Saturday, May 12, 2012

[Video + Eng Text Trans] Hyun Joong @ Hong Kong Headline News - Hong Kong Asia FanMeeting Tour Press Conference [2012.05.12]

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English text translation:
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[Caption] Kim Hyun Joong's fan disguise as reporter to meet idol
Narrator:  Korean star Kim Hyun Joong arrived in Hong Kong at 10.50am early morning yesterday
Narrator: Around 150 fans welcome him at airport
Narrator: He will be holding his fanmeeting at AsiaExpo tomorrow night
Narrator: Next month, he also will be going to Chengdu,
Narrator: Beijing and other places to hold fanmeetings
Narrator: Upon arriving at press conference, immediate tried to please by greeting in Cantonese
HJL: Hi, everybody! I am Kim Hyun Joong
Narrator: But still need the MC to teach him by repeating word for word
Narrator: But the result was still different, causing the scene to be very comical
Narrator: He who has the '4D' label, personally
Narrator: designs an alien character
Narrator: He also frankly mentioned that he believes that there are organism existed in outer space
Narrator: Mentioning about his 6th June Birthday
Narrator: He said that he wishes that after completed his work, he can meet with his friends to have a meal
Narrator: His Birthday wish is to have a successful 'Asia FanMeeting Tour'
Narrator: He joked that he has trim his nails to prepare
Narrator: to shake hand with fans during the fanmeeting
Narrator: He mentioned that he will tone his body for his new drama, changing his usual decent role
Narrator: Although busy with his Asia FanMeeting tour, he didn't forget about 8th May
Narrator: is Korea's Parents Day, but he couldn't celebrate with his parents
Narrator: When asked whether he will buy a house for his parents to show his filial piety
Narrator: He mentioned that it is too personal and didn't answer it
Narrator: Mentioning that he is selected as the champion of 'Healing Idol'
Narrator: He said he is not sure about this
Narrator: but he expressed that he will not lie to console friends
Narrator: Also, yesterday's press conference attracted about 50 medias to interview
Narrator: Some of his fans even try to disguise as reporter, attempting to sneak into the venue
Narrator: but was stopped by security

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