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[Photo] Jung Min at Eslite XinYi [2010.09.29] by TripleSTW

Jung Min really enjoy shopping hur... Here's another set of photographs by TripleSTW, of him shopping in Eslite XinYi. Eslite XinYi is a department store, though famous for its bookstore, but also carry product lines like clothings, cosmetics, household items etc.

If I am not wrong, this was also reported by MTV Entertainment news, I have done the translation for the video, see here if you missed it.


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[Twitter] Boys tweet translation on 2 October 2010

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2010-10-02 @ 9.10pm
@3rangka 어머나
@3rangka Omona

2010-10-02 @ 9.00pm
@HyungJun87 임금님귀는 당나귀 귀~~ㅋㅋ
@HyungJun87 Your majesty's ear is donkey ear~~ keke

2010-10-02 @ 8.49pm
@2kjdream 와 대전도 비온다 ㅋㅋ 지금 엔써 공연잡혀서 리허설끝나고 바로 올라간다 ㅠㅠ 다시 좀이따 빽투더 대전 ㅠㅠ
@2kjdream Wah, it is raining in DaeJeon too keke Now that we clinched the answer performance, need to go up immediately after rehearsal ㅠㅠ Back to the DaeJeon again later ㅠㅠ

2010-10-02 @ 8.21pm
뮤지컬 "카페인" 기대많이 해주기^^
Please look forward to Musical "Caffeine" ^^

2010-10-02 @ 7.43pm
@jayfrombuttaluv 휴게소에서 저는 핫바와 고춧가루듬뿍넣어 우동을 먹어요!!!
@jayfrombuttaluv I ate hotdog and woodong with generous serving of red pepper powder at rest/service area!!!
*Rest stops along highway

2010-10-02 @ 7.39pm
오늘들으면 참 좋을거같은 노래예요..^^어디선가 나의 노랠 듣고있을 너에게 - 공일오비(015b)
This is a really good song when I heard it today..^^ To you who is listening to my song wherever you are - 015B

2010-10-02 @ 7.32pm
@mastadoo 형 ! 서울엔 비가 떨어지네요 전 강민이와 토킹중이에요^^ 공연잘하구오세요오오!!!!!^^
@mastadoo Hyung! Rain is falling in Seoul. I am talking to KangMinie ^^ Have a good performance and come back!!!!!^^

2010-10-02 @ 4.35pm
연습 끝나고 나오니 비가오네요, 다들 우산 챙깁시다.
Came out after finishing practice and found that it is raining, Let's take the umbrella everyone.

[News][2010.10.02] SS501’s Kim Hyung Joon to debut theatre career with “Cafe-in”

Credits: Newsen + (Eng Translation) HYPERMANIAC @ allkpop
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[News][2010.10.02] SS501’s Kim Hyung Joon to debut theatre career with “Cafe-in”

SS501’s Kim Hyung Joon is rising as ‘Asia’s multi-entertainer’ after being cast for the leading male role in the musical “Cafe-in.”

“Caffeine” has already earned immense popularity simply because it was produced by actor Kang Ji Hwan, who has performed in the Japanese shows. “Cafe-in” is popular with audiences in their 20’s and 30’s for being a realistic and witty musical drawing comparisons between the romance of a man and a woman to coffee and wine.

Production company SH CREATIVE WORKS revealed, “Kim Hyung Joon will be performing in season 2 of ‘Caffeine’ with the support of Kang Ji Hwan.’”

Kim Hyung Joon begins singing rehearsals this week, and will perform by the end of 2010. He will also be going through physical training in order to keep up his stamina for the 100-minute-long performance.

Kim Hyung Joon stated, “This is my first musical and I feel that it’s an excellent blend of acting and singing. I’m also very nervous and excited as it is a work that has received much praise by musical critics. I’ll use my six years of experience as a background, and be working with the mindset of a rookie actor in order to put my passion and effort into doing my best. I want not only my fans, but my seniors as well to be proud of me.”

The producers of the musical praised Kim Hyung Joon, saying, “He’s shown great stage presence through various concerts as a singer. He’s also got exceptional dancing and singing skills, with handsome looks to boot. Kim Hyung Joon basically has everything a musical actor needs. Although it hasn’t been that long since practice has begun, we’ve fallen in love with his sincerity and passion.”

Kim Hyung Joon recently held his first solo fan-meeting in Singapore with 3,000 fans in attendance, and is receiving the courting calls of many Asian media companies.

“Cafe-in” will begin on November 24th.

[News][2010.10.02] Jung Min wish to work with Wei Li Ann

Did some research on this Wei Li Ann (韦礼安), see his info at the bottom of this news. ^^


Credits: + SS501 Baidu + (English translations)
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[News][2010.10.02] Jung Min wish to work with Wei Li Ann (韦礼安)

SS501 Park Jung Min signed a contract with Sony Music Taiwan on the 30th. During the press conference, the media asked him which singer he will like to collaborate with, Park Jung Min shyly said in Chinese ‘Wei Li Ann’ which makes the media not having any moment to react. After which, he also said Jay Chou and Wong Lee Hom.

