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[News][2012.05.20] Kim HyunJoong self-ridicule as 'Rain' God, Lady dancer pulled shirt to reward fans [2012.05.19]

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[News][2012.05.20] Kim HyunJoong self-ridicule as 'Rain' God, Lady dancer pulled shirt to reward fans

Korea popular star Kim HyunJoong continuously 2 night held his fan meeting, changing from 18th night 'abs' revealing, yesterday (19th) his dark jacket with nothing underneath it had been buttoned tightly, only the 2 'red beans' on his chest kept coming out to meet the audience. However, at the end of the fan meeting during encore, a lady dancer was high until pulling down Kim HyunJoong's shirt, Kim HyunJoong could only tried to ran away from her, causing screams from the floor!

'U:zoosin' Kim HyunJoong held his 2nd day fan meeting at NTU Sports Center, continuously 2 nights turning on his power, Kim HyunJoong sweet talk to gain favor from media, laughingly mentioned that he was very happy after seeing the media reports in the morning. As for bring rain everytime when he came to Taiwan, Kim HyunJoong self-ridicule to change his title to 'Rain' God* (Mini UFO note: 宇宙神 (Yu zhou shen) first word '宇' pronunciation is similar to '雨' which means rain. ^^). Changing the topic, he smiled and said seemed like raining in Taiwan represent a person who has lots of good fortune. Kim HyunJoong promised that he will come back to Taiwan to hold his concert next year, and even made a wish, hope that the next time when he comes to Taiwan he would not be the Rain God but will have good weather!

During mid session, Kim HyunJoong drew lots to select fans to play game together, allowing 5 lucky fans to go on stage to pose according to movie posters and taken photograph together. Among them were 'crossing arm on shoulder' pose from 'My Sassy Girl'; 'standing back to back' pose from 'Secret'; 'Princess hug' pose from 'Gone with the wind'. Among them, one of the fan even wore a wedding gown on stage, but had selected 'Late Autumn' which had no body contact at all, making the lady fan immediately pouted and requested for eye to eye contact, Kim HyunJoong's heart was soften and agreed, laughingly said: 'No matter what wearing bridal gown has lots of sincerity!'. A 12 year old girl had selected the 'U:zoosin' card, during the final photograph, the girl kissed Kim HyunJoong face, causing fans to scream.

As Kim HyunJoong's birthday falls on 6 June, fans had thoughtfully held up their birthday cards, singing 'Happy Birthday' at the venue, giving an early greeting for their idol's birthday. After receiving fan's sincere thoughts, Kim HyunJoong was smiling from ear to ear, kept shouting: 'Thank you', Kim HyunJoong said: 'Saying this now is a little bit funny, but having so many people celebrating my birthday for me, allowing me to live even longer!' His 4D resolution made fans laugh non-stop. He also promised that as long as his body can withstand, he will take good care of his body, to continue to sing on stage for his fans.

The fan meeting ended at 9pm, right after that was the 'High-touch' moment which fans had been long awaited. The day before this, Kim HyunJoong had shook hand up till 11pm then completed his interaction with 2100 fans, yesterday night Kim HyunJoong still determined to thank his fans one by one, making fans happy and yet felt sorry for him, fearing that their idol would be too tired or hurt his hand.

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