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[Audio] JungMin @ Simsimtapa [2010.12.17]

JungMin SimSimTaPa Guest MC
Dec 13 | Dec 14 | Dec 15 | Dec 16
Dec 17 | Dec 18 | Dec 19


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[News] Kim HyungJun, Reveal of Photo with Simultaneous Interpretator Cousin Jang Elli Whom He Lives With, 'Displays their Kinship'. [2010.12.17]

Thanks XiaoChu for the translation.


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[News][2010.12.17] Kim HyungJun, Reveal of Photo with Simultaneous Interpretator Cousin Jang Elli Whom He Lives With, 'Displays their Kinship'.

Photos of SS501 Kim HyungJun and that lady, Jang Elli whom he lives together with, was revealed.

In the 4th episode of "Sweet Room" which airs on 19-Dec, Jang Elli, a Um-Chin-Ddal* simultaneous interpretator who has both intelligence and beauty, SS501 Kim HyungJun's close cousin, will be appearing for this episode.

Jang Elli is cousin to SS501 Kim HyungJun and U-Kiss Kim KiBum, and she is particularly close with Kim HyungJun. As if to prove that they are close with each other, SS501 Kim HyungJun appears in person at the filming site. Jang Elli wants to give a special gift to his cousin for visiting her, and requested for Ji IlGeun, the designer in charge of Big Bang stage clothing, to made a special jacket for him.

Meanwhile, MC Kim SaeRom who watched Kim HyungJun helping to match Jang Elli's clothes, called Jang Elli "Sister-in-law" and showed an overly friendly approach, making a round of laughter.

Because of her occupation as a simultaneous interpretator, Jang Elli is usually choose to dress in achromatic colored suit, and her wardrobe is filled with only black and white. "Sweet Room" MC Kim SaeRom and stylists changed her wardrobe by finding fashion styles which she didn't try before.

Broadcast is on 19-Dec at 1pm. .

*Note from XiaoChu: Um-Chin-Ddal is in short for mother's friend's daughter, describes someone who is good at everything and favored by other mothers. Like usually you'll hear your mother compares you with her friend's daughter who outshines you in everything.. this 'daughter' is called the 'um-chin-ddal' in short.

[Info][2010.12.17] Jung Min's flight arrival @ Haneda Airport, Japan on 20th Dec

Thanks saylalala for sharing this.


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[Info][2010.12.17] Jung Min's flight arrival @ Haneda Airport, Japan on 20th Dec

【CNR 副社長より、ファンの皆様へ】いよいよ、パク・ジョンミンさんのファンミが近づいてきましたね。■来日 羽田空港 便名KE2707 12月20日(月)11時05分到着です!!! 副社長からのちょっと早いクリスマスプレゼント情報です~~(>ε<)

[From the executive vice president of CNR, to all fans] At last, Park Jung Min's fanmeeting is getting closer. ■The arrival in Japan will be at Haneda airport, flight KE2707 on 20th Dec (Mon) at 11.05am!!! This is an early Christmas present information from the vice president~~(>ε<)

[Photo] Hyun Joong @ YAB Award by MurdererQ [2010.12.17]

Another ardent follower of HyunJoong, we see her in most of the major events and always share with us the beautiful pictures of HyunJoong.



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Friday, December 17, 2010

[Photo] Hyun Joong @ YAB Award backstage [2010.12.17]

Thanks @S2rene for tweeting these photographs from the backstage, and @LoveKHJ for retweeting them.


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[Video] TV News - Hyun Joong @ Message to Asia [2010.12.15]

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HK CEN - Message to Asia Press Conference

Credit: anpan2H

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Y-Star News [2010.12.16]

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[Photo] Hyun Joong arrivial @ HongKong Airport by 501_RC [2010.12.17]

More photo of Hyun Joong. Thanks @rc_501 for sharing.


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[Photo] Hyun Joong arrivial @ HongKong Airport [2010.12.17]

Photo by Hyun Joong Hong Kong Site. Thanks for sharing.


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[Photo] Hyun Joong arrivial @ HongKong Airport [2010.12.17]

Hyun Joong arrived safely at Hongkong Airport today. He's there for the Yahoo Buzz Award for the Top Search Award.

