this kind of thinkings

Host: In HyunJoong's album
Host: the dance
Host: is an important segment
Host: that dance is really very masculine
HyunJoong: Showing his utmost in powerful dance
Kim HyunJoong go all out
Host: Very Man
Host: Later, let us see
Host: in that dance
Host: what is the unique part?
Host: While you were practicing you felt...
Host: During that time, you felt most difficult
Host: but overcome it later
HyunJoong: This time the dance emphasized on 'Groove'
HyunJoong: If dance too hard
HyunJoong: will look like ordinary dance
HyunJoong: I think 'Groove's feel
HyunJoong: is very important
HyunJoong: so I have been practicing continuously
HyunJoong: the 'Groove' portion

Host: Ok, now let us
Host: take a look
Host: HyunJoong specially
Host: perform exclusively
Host: this little segment, the result of his hard work practice
Host: This is also his year 2011's album
Host: showing everybody his result

[Leader dance a segment of 'Break It']

Monday, August 29, 2011

[Video + Eng Text Translation] HyunJoong @ TVBS The Person Part 1/4 [2011.08.28]

English translation done. If you want to sub using my translation, please leave a comment to share the sub video link to everybody.


Credit: @youtube + (English translation)
Please repost with FULL CREDIT

Part 1

English translation:
I have not been very used to
having a lot of people in the airport
I have not been able to get used to
such condition
No matter experiencing it for how many times
Also felt very extraordinary
it is already for such a long time
everybody still so supportive towards me

I think all those who wanted to
become artist
just for Asia region
there are almost 100 million person
If wanted to become the best among all these people
then need to wake up earlier than others
need to practice more than others than it is possible

up till now
up till 25years old
I have been continued to strive forward
Now would think of trying to help those
who come later than me
leading them to strive together


Hi everybody, I am Kim HyunJoong
My first album
Break Down has already released
I am really very happy
Taiwan fans have been so supportive
towards me
In today's program
Let's talk about some interesting things
Thank you


[Right caption] Hallyu new index: Kim HyunJoong!

Host: Today we welcome
Host: having lots of fans in Asia's
Host: Kim HyunJoong
Host: to our program
Host: HyunJoong, for 2 years
Host: this is your 1st time
Host: returning back to Taiwan right?
HyunJoong: Yes, correct.

[Caption] Towards crowds has not been able to get use to

Host: Previously during your visit to Taiwan
Host: What left an impression
Host: which was most lasting?
HyunJoong: I remembered the first time
HyunJoong: when we came to Taiwan
HyunJoong: there were a lot of fans in the airport
HyunJoong: and also a lot of reporters came to interview
HyunJoong: to pay attention to us
HyunJoong: initially was really scared
HyunJoong: How could there be so many people liking me
HyunJoong: Previously after holding the concert
HyunJoong: it had already been 2 years
HyunJoong: This time returning is already after 2 year
HyunJoong: will worry whether fans
HyunJoong: or reports
HyunJoong: really will have anybody
HyunJoong: come to airport to welcome me
HyunJoong: when arriving in Taiwan
HyunJoong: I guess I worried too much
HyunJoong: the people who came were even more than previous trip
HyunJoong: actually Taiwan fans
HyunJoong: have been so supportive towards us
HyunJoong: I have a strong impression

Host: Actually now in Taiwan
Host: or when you go Japan
Host: the situation that you encountered
Host: I think should be almost similar
Host: Am I right?
HyunJoong: Em, now really have
HyunJoong: a lot of fans supporting me

Host: so from you debut till now
Host: towards this type of situation
Host: and this kind of condition
Host: Do you feel that
Host: you have already
Host: very familiar to it
Host: If somebody felt
Host: being popular
Host: is also a kind of stress
Host: Towards this stress
Host: Current in 25 years old, have you got used to it?
HyunJoong: Actually
HyunJoong: I have not been very used to
HyunJoong: having so many people in the airport
HyunJoong: I have not been able to get use to
HyunJoong: this kind of situation
HyunJoong: No matter experiencing it for how many times
HyunJoong: Also felt very extraordinary
HyunJoong: it has already been such a long time
HyunJoong: everybody is still so supportive towards me
HyunJoong: therefore I have been urging myself
HyunJoong: must have the thinking of working harder and harder
HyunJoong: going to every places

