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[Video + Eng Text Trans] HyunJoong interview with Sohu Entertainment - about China Tour [2012.05.13]

At last I have completed the translation for this interview of Sohu Entertainment with HyunJoong. That 'Machine Gun' translator noona was really amazing, she spoke so fast until I have to repeat at least 10x sometimes to catch what she say. BTW, Kelemama will be subbing this video, so please do not use my trans to sub the video. Okay!
On 13 May 2012, after completed his Hong Kong Fan Meeting Tour, Hyun Joong fly over to Beijing to hold his press conference for his China tour. The press conference location was at Beijing Hilton Airport Hotel. The press conference also signified the start of the sales of his concert tickets. In the press conference, he has also donated 200 millions won to 'Smile Angel Project', the organizer has also made 4 memorial tickets for '6 row 6 seat' of the 4 stops, to be auction off online, all proceeds will go to 'Smile Angel Project'.


Video Source: http://video.sina.com.cn/p/ent/s/j/2012-05-13/215961747881.html + @ youtube
English text translation: PlanetHyun.blogspot.com
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[English text translation]

Kim Hyun Joong interview with Sohu Entertainment - about China Tour

HJL: Hi everybody I am Kim Hyun Joong
HJL: The fanmeeting this time is a little different, I don't know how's other people fan meeting is like. I did heard that others are mostly based on talk show. But this time it is different, although there are talk time but most important part are the singing performance part, therefore whether is the stage, or the songs list, it is closer to a concert format. This time I will be singing 15 songs and it is going to be very large scale, there are video clips and laser show and lightning effects. Because I had not seen others performance so I cannot be sure whether it is different from others, but most important is everybody will treat it as a show, to appreciate something.

MC: So as what I understand, does it means that there will be interaction with fans? Is there any special segment to strengthen that?
HJL: There are some interaction segment with fans, will also ask fans to go on stage, or parts which I will go down the stage. But each place has its own rules and culture and every countries' rules & custom are different, therefore I want to try to overcome them. If I can't overcome it, then how can I change all these to show a better stage and have a better interaction. I will try my best to communicate these with my production team when I go back.

MC: For this concert, you have participated in the entire planning, is there any special segment specially cater for China fans?
HJL: Actually what I did most for China fans is this performance itself, because only China has 4 stops. I have actually wanted to go to every place to have close contact with everybody but due to the limited time and also crash with my schedule. So I choose to show more things to everybody in a bigger city.

MC: Are you worried of the language barrier?
HJL: I am not very worry about the language barrier. Similar to this, other countries will also be using their local language. Same for China, I will try to use some native china language to communicate with everybody. During the performance, if I want to say something, I have already prepared a translator who can translate spontaneously, therefore I am not worry about problems in communication.

MC: Would you be singing some local songs or invite some local artists as your guest?
Translator: Sorry, don't have. I just want to let you know that we do not have this segment.

MC: You have ever mentioned that your wish is to open a free concert for your fans in worldwide. Previously you have also held 3 concerts, fulfilling your wish. China fans also wish to know whether when you will do something like this for them.
HJL: If there is a chance, I wish I can hold a free concert at every place, allowing everybody to see more good performance. Especially for China stop, I wish to involve more in the area of charity, to help some poverty-stricken area, to gather together more people to hold a better performance. At that time, I will want to invite a lot of China artists to participate in this charity concert and use the best performance to return to the society.

MC: Your wish to open a free concert has been fulfilled, so what is your next biggest wish?
HJL: I wish to let more people listen to my songs. Hope that when everybody listen to my song, they will feel happiness. My greatest wish is to let everybody received happiness, using my limited power to bring happiness to everybody. When I work even harder to expand my singing performances, in future when I release my album, everybody will think that it is going to be something that is worth anticipated.

MC: Actually I know that you have a lot of fanatic fans, they have been trying to get into close contact to you. Among the fanatic fans that you meet which is the most fanatic kind, can you please describe to us?
Translator: Sorry, we will not discuss about fans because this is fans personal behavior.

MC: Previously in 'Boys Over Flower' & 'Playful Kiss', you mostly acted as flower boy. For your next work 'Conquest of City', there is a drastic change in your role. Please let us know what kind of role is this.
HJL: This role in 'Conquest of City' is different from the usual gentle role, which completely not found in this drama. Maybe everybody cannot get use to my more masculine and wild and more man kind of feel. However, since the storyline is really good, when it is broadcast, everybody will definitely like this role. Because of the role of a brutal man, must have different depth, being able to get such a role, I am full of anticipation.

Translator: This will be the last question

MC: For this drama, is this role very different from you in real life, what is your biggest challenge?
HJL: I think this role is not completely different or similar to me. Some parts are similar some are not. Up till now, all of the role that I had acted in, they were not exactly like my actual character. Because as an actor, I have to try to figure out a new role and also to imagine the person's character, in order to show a completely different role. Maybe everybody will be thinking whether this is similar to Kim Hyun Joong's character and start to guess. But most important of all is that I have acted this character well, totally removed the image of Kim Hyun Joong and blend into a new stage when acting in this drama.

MC: So would you make a preparation for this?
HJL: 1st, I practice martial arts. 2nd, I read the script everyday. 3rd, I try to figure out the character of role. Since this is a drama with a lot of actions and fighting scene, I need to train to improve my strength and tone my body.

MC: Your motto is 'Live Life like there is only once', can you please explain to us?
HJL: Because you only live your life once, so I love this kind of motto, although there is rebirth or karma circle but I still think that you only have this life, this is why I like this motto.

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