Park Jung Min said ‘A fans gave me a Wei Li Ann’s CD and i find it very nice’. He also use Chinese to say ‘Wei Li Ann nice, good!’ And yesterday, he knew that he was being praised by Jung Min during the press conference, he was surprised and said ‘Huh? I didn’t know he will listen to my music, i thought he will prefer fast and upbeat song, really thank him.’

Jung Min planned to release a Chinese album in December, but Wei Li Ann will be going into army. He was asked if he will agree if Jung Min ask him to produce a song, Wei Li Ann smiled and said ‘Of course! I will also write it out when serving the army.’


Jung Min really gave a surprised to the media by giving such a out-of-norm answer. Guess all of you is curious of this singer which Jung Min would like to work with right? Mini UFO decided to fly to Taiwan to collect some info. Kekeke.... ^^

Wei Li Ann (韦礼安), a.k.a Weibird, champion of popular Taiwan variety TV Show 'Happy Sunday' 1st Talent Contest in 2007. He is famous in the Chinese music circle as a composer, his music is always top 50 in a popular chinese portal for budding composer - Streetvoice for many years. His blog has a hit rate of 3millions, his music hit rate is 1 million. He has also composed songs for quite a few singers (mainly ladies ^^).

Some of his famous songs are (click on name to link to youtube video):
- 有沒有

[News][2010.10.01] SS501 Park Jung Min expressed that he wish to do activities with the other members again

Credits: + (Chinese trans) 镜子 & MIKO @ No. 43 Park + SS501 Baidu + (English translation)
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[News][2010.10.01] SS501 Park Jung Min expressed that he wish to do activities with the other members again

On the 30th, he officially announces his contract with Sony Music Taiwan.

During an interview with a Korea media, he said that Korean wave is very competitive in Asian market. Because he wanted to perform well in the Chinese market, so he choose to sign contract with CNR Media after considering for a very long time.

While doing his solo activities, in addition he also said the activities for SS501 ‘SS501′s activities is one of the condition in the contract, I will not make concessions to SS501′s activities.’ The presence of SS501 affirmation for the future is conducted.

Park Jung Min said that ‘The planning for activities with SS501 is not yet confirm but if we can get together for one activity each year will be the best. He emphasized that ‘All my experiences now are brought by SS501.’

He was also indecisive of his solo activities. He said ‘Group activity and solo activity is equally important. Making a last decision like this is hard.’ He felt a little scare when doing solo activities compared to group activities but he will be prepared. He looks thinner now compared to the time where SS501 did activities together.

‘I felt lonelier this time coming to Taiwan compared to the time where 5 of us came together. But i will change the sense of burden to working seriously.’ So recently, he started to learn Japanese again.

With regards to the possibility of SS501 getting together, he expressed that ‘Of course it is possible, the way is to choose a period of time in a year to schedule a series of activities.’

He expressed his gratitude with regards of him debuting in a Chinese market, ‘I will massage after waking up in the morning. After that i will be like a student and go to exercise and study. Everyday, i will be learning Chinese, acting and vocal training. I felt that i have returned to 5-6 years ago when i first debuted.’

The activities in the Chinese industry will be announced in the Fanmeeting during December. It is scheduled that in the next half of the year, he will act in a drama. He will also released a mini album in Korea in November.

[News][2010.10.01] "SS501 Park Jung Min is here!".. Taiwan's passionate concern

Credits: + (Chinese trans) No.43 Park + (English trans) kelemama @
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[News][2010.10.01] "SS501 Park Jung Min is here!".. Taiwan's passionate concern

SS501 member came to Taiwan for interview which caused huge concern from media and fans.

On 30 September through Liberty Times etc Taiwan media whom released the information on Park Jung Min's interview in Taiwan on 30 September.

Park Jung Min's intention for this trip to Taiwan is to sign a contract with the No.1 Sales Record company in the Chinese industry Sony Music. There's around 200 reporters on the day of the press conference, total of 150 media companies.

Park Jung Min has very high popularity in Taiwan. More than 200 fans welcomed him at the airport when he arrived on 29 (Sep). Even when he left the airport, the camera lights still did not stop flashing.

Nothing else can be compared to his popularity on his trip to Taiwan. There's even fans who followed him from Incheon Airport all the way on plane and until Jung Min reaches Taiwan. This type of fans who will follow idol groups from the home country are called '사생팬' (*Note by XiaoChu & @ Quainte501: 私生(活)饭 - is a term they call those fans who follows their idols everywhere, from activities to their normal everyday life. It's not like stalker, it's more like die-hard fan), from airport to hotel, restaurants and venues as such for 3 days 2 nights will just keep following Park Jung Min.

With regards to fans' passion, Park Jung Min expressed gratitude in simple Mandarin, and waved to express his thanks.

Also Park Jung Min will begin his solo activities starting this November, there are plans to promote in Asia and also fanmeeting in progress in future, solo activities will be in progress aggressively.

[Info] Hyung Jun's Japanese Fanclub Notice - Official Calendar

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[Info] Hyung Jun's Japanese Fanclub Notice - Official Calendar


On 4 Oct 2010 (Mon) 18:30
[2011 Kim Hyung Jun Official Calendar] will be released for sales.

