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[Notice] KeyEast Notice – About Official Fan Club Henecia [2012.05.09]

For all TripleS & Henecian, please take note that there are no other official fan club other than those being spell out by KeyEast in this notice. Do not be conned into joining any fan club which claim that they are official and collect funds from you. Always check or ask around with other fellow fans which has been in the fandom for very long, so that you can get hold of correct facts.

Thanks XiaoChu from for translating this piece of news.

And yes! it is a shame that there are some fans which make use of trust of innocent fans to cheat their money.

Please spread this news around so that nobody will be conned by these cheaters!


Credits : + (English Translation) xiaochu @

[Notice][2012.05.09] KeyEast Notice – About Official Fan Club Henecia

Hello. This is Key East.

With the start of Kim HyunJoong’s fan meting tour,
The month of May is filled with fun and gratitude to all the fans,
Among fanclubs and even fansites opened by individuals in each country
There are some which claimed to be recognized as official fan club by Key East,
We wish to confirm that fans did not suffer any monetary losses,
We want to tell you once again about the official fan club Henecia.

Currently the fan clubs that are officially recognized by Key East are
We want to inform you that any other fan clubs and fan sites opened by individuals
Are not being recognized as the official fanclub.

Kim HyunJoong’s official fan club HENECIA in Korea
Had ended its registration on 23-May-2011.
Future registration period has not been confirmed at the moment
But the registration period will be confirmed according to the artiste’s activities period
Current 2011 HENECIA members continue their membership until the new registration period
And will enjoy benefits as the official fan club members.

Official fan club HENCIA’s confirmed registration period will be notified through
The ‘Notice’ board in and,
In the event where other websites requested for specific sum of money as the membership fee to join the fan club,
We hope that you can verify and not suffer any damages from it.

Lastly, we wish to inform that we will not hesitate to take actions, such as through legal means, against the respective party involved in misrepresentation as the official fan club as stated above, or reoccurrence of paid fan club registration and other relating problem.

Thank you.

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