As usual, wherever there's appearance of HyunJoong, the Hyuniversal photographers are there to welcome him! ^o^ Thank you for your hard work!


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[Interview] Kim Hyung Jun "Choosing a difficult musical, I miss being an idol." [2010.12.17]

Source: news nate
Korean-English Translation: Wonderrrgirl @
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[Interview][2010.12.17] Kim Hyung Jun "Choosing a difficult musical, I miss being an idol."

After SS501 Kim Hyung Jun (23) transferred to the agency, he took up the challenge of a musical. After debuting in 2005 and despite being a singer for about 6 years, he became a newcomer in terms of musical stage. The idol has stretched himself to face up to the challenges of the musical. The reason for Kim Hyung Jun's eye catching performance despite no experience in acting is because his double role in 'Cafe-in' Musical.

During the times of SS501 activities, because of his title as "Maknae", the young impression given to Kim Hyung Jun then made his mature image even more prominent now. Becoming more talkative, his gestures are also bigger now. Due to the musical, "Became a solo member before the rest because of having the desire for acting and thus accepting the musical. Due to two months of practice before standing on the stage, and because of this, the thought 'I want to work hard for this' overwhelmed me. I was touched to be able to withstand everything well. "

Grasping the script and memorising it takes about a little more than a month. One-third of the 60-70 pages of script for Kim Hyung Jun includes singing, resulting increasing stress on him. Besides, the double-role also caused confusion. Kim Hyung Jun revealed out that "I've chosen the difficult path". From recently until now, confusion arises occasionally because of the double-role. But now, I seemed to be gradually getting how I should do it. During the performance I can slowly go into it and I can see the differences now."

Together in SS501's activities, Park Jung Min went to watch Kim Hyung Jun's performance and gave him a cold assessment. Kim Hyung Jun said, "Park Jung Min said that " if I'm shrivelled (with the preformance) at first, I became greatly surprised and impressed as days go by and be immersed by it." I conclude that he seems to like it. "

It is difficult for fanciful idol singers and musicals to establish a position due to inexperience. "Idol singers receives unconditional support from the fans. They are unaware of the realities of the world that can spring up on them. But now, the audience present their direct responses base on what they've seen. There is no more 'shield'. (Smiles) Despite also working for the smiles of the fans, but through the musical I think great opportunities can be gained. I don't know about others but personally this is the appeal of it."

Kim Hyung Jun said, "Sometimes (Idols) want to go back to before." Before the audience come to watch, anticipation such as [i]"How many people will be here today" , [i]"If it's a SS501 activity, will more fans want to come. During the time of the 5 of us, there are thousands of fans. Now the fans have been decreased to about hundreds.", "Will the hall be tightly packed" "Will there be many support and cheers". I will feel sorriness and loneliness. But I have to adapt to it. Otherwise I won't be able to do anything. "

In the past, he shouted out "geun-ja-kam" (Acronym for Having No Self-confidence), now the new meaning of "geun-ja-kam" transformed into "Having Self-confidence". Through the musical, a larger and wider fanbase was gained. Kim Hyung Jun's image as a "Ya-mang-dol (Idol with ambition)" can been seen. Next year as a solo member, He has an eye for appearing with a SS501 group album and a drama. While being busy, he does not want to have a late marriage.

"I have in mind towards a stable family. I will search to death the person I want to be with. I want about 4 children. 3 sons and 1 daughter? (Smiles) "

While being outside and busy with the musical performance, Kim Hyung Jun continue to keep his 2:00AM SBS Power FM "Kim Hyung Jun's Music High" DJ position. Nurses noonas etc clung on tightly to Kim Hyung Jun's chattiness, "Ambitious people find it interesting. It's a small world." , " Thought it's a little early to have the heart to go, this seems to be forgotten shortly. Now I want to protect this position firmly.", such self-confidence were expressed.

" 'Idol succeeds at everything' this is definitely not true. There are serious skills involved. In a year each, I wish to progress with a SS501 group album and concert. Big dreams like becoming a well-known producer-name. Together with younger brother Kibum (U-Kiss) and having a huge sense of responsibility towards him, I think I can do much better."

