Thursday, May 17, 2012

[Notice] KeyEast Notice - Official Facebook Account [2012.05.15]

It has been known that on facebook there are people inpersonate as Hyun Joong, including the recent 'Real Kim Hyun Joong'. KeyEast mail came up just in time to let all fans know that there is only one official facebook account and it is
Please spread this around so that nobody will be conned into believing other fake accounts!


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[Notice][2012.05.15] KeyEast Notice - Official Facebook Account

Hello. This is Key East.

May is the month where family love is most felt in a year,
Hope that you can enjoy and harmoniously spend each and every day with the bright weather
Here is the details about the change in URL for Kim HyunJoong’s official facebook.

Below is the details of the previous and new URL of Kim HyunJoong’s official facebook.

Previous :
New :

The change of official facebook URL as mentioned above will take effect from today
We have amended the banner link in the official homepage as well as in
All the changes in the URL address have been done.

In addition, with regards to various impersonation accounts using Kim HyunJoong’s name in facebook,
A lot of problems have surfaced and so inevitably, we are going to steamline into one channel
Besides this official facebook account, we are not managing any other facebook pages under Kim HyunJoong’s name, we seek your understanding on this.

We hope for all the fans’ attention and support
As we will be providing speedy news and information to all the fans worldwide
Through Kim HyunJoong’s official homepage as official facebook in the future.

Thank you.

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