Wednesday, March 30, 2011

[Eng Sub Video] HyunJoong talking about Bae YongJoon [2011.03.27]

Kekeke~ I like the final part when he show the playful self and wish Bae YongJoon will get married to a wonderful girl. ^o^ His smile is priceless~~~

P/S: Added English sub video, thanks Miyo from for the translation & for subbing.


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English sub version
Video Source: elley / @ YT
Japanese to English translation: Miyo @
Sub + Upload: @ YT
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  1. hi miniUFO,

    miyo@LKHJ said wuri HJ was referring to himself when he was talking about finding a wonderful woman to marry. princess miyo translated the japanese subs. :D

    Don't you just love it when he laughs?


  2. Hi Nenet,

    Love it when he is laughing happily and be himself. The most relax and natural HyunJoong is the person that I love most. ^^

    Miyo clarified and said it is actually HyunJoong wish that YongJoon get married to a wonderful girl. ^^

    Though I won't mind that he also get married to a wonderful girl that can help him share his joy and stress/worries. ^^


  3. Hi hi,
    First time for me posting and I've misled you already. Mianeyo..:)
    Did not see that the purple one changed her translation.

    Me too, I'd like to see wuri HJ find the girl he'd like to marry and I wish he'd let us know if he does find one. But I doubt if he will. He probably would like to protect the girl. Can't really blame him ha?

    Take care,


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