Named on his own as "Year 2011's Rising Star" Kim Hyung Jun. In future, he will offer a diversed spectrum of colours. Do anticipate.


*Note by wonderrrgirl: Koreans are very fond of acronyms.
'근자감geun-ja-kam' is an acronym of 근거 없는 자신감 (Having no self-confidence)
But it can also be an acronym of 근거 있는 자신감 (Having self-confidence)
Acronyms are very common aspects of Korean language.
Just an interesting side info. ^^

[Twitter] Boys tweet for 17 December 2010

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2010-12-17 @ 11:40pm
피로피로 홈페이지 오픈했습니다. 많은사랑 부탁드릴께요^^ HnB 만세~
Piropiro homepage is opened. Hope that you can give lots of love to ^^ HnB mansae~

2010-12-17 @ 8:44pm
How to have a very merry christmas

2010-12-17 @ 7:57pm
@Actor_ParkJiBin comming soon!!

2010-12-17 @ 7:24pm
@mystyle1103 형 아직도 필리핀이야?? 언제와~~~~
@mystyle1103 Hyung, are you still in Philippines?? When are u coming~~~~

2010-12-17 @ 7:22pm

날씨가 완전 좋아~하늘도 깨끗하구~~

Weather is perfectly good~Sky is also so clear~~

2010-12-17 @ 5:15pm

@Kevinwoo91 제발 .. 형님

@Kevinwoo91 Please .. hyung-nim


2010-12-17 @ 5:13pm]

@90KKB ㅠㅠ 아~ 또? 왜 이렇게 나를 불러~ 이제 지겨워죽겠구만...더~ 무섭게 할까~? 오늘밤 기달려 푸화하하하~~~

@90KKB ㅠㅠ Ah~ again? Why always call me (into your dream) like this~ I am so sick and tired now... Should I be~ even scarier~? Just wait for tonight puhwahahaha~~~


2010-12-17 @ 3:30pm

오늘 케빈이 꿈에 나왔습니다 정말 무서웠습니다 식은땀을 흘리며 잠에서 깼습니다. 으앙 ㅜㅜㅜㅜ

Kevin appeared in my dream today. It was really scary. Broke out in cold sweat and woke up from my sleep. euang ㅜㅜㅜㅜ

*XiaoChu: euang is like a crying sound

2010-12-17 @ 11:56am
우리는 곧 한국으로 돌아갑니다..^^ !!
We are returning back to Korea soon..^^!!

2010-12-17 @ 4:42am
@Kevinwoo91 으악!!!!!!!!!!제발
@Kevinwoo91 euack!!!!!!!!!! Please

2010-12-17 @ 1:11am
@90KKB 왜 질투해?!!! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 안자고 우리 대화 왜 보고있는데? ^^ 나 형 꿈에 나타난다!!!
@90KKB Why, you're jealous?!!! kekekekeke Why are you watching our conversation and not sleeping? ^^ I am appearing in hyung's dream!!!

2010-12-17 @ 12:59am
@Kevinwoo91 형아한테 악몽을 주지마
@Kevinwoo91 Don't give a nightmare to hyung-ah

2010-12-17 @ 12:53am
@mystyle1103 엉~~~~~~ㅋㅋ 드디어~~~~ㅋㅋ
@mystyle1103 Ung~~~~~~keke Finally~~~~keke

2010-12-17 @ 12:46am
@mystyle1103 영생아 언제 오노?
@mystyle1103 YoungSaeng-ah, when are you coming?

2010-12-17 @ 12:38am
@mystyle1103 어딘데???
@mystyle1103 Where are you???

2010-12-17 @ 12:38am
@2kjdream야 팔로우해줘~~~
@2kjdream Yah, follow me back~~

2010-12-17 @ 12:38am
@2kjdream 형 잘지내시나용!ㅋ
@2kjdream Hyung, how are you doing! ke

2010-12-17 @ 12:33am
@mystyle1103 우잉 어려워어어어 ㅠ 알려줘 베벵~
@mystyle1103 Ooing It's difficult Teach me baebaeng~

2010-12-17 @ 12:26am
@jjjjjin2yo 아이폰 샀어??
@jjjjjin2yo You bought iphone??

