Saturday, July 27, 2013

[Eng Sub Video] HyunJoong @ Entertainment Weekly - Guerrilla Date [2013.07.27]

Thank you Shirley for uploading & sharing the video.

HyunJoong said he prefered fans not to send him food during the music show promo but used 600won to buy his digital music. Because he can afford to buy food but he can't buy digital music himself. Haha. Did you get the hint, buy his digital music and stream for him if you can afford it.

The MC asked him what is the group which he paid more attention to recently? HyunJoong replied 'Crayon Pop'. He mentioned that some of their dance choreography is similar to 'Lucky Guy'. He jokingly said whether he should sue them. LOL.

P/S: Added Eng Sub Version of full Entertainment Weekly, HyunJoong part start from 34:40


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Credit: shirbogurl5

HyunJoong Cut

Credit: kbsworld

[Eng Sub] Full Entertainment Weekly (Guerrilla Date starts from 34:40)

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