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[Magazine Translation] JungMin @ Japanese Magazine Anan [March 2011]

Credit: as on pics + iamsom @twitter
Japanese to Chinese Trans: Pation @ No.43 Park
Chinese to English Trans:
Please repost with full credits

Like soft & beautiful?
Like masculine smell?
Obscured by layers of
Modern Korean Idols with secrets
Korean stylish guys idols often love to associate with good physique
with full of masculine smell. Park Jung Min who Possessing shocking, sculpture-like body and having a natural beautiful body. Let us examine carefully about his body.


Crystal clear silky skin and naturally un-cosmetic body

"I don't really like to shred my clothes off in front of people, I will feel embarrassed and shy. This photo-shoot is my first, therefore I care about what comments others have about me. Tell you truthfully I am quite scared!"

After finished saying, Jung Min took off his shirt and walked out, showing his crystal clear silky skin with his long lean body. A body which has not gone through any cosmetic surgery and it flows with a different type of natural charisma, one can imagine it will cause how many other thoughts from all the girls out there.

"This year onwards I will be starting my solo activities, took me 2 months to shed off 12kg. Firstly I control my intake of food that is high in carbohydrate. I only consume drinks that is high in protein content plus chicken breast meat to maintain my fitness. I hit the gym everyday, and frequently go for massage to improve my blood circulation. In times of difficulties while maintaining my body fitness, sometimes I vent my frustrations at the crew around me, giving them a lot of trouble (laughs)"

All the hard work has been paid off, his lower jawline is now more prominent, the waistline of his jeans is now 29 inches. Transforming into a stylish guy, Jung Min's goal for this year is to become [The Most Hugable Guy]. To achieve this goal, Jung Min did not go for those kind of muscular figure looks, but to go for spa to make his body looking more soft and refined.

"Although I also look forward in having a muscular body but I am that kind whereby it is hard for me to work out that kind of body, the most important thing is that it is not suitable for my image. So I would like to use the soft and sexy approach to win."

For Jung Min, the parts of his body which he is most proud of is his butt and collar bone. "Perky butt and just like the bath water which is flowing past your collar bone, isn't it very sexy?"

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