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[News] In order to meet idol anything also dare to do, Kim Hyun Joong fans scold vulgar and disguise as reporter [2012.05.12]

Hope fans will behave themselves and not do things which will put them in danger. Whatever you do reflected on the star, notice how much of the negative news were reported as compare to his press conference content.


Credit: Apple Daily News
Newspaper scan: @lovingkhjhk twitter
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[News][2012.05.12] In order to meet idol anything also dare to do, Kim Hyun Joong fans scold vulgar and disguise as reporter

Korean Group SS501 member Kim Hyun Joong first time visit Hong Kong for his solo promotion, will hold his fanmeeting at AsiaExpo tonight. He has arrived Hong Kong in a hurricane attack style yesterday, other than his car being surrounded by fans at airport causing some commotion, there are a few fanatic fans even tried to disguise as reporter to sneak into the press conference, there also fans also quarrel withe security.

Korean Star Kim Hyun Joong will hold his Asia FanMeeting Tour - Hong Kong stop at AsiaExpo. Yesterday upon his arrival many small incident continuously happened. After arrival immediately hold press conference to meet with the medias, security was very tight and requested reporter to wear blue hand band as admission pass. However, about 5 or 6 fans made used of the commotion successfully fool the staff, saying that they were reporter and successfully used the blue hand band to enter the event hall, in the hall, security was suspected, and when to check their identity, requested the fans to show their ID and also called their company for verification, after being exposed, the fans was asked to remove the blue hand band and leave.

Caption under leader photograph with cake: Kim Hyun Joong received the cake with the alien character which was designed by him, causing him very surprised.

Caption of fan disguise as reporter (Left): <Disguise as reporter>
Fanatic fan was exposed by security to disguise as reporter. After entering the press conference venue, was immediately requested to remove the blue admission hand band.

(Middle): <Confrontation with security>
Security requested the fanatic fan who disguise as reporter to call back her office to confirm her reporter identity.

(Right): <Stop car and quarrel>
Around hundred of fans do not care of safety surrounded Kim Hyun Joong's car, there are even fans who quarrel with the security.

Cut finger nail waiting for handshake

After all the minor incidents, Kim Hyun Joong arrived with our suit and jean look, using his mixed mandarin and Cantonese said: 'Hi everybody, I am Kim Hyun Joong'. It was really very comical. He brought his own designed alien U:zoosin (God of Universe), revealed that the design idea is to show a cute alien, and plans to design more friends for it.

Kim Hyun Joong whose birthday is on 6 June was asked about how he would celebrate his birthday, he expressed if he has time, he wish to have a meal with his friend. The event has prepare a U:zoosin cake to wish his success in his fanmeeting tonight, he joked that he will treat this as his Birthday cake. When interview, Kim Hyun Joong revealed that tonight before the handshake event, he will be singing 15 songs, and also revealed will open a bigger scale event in future. When ask about whether he will do any special hand care before the handshake event, he joked that he will definitely cut his nails. Previously when he came to Hong Kong and was being photographs that he went to play at LanGuiFang, he expressed for this round, he do not have time to go around and will be leaving Hong Kong tomorrow.

Yesterday when Kim Hyun Joong arrived in the airport it has cause some commotion, there were about 150 fans waiting at the airport welcoming him, mostly were female fans. Before 11am there were a few fans wiating for him in the airport arrival hall B exit with their placard, however as the airport security was feared that it might cause commotion and had arranged for Kim Hyun Joong to exit through the special exit, directly send him to the underground car park to leave. Once all the fans received the information, their immediately run downstairs to meet their idol.

Pushing each other cause conflict

When Kim Hyun Joong's vehicle is going to leave the exit, fans do not care about their own safety and surrounded his vehicle, causing the vehicle couldn't move forward, seeing that his Hong Kong fans were so passionate, he also don't bear to leave like this, and took initiative to wind down his car window to wave at his fans, showing his friendliness. However, maybe due to fatigue, he didn't smile much, but fans still received happily, upon seeing their idol went down the car scream frantically, and also tried to pass their gifts to him, but Kim Hyun Joong didn't receive it personally but received that via his staff. In between, the security had some confrontation with fans, the security has held hand to form a human wall, to prevent fans to get close to Kim Hyun Joong, some panic fans scolded vulgarity to the security, causing the situation to turn bad.

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