Sunday, May 20, 2012

[News] Kim HyunJoong invited fan 'to bed', housewife gave USD3000 red packet [2012.05.19]

HyunJoong is leaving Taiwan tomorrow morning at 7:45am via China Airline CI160. He will arrived in Incheon Airport around 11:10am KST. Calculating backward, it means he had to check in around 5:45am, leaving the hotel around 4:45am, getting up around 4am. Heard that his team were partying just now in the hotel to celebrate the end of the Taiwan FM. Hmm... seems like he won't be having lots of rest tonight. 

Hope he can rest well on plane later or when he is back in Korea, he seemed to be looking more tired recently with the back-to-back weekly fan meetings. A little heart pain to see that but guess he is really enjoying in all the performances for his fans, guess all we can do is to give him all the good praises and acknowledgments, always support him in his FM.

HyunJoongie~ we have seen all the hard work you have put in your fan meetings, you could have done less but you have never short-charged us but work so hard for each and every fan meetings, though I cannot be there to support you for each and every fan meetings, but I will always support you behind here in Singapore! Hope your China stops will be a big success also! Please take care of your health, that's the best gift we hope to receive from you. ^^


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[News][2012.05.19] Kim HyunJoong invited fan 'to bed', woman gave USD3000 red packet

Kim HyunJoong held his last fan meeting in Taiwan on the 19th, giving full fan service, even invited fans to go on stage to lie down on bed, having some rather 'intimate' interaction. During the previous day 'High-touch' session, there was a woman around 60 or 70 year old, thrust a USD3000 red packet to Kim HyunJoong, causing him to have a shock.

Kim HyunJoong continuously held 2 sessions of fan meeting at NTU Sports Center on 18th and 19th. He had previously mentioned in press conference that: 'Hugging is not enough, has prepared even more.' Indeed, true to his words, during the fan meeting together with fans who were lucky to be selected on stage, Kim HyunJoong not only embraced waist, get closed, there was even fan who was 'invited' on bed, with Kim HyunJoong singing beside her, and their interactions look very 'intimate', causing fans to scream in envy.

During the 'High-touch' session after the fan meeting on 19th, there was a grandmother around the age of 60 or 70 who specially came back from oversea to Taiwan, thrust a USD3000 red packet to Kim HyunJoong, causing him to have a shock. His Korea management staff wanted to return the red packet, but she had refused and mentioned that returning a red packet from an elder was a very inauspicious thing. Eventually his management company accepted the red packet and expressed that they would help to donate it to charity. During the fan meeting, Kim HyunJoong had also showered his care to fans who had difficulties in walking by personally went down stage to shake hand with them, was really very caring.

Visiting Taiwan for 5 days, Kim HyunJoong almost dedicated all of his time to work, didn't even have chance to eat some Taiwan delicacies. In order to maintain his shape, Kim HyunJoong only used low fat milk, bread, salad and fruits to fill his stomach and diligently went to gym, in order to maintain in the best condition. Kim HyunJoong will depart Taiwan on 20th morning 7:45am via China Airline CI160.

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