2010-12-16 @ 12:20am
@HyungJun87 고마워요 형! 형은 이미 대박났는데 더~~~대박 나길 기도할께요! ㅋㅋ 잘자요! 제 꿈꾸면서? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ죄송해요 ㅠㅠ
@HyungJun87 Thanks hyung! Hyung is already a huge success but I wish for even more~~~success for you! keke Sleep tight! While dreaming of me? kekekekeke Sorry ㅠㅠ

[News] Kim HyunJoong “Feels good when being referred to as ‘Little Yon-sama’” [2010.12.14]

Thanks XiaoChu for the long long translation. Though it is an honour to be placed same level as Bae YongJun but I do hope one of these day, leader will not be referred as having similarity with anybody but having a name of his own! I believe he can achieved that!


Credits : + (photo) KeyEast + (English Translation) xiaochu @

[News][2010.12.14] Kim HyunJoong “Feels good when being referred to as ‘Little Yon-sama’”

Singer cum actor Kim HyunJoong revealed that “I don’t feel upset when being called ‘Little Yon-sama’”

On 14-Dec, Kim HyunJoong was at Tokyo Dome for charity event ‘Message! To Asia’, and had a short interview time with reporter from Korea at a late hour after ending the event. Ambitions in the future as a Hallyu Star, desire to be both singer and actor, Kim HyunJoong said frankly on his thoughts about being called as ‘the 2nd Bae YongJoon’.

In regards to being labelled as ‘Post Yon-sama’ ‘The 2nd Bae YongJoon’, Kim HyunJoong said “I don’t feel upset when being called as that. I think that it is a compliment this way because ‘Yon-sama’ has an extreme influence on culture. I wish to become even just half as good as him. My weapon is to be able to act, dance and sing, so I think I will be something, be it ‘The 2nd Yon-sama’ or ‘The 1st Kim HyunJoong’.”

- This is your first time performing in Tokyo Dome, what is your feeling?

Since advancing into Japan, my target is to (perform) in Bodokan Areana and then lastly in Tokyo Dome, 2 of my targets were accomplished this year, even my final target has been accomplished. Even though it is not a solo concert, being able to perform in Tokyo Dome, I understood about the dignity of this concert venue. I have the ambition to be able to hold a concert in Tokyo Dome when my solo album is released next year.

- For a moment, you mentioned before to focus on acting, but you will release a solo album next year and will be starting your activities as a singer.

Acting and singing will go on side by side. Even though it is tough, it is not too hard on me. I want to show myself as a singer and also showing myself acting.

- You are close to Bae YongJoon personally as to even call him ‘hyung’, what is your thought about seeing Bae YongJoon in Tokyo Dome this time?

He seems like a different person somehow. I felt that he is really remarkable when I saw him talking naturally with the audience on such a big stage. I watched YongJoon hyung on stage at Tokyo Dome for about 10 minutes, and I felt many times that he is ‘Yon-sama’ at that time rather than YongJoon hyung. I felt a little awkward with that feeling.

- Changing your management agency to KeyEast, you have been called as ‘Little Yon-sama’ ‘Post Bae YongJoon’.

I don’t feel upset about ‘Post Yon-sama’ ‘The 2nd Yon-sama’ ‘The 2nd Bae YongJoon’. I think that it is a compliment this way because ‘Yon-sama’ has an extreme influence on culture. I wish to become even just half as good as him. My weapon is to be able to act, dance and sing, so I think I will be something, be it ‘The 2nd Yon-sama’ or ‘The 1st Kim HyunJoong’.”

- It is not exaggerating to say that Kim HyunJoong’s posters are all over Myeongdong Seoul. You have received lots of love from fans all over Asia, what is the appealing part of it?