Host: It is 2011 now
Host: Once again we welcome you to Taiwan
Host: Do you think during this time
Host: the 25 years old you
Host: You debut at 19 years old
Host: Lets say 19 20
Host: 25 years old
Host: this stage to you
Host: What is the biggest difference?
[Caption] 'I don't want~ to stop at the old image'
HyunJoong: Currently to me
HyunJoong: is a transition period to grow up as an adult
HyunJoong: To be exact
HyunJoong: Currently is in between 20 to 30 years old
HyunJoong: therefore this time also using this solo album
HyunJoong: to show the manly side
HyunJoong: also cut my hair short
HyunJoong: also build up my body
HyunJoong: do not want the teenage feel
HyunJoong: working hard to portray the manly side

Host: But a lot of people during the transformation period
Host: will fear that  
Host: he will change too much in a sudden
Host: and then make those who originally like him
Host: No matter fans or viewers
Host: will become...
Host: feeling a little unfamiliar and can't accept
Host: so this time before you make a change
Host: Did this question
Host: made you ponder for very long?
HyunJoong: Whether Taiwan fans
HyunJoong: Or from other Asia region
HyunJoong: all of them
HyunJoong: When everybody think of Kim HyunJoong
HyunJoong: will first think of 'Boys Over Flowers'
HyunJoong: with a little long hair
HyunJoong: w big boy of a young age
HyunJoong: Because this is everybody's impression of me
HyunJoong: therefore I have been wanted to overcome it
HyunJoong: wanted to be more manly
HyunJoong: wanted to let everybody know
HyunJoong: I can dance
HyunJoong: and also show an even more manly side
HyunJoong: I want to let everybody have such an impression
HyunJoong: for this album
HyunJoong: I have been exercising
HyunJoong: I have really work very hard

Host: You have debut from 19 years old until now
Host: We have seen actually
Host: those that like you
Host: are widely distributed
Host: mainly consisted of females
Host: and also have a wide age group
Host: if there are a lot of youngster
Host: whether in Taiwan Japan or children in Korea
Host: they are very envious towards you
Host: for stepping into the society so early
Host: and then they also wanted to
Host: in their 19 and 20 years old
Host: going into the entertainment circle
Host: What kind of suggestion will you give them? What do you think?
HyunJoong: Actually a lot of people will have such thinking
HyunJoong: I think it is similar in Taiwan
HyunJoong: If somebody ask you
HyunJoong: What do you want to be when you grow up?
HyunJoong: Last time it was Police, Fireman
HyunJoong: President, mostly this kind
HyunJoong: But now mostly
HyunJoong: wanted to be artist or singer, that's what I think
HyunJoong: Towards these students
HyunJoong: I hope they don't
HyunJoong: just have such dream
HyunJoong: must go step by step
HyunJoong: to fulfill it then it is correct
HyunJoong: For example: Practicing acting skill
HyunJoong: Practicing singing and dancing
HyunJoong: must start from young
HyunJoong: practicing bit by bit
HyunJoong: even if your age is young
HyunJoong: will also have a chance to debut
HyunJoong: comparing to these adult artists
HyunJoong: will shine even more

