Friday, April 1, 2011

[Twitter] Boys tweet convo translation on 01 April 2011

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2011-04-01 @ 11:36pm
이쁜이들!! 오랜만에 글남기니까 더 생각나는군요..!! ㅠㅠ 다들 정말보고싶다.. 2005년.. 벌써 2011년..이네요^^
Pretties!! I think of you even more because I left a message after a long time..!! I really miss everyone.. year 2005.. it is.. already year 2011^^

2011-04-01 @ 8:46pm
준.범대표팀vs원.이팀장팀 스타 대결은..??? 팀장팀 완승~~~ㅋㅋㅋ
Jun.Bum representative team vs Won.Lee team leader team, star battle..??? Team leader team wins~~~ kekeke

2011-04-01 @ 8:16pm
김규종군이 홈페이지에 글을 남겼어요~~~~ 이제 규종군도 움직이기 시작했습니다~~짝짝짝!!!!
Kim KyuJong left a message in the official homepage~~~~ Now, KyuJong started to move too~~ clap clap clap!!!!

2011-04-01 @ 7:47pm
HnB의 온가족 회식~ 이젠 다 같이 스타하러 갑시다용!!
HnB whole family get-together dinner~ Now let us all be stars!!

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