I went to Singapore and Malaysia and extremely many people came to support. I was really shocked because there were really a lot who came. I find it very amazing and was shocked, I think it is no doubt the growth of internet. Because they can easily learn about Hallyu and download videos almost simultaneously, so I also have fans from far away countries. Above all, I think it is because of the successful exports of ‘Boys over Flowers’.

- In this performance at Tokyo Dome, you showed yourself dancing which you haven’t shown for a long time. What is your feeling?

It is not that I will not dance when I am not coming out as a dance singer, I am practicing dancing everyday. So that I will not get unfamiliar with it. My solo album which will be released next year has been in preparation since a long time ago. In order to show my image as someone who can sing and dance in front of the public, I continued to dance. Overseas fans mainly know me as Yoon JiHoo from drama ‘Boys Over Flowers’, so they will be surprised to see me dancing, but I want to show a better image as a singer next year.

- The 1st generation Hallyu star is Bae YongJoon, 2nd generation is So JiSub, it is not too much to say that Kim HyunJoong is the 3rd generation. What is the characteristic of the 3rd generation?

Even though I don’t know who set the 1st, 2nd generation, the generation now is to have ‘diversity’. Having diverse talents in singing, dancing, and even acting, individuals will stand out with diversity and that is the 3rd generation of Hallyu star.

[Twitter] Boys tweet convo translation on 16 December 2010

Credits : xiaochu @
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2010-12-16 @ 11:52pm
@JungMin0403 어제 오랳만에 봐서 기분좋았는데...방송사고가좀 있어서 찝찝허넹....내잘못아니다..형 미워하지마~~~ㅠㅠ
@JungMin0403 Felt good when I saw you yesterday... Felt awkward because of the broadcasting accident..... It is not my fault..Don't hate on hyung~~~ㅠㅠ

2010-12-16 @ 11:50pm
@Steven_Lee_ ㅋㅋ규종이같이있죠~가르치고 싶은데 수영할 생각이 없는듯 ㅠㅠ @Steven_Lee_ keke KyuJong is together with me~ I wanted to teach him but he doesn't seem like he wants to swim ㅠㅠ

2010-12-16 @ 11:48pm
@Steven_Lee_ 낼모레가요~~ㅋㅋ추운데있다가 더운데오니까 좋네요 ㅋㅋ 리조트에있는 풀장에서 수영을 하니~형집앞에있는 풀장이 생각나네요 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
@Steven_Lee_ I'm going soon~~keke It is good coming to a warm place when it is so cold keke I am swimming in the swimming pool of the resort~ Makes me think of the swimming pool at hyung's house kekekeke

2010-12-16 @ 11:47pm

@mystyle1103 ㅋ그래 꼭보자~~잘하고와~

@mystyle1103 ke alright, we must meet up~~Do it well and come~

2010-12-16 @ 11:45pm

@Kevinwoo91 열심히해서 잘되길 기도할께, 착한동생~ 보러가마

@Kevinwoo91 I will pray that everything goes well for you so please work hard, nice dongsaeng~ Will be going to see you


2010-12-16 @ 11:45pm

@mystyle1103 오!! 기대할게 !! ㅎㅎ잘찍고와~ 여기는 12시 15분전 ㅋㅋ 나 잘게 ㅋㅋ
@mystyle1103 oh!! I am looking forward to it!! heehee Film nicely and return back~ It is before 12.15am here keke I am going to bed keke


2010-12-16 @ 11:45pm

@JungMin0403 이미 다른분 드렸어, 거짓말 할래?!
@JungMin0403 I have already given to someone else, do you want me to lie?!

2010-12-16 @ 11:42pm

@mystyle1103 좋겠다 좋은데 다니구ㅋㅋ 언제와?

@mystyle1103 That's good, have a good trip keke When are you coming?


2010-12-16 @ 11:42pm

@zerotic0124 그생긱??ㅋㅋ한국가믄 봐요~2010이 끝나기전에!!ㅋ

@zerotic0124 That thought?? keke Meet when you come Korea~ Before 2010 comes to an end!! ke

*zerotic0124 had a typo error in his reply thought = Saeng Gak, he wrote as Saeng Gik


2010-12-16 @ 11:41pm

@Actor_ParkJiBin 거의다 찍었어 ㅋㅋ 한두씬 남았어~~

@Actor_ParkJiBin We're almost done with it keke Only left with just one or two scenes~~


2010-12-16 @ 11:40pm

Still not enough to learn English.. 이거맞나?ㅠㅠ번역한거라..ㅋㅋ English studying fighting!!!