Host: So for this 6 years that you debut
Host: everyone has been very familiar with you
Host: But you will think that
Host: from you trainee period until now
Host: this period which you worked very hard
Host: Sometimes
Host: Maybe if
Host: those young kids that like you
Host: understand even more
Host: You feel that towards them, you
Host: should have
Host: given them different kind of help, right?
[Caption] 'Others walk 1 step, I am always walking 2 steps'
HyunJoong: Yes, youngster often
HyunJoong: also including myself
HyunJoong: will blame myself
HyunJoong: Why can't I achieve that
HyunJoong: definitely will have why
HyunJoong: I can't achieve that, this kind of thoughts
HyunJoong: can't achieve that
HyunJoong: definitely will have its reason
HyunJoong: so must put in even more
HyunJoong: Maybe others walk a step
HyunJoong: but you need to walk 2 steps
HyunJoong: then can achieve that stage
HyunJoong: then can become an artist
HyunJoong: I think all those who wanted to
HyunJoong: become artist type of people
HyunJoong: just for Asia region
HyunJoong: there are almost 100 million person
HyunJoong: If wanted to become the best among all these people
HyunJoong: then need to wake up earlier than others
HyunJoong: need to practice more than others than possible
HyunJoong: Actually everybody can be a singer
HyunJoong: everybody also can go to act
HyunJoong: if you want to be
HyunJoong: the top star
HyunJoong: then must start up earlier than others
HyunJoong: have the habit of sleeping later than others
HyunJoong: this is my opinion

Host: Now in average your working time
Host: must have extended till very long right?
HyunJoong: Yes
Host: So for example
Host: that's say for a day
Host: which you most busy
Host: maybe can only
Host: sleep for a little while
Host: can you let everybody understand more about this
[Caption] Sacrifice: Sleeping 1 hour a day
HyunJoong: Most busy time
HyunJoong: should have 2 types
HyunJoong: as a singer preparing for album
HyunJoong: and filming drama these 2 types
HyunJoong: during these period of drama filming
HyunJoong: Among 5 days
HyunJoong: Only sleep 5-6 hours
HyunJoong: Yes, maybe it was a little unbelievable
HyunJoong: as for singer part
HyunJoong: everyday sleeping around 3-4 hours
HyunJoong: dance practice for 7 hours
HyunJoong: recording for 5 hours
HyunJoong: body training for 2 hours
HyunJoong: roughly like this

Host: No wonder you like to draw
Host: that superman drawing
Host: is your own dream
[Caption on Uzoosin light stick] Kim HyunJoong self drawn
Host: this... currently are you still drawing this?
Host: once in a while, or just...
HyunJoong: A lot of fans wish that I sign
HyunJoong: and then draw this drawing
HyunJoong: as a remembrance
HyunJoong: so....
HyunJoong: if not busy then will draw a bit
Host: OK we will take a look at this again later
Host: Before the next report
Host: We chat about
Host: actually just now you brought up about
Host: being hard working is very important
Host: and must make yourself comparing to others
Host: work even harder
Host: You have something more special
Host: during when you are 19 years old
Host: you made this decision
[Caption] Fill up himself: Quitting School Form
Host: to go on this entertainment road
Host: You filled up yourself that
Host: 'Quitting School Form'
Host: You filled up yourself
Host: After that how do you
Host: prove to your parents
Host: although you
Host: was only 19 years old during that time
Host: but towards your own choice
Host: you would be responsible for it
HyunJoong: That... in Korea was called stop school
HyunJoong: i.e. not going to school
HyunJoong: after that not getting money from home
HyunJoong: went out to work to earn on my own
HyunJoong: after earning money
HyunJoong: then go to attend music class
HyunJoong: practice dancing
HyunJoong: just living on like this
HyunJoong: after that then debut
HyunJoong: let my parents and family members
HyunJoong: see the best side
HyunJoong: so my parents now
HyunJoong: will be less worried
HyunJoong: will have more confidence towards me
HyunJoong: but I want to explain a little bit
HyunJoong: like my this kind of case
HyunJoong: don't happen a lot
HyunJoong: but some things
HyunJoong: until now then I can understand
HyunJoong: why must study
HyunJoong: why must learn
HyunJoong: just because during that time
HyunJoong: I didn't study those things
HyunJoong: so now
HyunJoong: must recoup back all those
HyunJoong: maybe... a lot of young students
HyunJoong: saw my example
HyunJoong: wanted to follow my way
HyunJoong: I don't agree that they learn from me
HyunJoong: I hope they
HyunJoong: will use my situation as a caution
HyunJoong: choose a route that can  study
HyunJoong: and practice at the same time
HyunJoong: this is what I want to tell them

