Saturday, March 9, 2013

[Twitter] YoungSaeng twitter new profile + photo

YoungSaeng changed his twitter profile and photo. Is this part of photo from the album?


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YoungSaeng's new profile telling us his next album 'Life' is in the line. ^^

[Info] YoungSaeng - 'LIFE' album cover + track list

YoungSaeng's 'LIFE' album cover is released by B2M. Like the album cover very much! Very bright and lively and cute~~~~~ ^^


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[허영생] 미니3집 [LIFE] 자켓이미지 미리보기 2컷!
[Heo YeongSaeng] 3rd Mini Album [LIFE] jacket image 2nd preview!

Track List

1. Life
2. 작업의 정석 (타이틀곡) [Title Song]

3. 그게 나야
4. 알아 다
5. 작업의 정석 (Inst.)

By the way,  if you would like to know more about the style of each song, please visit Ode's blog, she has wrote a very detail description of each song, thanks Ode for the translation.

[MV Teaser] YoungSaeng - 'Life' Teaser 2

21 seconds ONLY..... B2M really know how to 'tease' us.... I wanna see the whole MV, it sounds very interesting, who's the person who captivate YoungSaeng? 14 March....


Credit: b2ment
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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

[MV Teaser] Young Saeng - Life 1st Teaser

Yeah! Young Saeng is going to release his 3rd mini album - 'Life' soon. Today B2M released his first MV Teaser for Life. Can't wait for the 2nd Teaser released on 8 March. Finally the digital source + MV will be released on 14 March. That's a long wait but enough to keep us in anticipation!

The first MV teaser is really unique, wonder how will the story flow.... 

Please support Young Saeng by viewing this MV teaser in B2M official youtube.


Credit: b2ment
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