Thursday, May 24, 2012

[Fancam] HyunJoong @ Jeong JunHa's wedding [2012.05.20]

On the early morning of 20th, HyunJoong attended Jeong JunHa's wedding ceremony. When going back, there's a fan trying to pass him a letter but was stopped by the guards beside him. Despite that, HyunJoong secretly put his hand behind and took the letter from the fan. ^___^ 

He's sooo sweet, although he must be dead tired that day since the previous 2 nights he just completed his Taiwan FM and flew back early morning on that day, despite all the tiredness he still show his care towards his fans.


Credit: Only Leader +

Let's freeze the panel and look closer.... ^____^ I am so glad I have such a sweet leader.

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