Host: Actually we
Host: prepared a video today
Host: together with our viewers
Host: let's watch it together
Host: these 6 years to you
Host: were actually a learning process
Host: although you left school at 19 years old
Host: but later on you had learned a lot
Host: up till now you are still
Host: continuously challenging yourself
Host: learning to grow
Host: is a changing point
Host: Together with the viewers
Host: lets enjoy this
Host: Today we welcome Kim HyunJoong
Host: Let us take a look at Kim HyunJoong
Host: this very brilliant
Host: 6 years artist life

[Playing video clips intro about HyunJoong past]

[Left caption] Kim HyunJoong - the road he had walked past
Year 2005
5 Flowery Pretty Boy
Formed into a super idol group
They are lively
Singing catchy rhythm
Once debut has speedily capture teenage girls' heart

[Playing Lalala]
This song 'LaLaLa'
can be said as
one of SS501 most successful piece
In the MV
5 boys 5 images
can be cool can be comical
most important of all
can be very loving
releasing charm to others

[Showing Shanghai concert scene]
Concert performance one after another
From Shanghai
To Hong Kong
Then sing into Bangkok

[Drawing with triangle]
Top caption: Shanghai
Left: Bangkok
Bottom: Hong Kong

Fans' skin colour have darker or lighter
Most shocking is
When has Korean language
become all these fans'
common language

Incredible Universe God
I love you Universe God

SS501 is able to receive
recognition from so many fans in whole Asia
Kim HyunJoong who is the group leader
His contributions can't go unnoticed
Heo YoungSaeng who is one of the member
Notice that
Kim HyunJoong is just like what the Korean mentioned
A real man
Have a responsible side
Because of being a leader
is a matured man
Very great, and has a direct character
Only look forward
has a character which will not hesitate
that is HyunJoong hyung's character

In SS501
Kim HyunJoong has a unique personality
His lonely and pretty unique characteristic
So when the Korean version of 'Boys Over Flowers' started filming
Among them Taiwan viewers
Most familiar character was Hanazawa Rui
That's definitely
acted by Kim HyunJoong
he had brought life to 'Yoon JiHoo''s character

[Scenes from 'Boys Over Flowers']
JanDi: What happened to me, just like a fool
JiHoo: You are not a fool
JiHoo: Therefore don't be too worried

'Boys over Flowers''s success
allowed going into solo artist activities'
Kim HyunJoong
giving him a heart strengthening jab
and started in whole Asia a wave
of Kim HyunJoong fever
When the Korean version of 'Playful Kiss' started filming
Kim HyunJoong naturally
was selected by the TV Station
As their opening to Asia's
Only choice

Whether acting in drama
Or singing performance
Kim HyunJoong's actual strength
is well prepared but rarin' to go
When he participate in variety program
He has a unique
Out of the logic response
Allowing him to win
his 4D idol label

[Scene from WGM]
HyunJoong: Let me sing a song for you
Hwangbo: Ok
HyunJoong: Ah!!!
Hwangbo: Had a shocked
Hwangbo: What's that?
HyunJoong: Tuning
Hwangbo: Laugh till dead
HyunJoong: Can you please play a 'Do' for me?
HyunJoong: A~~~~~~

His agencies has sensitive sense
When this wave of Kim's charm
started to move
they let Kim HyunJoong brought along a whole team
to Spain to shoot his photo book
His agencies painstakingly designed
other than Kim HyunJoong's
unique melancholy and pretty style
they also allow fans to see that
he also has a sunny and cheerful side
That time Kim HyunJoong used his smile
to conquer his viewers