Saturday, May 12, 2012

[Video + Eng Trans] Hyun Joong @ MingPao News Report on Hong Kong Asia FanMeeting Tour [2012.05.11]

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English Text Translation:
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[Caption] Kim Hyun Joong disclosed will shake hand with all fans
Narrator: Korean Star Kim Hyun Joong
Narrator: Come to Hong Kong to hold his press conference
Narrator: Kim Hyun Joong used cantonese to greet in the beginning
[Caption] Kim Hyun Joong
HJL: Hi everybody
HJL: I am Kim Hyun Joong
Narrator: Tomorrow Kim Hyun Joong
Narrator: Will meet his fans
Narrator: Would he be singing during that time?
HJL: Although it is just a fanmeeting
HJL: But would mainly be singing
HJL: After the fanmeeting ended, there will be Handshake session
HJL: Will shake hand will every fans that participate in the fanmeeting
Narrator: Among your merchandise
Narrator: We always see an alien character
Narrator: Is it personally designed by you?
HJL: This 'U:zoosin' is personally designed by me
[Words on flag] Kim Hyun Joong ssi, wish the success of your Hong Kong Fanmeeting
HJL: I used a cute way
HJL: to design this alien
HJL: because I like alien
HJL: Seeing that so many fans like it
HJL: I am also very happy
Narrator: It will be your Birthday next month
Narrator: How would you celebrate it?
HJL: On my Birthday
HJL: Wish that after completed my work
HJL: will spend the time with my friends
HJL: right after that I will be holding fanmeetings at many places
HJL: Wish it will be successful

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