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[Magazine Translation] HyunJoong @ Japanese Magazine Aera [March 2011]

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Source: Aera March 21. Issue
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[Magazine Translation] HyunJoong @ Japanese Magazine Aera [March 2011]

Kim Hyun Joong, Leader of K-pop idol group, who already had a dream of becoming a singer inspired by Seo-Taiji at the second year of a prime school, talked about acting and emotions towards his fans.

He did not see neither Taiwan version nor Japanese one of Playful Kiss as he did not want to be influenced by them. The point of Playful Kiss is to see how cold BaekSeungJo will change. According to him, he tried to become SeungJo at EP 1 and 2, perfectly getting into the character from EP 3 and 4.

KHJ: Being a genius, he is always lonesome boy. He is so clumsy in love that he does not know how to express his emotion, and that is the key point of SeungJo. However, he gradually tries to express his feeling, and I hope that the audience can see this process. In order to act as genius, it was hard for me to understand and learn difficult words and expressions.

Q: It is important for him in acting is to completely become a character himself. What kind of efforts, does he do for that ?
KHJ: First of all, I analyze the characteristics of my role. In case of Beak SeunJo, I have to look smart and confident enough to be IQ200 genius. To the contrary, he knows that he feels awkward in front of the girl he loves. He tries to control his emotion within himself. With all these points in mind, I have to become SeunJo.

At the same time, thinking of an entire storyline of the drama, I decided how to act by each episode. While reading of the script, I thought about expressing SeunJo’s changes, “ Shall I express to this extent in this episode ? then further to this extent in the next episode ? “ and so on.

Q: In Korean drama, there is almost no drama that the script is ready before shooting …..
KHJ: That is right! You may not believe me, but sometimes, we received a script five or 10 minutes before the shooting. Still in the later part of the drama, I already got into the role, it was much easier to act. So, even I received the scenario at the last minutes, the phrases quickly entered in my memory.

Q: I had this interview in December. After continuously working without any rest, it was a pitty that he looked so tired. So, I asked him what he would like to do if he had free time.
KHJ: Well I would like to go to somewhere people does not recognize me , going to a hot spring, having a glass of beer, and so on. Also it will be nice for me to enjoy soccer.

Even this seems to be difficult for him. He would like to start this year from music activities, balancing actor/singer activities on half-half basis.

KHJ: The current challenge for me is to make a success in the first solo album. I would like to make it the best so that I can expect good reaction and reputation. During the production process, I decided the entire image of music video by myself, challenging in selection of the songs. In the next album, many of my own ideas are included.

Not only in Korea nor Japan, one of the most though things that we are afraid of is “ fear of losing love from all of you “. I know that if the popularity goes up once, then it will go down. However, I believe that if I try hard, the fans will not leave me, continuously giving their support to me. Therefore, I think that I will be able to keep my own positioning , if I continue to work hard.

Interviewer: Yes, you are right. No matter how much suffering you may have, you have to continue to run, that is the star !

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