Still not enough to learn English.. Is this correct?
ㅠㅠ Have to translate.. keke English studying fighting!!!

2010-12-16 @ 11:40pm

@JungMin0403 완전 얘기네. 왜 엄마꺼 안먹구 널 괴롭혀 ㅋㅋ

@JungMin0403 It's totally a baby. Why doesn't it drink from its mom and torture you instead keke

2010-12-16 @ 11:39pm

@mystyle1103 연말이다보니......ㅋㅋ안그래도나도그생긱하고있다ㅋ

@mystyle1103 It is year end......keke Even if you have not say so I am thinking about it too ke


2010-12-16 @ 11:38pm

@mystyle1103 아 그 영상화보 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 연기해야지!! 얼마나찍었어? ㅋㅋㅋ

@mystyle1103 Ah, that video photo shoot kekekekeke You should act!! How much have you filmed already? kekeke


2010-12-16 @ 11:38pm

@mystyle1103 필리핀 따뜻해요?ㅋㅋ

@mystyle1103 It is warm in Philippines? keke

2010-12-16 @ 11:33pm
@Actor_ParkJiBin 응ㅋㅋ영상화보찍으러 왔지 ㅋㅋ 나 이제 연기도 해야할까봐~~ㅋㅋ
@Actor_ParkJiBin Ung keke Came for video photo shooting keke I think I should have to be acting now too~~keke

2010-12-16 @ 11:31pm

@mystyle1103 형 필리핀이야??

@mystyle1103 Hyung is in Philippines??

2010-12-16 @ 11:15pm

@onestarL 지금 필리핀이야 ㅋㅋ촬영하러왔다~~

@onestarL I'm in Philippines now keke Came for filming~~


2010-12-16 @ 11:14pm

@zerotic0124 술좀 적당히 먹어요~그러다 죽어요~~ㅋㅋㅋ

@zerotic0124 Please drink liquor moderately~ Otherwise you'll die~~kekeke

2010-12-16 @ 11:13pm

@mystyle1103 오우 형 어디쎄요 ㅋㅋ

@mystyle1103 Ohh Hyung, where are you keke

2010-12-16 @ 11:11pm

서울은 눈오구~여긴 무진장 더운데 ㅋㅋㅋ

It's snowing in Seoul~ It is extremely hot here kekeke


2010-12-16 @ 11:07pm
@JungMin0403 이런! 그런 방법이!! ㅋㅋ @HyungJun87
@JungMin0403 This! That method!! keke @HyungJun87
*in reply to JungMin's tweet about unfollowing then following HyungJun as the 100,000th follower to win the prize


2010-12-16 @ 11:06pm

@2kjdream 야 눈온다!!!또 눈글씨쓰고 그래~~~

@2kjdream Yah, it's snowing!!! Are you going to write on snow again~~~


2010-12-16 @ 10:59pm

@Moonjunwon 따식아~~

@Moonjunwon Ddashikah~~

*in reply to
2010-12-16 @ 9:16pm

우리 회사에 호동이! 너 모해 거기서

HoDong in our company! What are you doing there

2010-12-16 @ 10:59pm
요건 강아지일까~? 쥐새끼일까? 토끼새끼일까??ㅎㅎㅎ 밥주기 넘어려워!ㅠㅠ인공수유중!
Is this a puppy~? Or a baby rat? Or a baby rabbit?? heeheehee It is so difficult to feed it! ㅠㅠ In midst of bottle-feeding!