At the back of each copy of calendar, there will be 2 photos as gifts
If you purchase the SET, you are entitled to 4 photos as gifts! (4 types)
(There is no limit to the quantity you purchase. But if you decide to change the quantity anytime before making payment, please make a new order. If payment has already been made, then we will handle the order separately)

- Desk Calendar (Dimension: 160×220) 1,890 Yen (Tax included)
- Wall Calendar (Dimension: B2 size (728×515)) 2,625 Yen (Tax included)
- Set (Desk + Calendar) 4,515 Yen (Tax included)

Order by clicking on the banner on the index page.

※ CD with 2 songs, DVD and photobook in [Secret Packpage] is still on sale!

[Photo] Jung Min Arrivial @ Incheon Airport [2010.10.01] by 501_dg

Credit: 501_dg
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[Video] BTS of Hyun Joong official calendar 2011

So charming~~


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Part 1

Part 2

[Photo] Pony-tail Min arrivial in Incheon Airport [2010.10.01]

Credit: No43Park
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[Photo] Jung Min departure & Arrivial from Taiwan [2010.10.01] by PHeroMin

Credit: PHeroMin
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[Video + Text Translation] MTV Entertainment News reporting Jung Min shopping spress [2010.10.01]

^^ Did the text translation for you. Enjoy reading.


Credit: yinglisa5387
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0:08 Do you remember SS501 member Park Jung Min? We followed him along to shop yesterday. Aiyo~ he was so charming~

0:13 SS501 member Park Jung Min went to Taiwan for his solo activity and was well received by fans. After his press conference, he went shopping in Taiwan popular shopping center. Maybe because he didn't have much chance to shop in Korea, although he was surrounded by many fans, he still continued to shop and enjoyed it very much.

0:43 However, no matter how he choosed, he couldn't decide on a sunglasses. It was right also since his nicely drawn eye-lines would be covered by the sunglasses after wearing, so no matter who he looked it doesn't look good.

Caption: Charming or not

Caption: So nice, can face him eh

Caption: Charming right!

1:08 Being able to be at such a close contact together with their idol, this had already made his fans satisfied, especially sweet Park Jung Min would use his free time to chat with them.

Fans teaching him: 镜子 (Mirror)
(Pointing at mirror) Jung Min: Ah, 镜子 (Mirror), oh, 谢谢 (Thank you)
Fans: '你很帅' (You are very charming)
Jung Min: (pointing at himself) 我 (I)?
Jung Min: (proudly noding his head) '谢谢,谢谢' (Thank You) then following by: "我知道~" (I know)

1:28 At such close contact, no wonder no matter what happened fans were very well-behaved and obedient.

Caption: Don't touch Don't touch

Caption: Ahhhh~~~

[Twitter] Boys tweet translation on 1 October 2010

Aigoo.... Jung Min sleep so late? First tweet for today was send by Jung Min at 4.49am before he went to bed =_=

P/S: Jung Min's flight information today:
Departing Taiwan: 1710 by Cathay Pacific CX420
Arrival in Seoul: 2040


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2010-10-01 @ 4.49am
Mini UFO: kekekekeke.... JungMin, I juz found a friend like me~~ I also like to reply to myself... kekeke

2010-10-01 @ 4.49am
외톨이가 되었어요ㅠㅠ 혹시 주우신 분!! 공항근처라 예상할머니다ㅠㅠ
It's alone ㅠㅠ Is there anyone who found it!! Think it is near the airport ㅠㅠ

Photo he tweet:

2010-10-01 @ 5.09pm
지금은 외계인과 교신중
I am communicating with alien now

2010-10-01 @ 1.20pm
행복한일들이 많이생기네요, 다 여러분 덕분이에요
Lot of happy things had happened, all thanks to everyone

2010-10-01 @ 4.49am
아~~넘 늦었다.. 좋은 꿈꾸세요!! 나도 이제 잡니다~!! 내일 한국돌아가요. 항꿔찌엔..! 타이완더 펑요우예 션티 찌엔캉!!
Ah~~It's very late.. Have a sweet dream!! I am going to sleep now too~!! Going back to Korea tomorrow. Han Guo Jian (韩国见 - 'See you in Korea' in mandarin) Taiwan de peng you ye sheng ti jian kang (台湾的朋友也身体健康 - 'Stay healthy, friends in Taiwan' in mandarin)!!

Friday, October 1, 2010

[Video] Hyung Jun @ Idol in The Middle of the Night Ep1 [2010.09.30]

Thanks lhlhjb for sharing the video in her youtube channel.


Credit: lhlhjb @YT
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Part 1/5

Part 2/5

Part 3/5

Part 4/5

Part 5/5

[Fancam] Jung Min say 'Hao' [2010.09.29]

Credit=Chosim501님 + Lemongrass501501 @YT
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好= Good ^^

[Photo] Jung Min in Taiwan International Press Conference [2010.09.30] by JungMinTW

Credit: 朴政玟台湾首站( + Assisted by PLAY
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[Photo] Jung Min @ International Press Conference [2010.09.30]

His expression...... really A LOT.... kekeke


Credit: + Baidu Tieba SS501
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