Saturday, May 12, 2012

[Video] HyunJoong @ Youku Entertainment News - HK Asia FM Tour [2012.05.12]

The content of this news is also similar to the rest of the news, talking about HyunJoong is going to hold his FM in HK. He has arrived a day before to hold his press conference before the FM. Upon arrived at presscon, HyunJoong used cantonese to greet and he was very friendly. His fans even tried to disguise as reporter to sneak into press conference. During the FM, he will be singing and also handshake with fans who participated in the FM. They also talked about the U:zoosin character which he designed personally to represent himself and he believes that there are livings in outer space. About his birthday next month, he hope to have a meal with his friends after his work and wishes that his FanMeeting tour will be successful. He also talked about his new drama work. At the end of the day, he cut the cake to have an early celebration of his birthday and also to wish his success of his Hong Kong Fanmeeting.


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