2010-12-16 @ 10:56pm
@HyungJun87 확인해바바~~~^^나 10만 이벤트 응모하려고 언팔로우했다 팔로우했다 그랬으니까!!^^나 당첨된것같애!^^*
@HyungJun87 Wanna check~~~^^ In order to enter for the 100,000 follower event, I unfollowed then followed you back!!^^ I think I will win!^^*

2010-12-16 @ 6:29pm
날씨가 정말 춥네요, 감기조심 또 조심
Weather is really cold, be extra careful about catching flu

[Audio] JungMin @ Simsimtapa [2010.12.16]

JungMin SimSimTaPa Guest MC
Dec 13 | Dec 14 | Dec 15 | Dec 16
Dec 17 | Dec 18 | Dec 19


Credit: iZomZaa
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Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Thursday, December 16, 2010

[Merchandise] Kim HyungJun "SWAVE 1st Present" Secret Package

English Translation:
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[Merchandise] Kim HyungJun "SWAVE 1st Present" Secret Package

On the 20th September,same day of Kim HyungJun Official Japan Fanclub opening, he made guest appearance in Song SeungHeon fan meeting 'SH & Asto Japan' to celebrate the fanclub one year anniversary at Yokohama Arena in Japan. Kim HyungJun showed his ability with his exceptional singing performance.

1st release in Japan on 31 December 2010*!! Kim HyungJun "SWAVE 1st Present"

Secret Package containing:
CD + DVD + 28pages special photobook

1. Girl
2. HwaseongNam GeumSeongNyeo (Man from Mars, Lady from Venus)

Duration: approx. 90mins
1. Kim HyungJun Japan visit (Live Performance & Making Video)
2. Singapore fan meeting
3. Quick run of activities

* From HyungJun's Japan official web, the release date is actually 31 Dec 2010, but if you check Amazon Japan & YesAsia, they actually put the release date as 22 December 2010. Just for your information.

[Info] KyuJong & YoungSaeng AND Story in Manila

Good news!


Catch Kyu Jong & Young Saeng ... LIVE in the Philippines
on February 5, 2011, 6:30 PM at The Forum 2, PICC!

For more info... Please visit the event's OFFICIAL MANILA WEBSITE:

[Twitter] Boys tweet convo translation on 15 December 2010

Credits : xiaochu @
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2010.12.15 @ 11:50pm
@HyungJun87 너 잘해. 못한다 싶으면 말할꺼야. 기댕겨 눈에 불을 켜고 찾아낼테다!!!

2010.12.15 @ 10:50pm
RT @HnBcompany: 뮤지컬 '카페인' 사랑 행복 슬픔을 모두 담아낸 작품!범대표가 오늘 조용히 보고왔습니다 정말 재밌다!라는 말이 절로 나오네요 연말에 연인 친구 가족과 보길 강추!

2010-12-15 @ 10:22pm
@mystyle1103 아주 뜨거운곳에 있다고 들었다 ㅋㅋ 수고해 ㅋ
@mystyle1103 If there is any place which is very hot, go in keke Thanks for the hard work ke

2010-12-15 @ 9:19pm
오랫만에 무대였는데 방송사고났어요ㅠㅠ 우이잉~~놀란마음 감추고 노래불러서 잘했나몰라여ㅠㅠ 우아앙
It was a performance since a long time but I had a broadcasting accident ㅠㅠ Ooiing~~ I hid my shockness and sang the song so I don't know if I have done well ㅠㅠ Ooang

2010-12-15 @ 9:18pm
I posted a new photo to Facebook
*MiniUFO: Awww.... why u cry~~~ Sayang~ Sayang~~

2010-12-15 @ 5:48pm
I posted a new photo to Facebook

2010-12-15 @ 5:47pm
오늘 제 무대는 아니지만! 무대 협찬 왔어요!^^
Though it is not my performance today! Came to sponsor the stage/performance!^^

2010-12-15 @ 12:57pm
@HyungJun87 잘생긴 형준이형!!! ㅋㅋ 팔로했어요! ^^ 잘지내죠? 형 뮤지컬 보러 가고싶은데~ ㅠㅠ
@HyungJun87 Good-looking HyungJun hyung!!! Keke I followed you! ^^ How are you doing? I wanted to go and watch hyung’s musical~ ㅠㅠ

2010-12-15 @ 11:48am
@Kevinwoo91 귀여운 케빈~
@Kevinwoo91 Cute Kevin~