Wednesday, November 28, 2012

[Teaser + Lyrics + Eng/Chi Trans] HyunJoong - 'Unlimited' Album - 'Your Story' Teaser

Universal Music released HyunJoong's 'Unlimited' album's 'Your Story' Teaser today! Wow! It is very nice! I can sense stronger and stronger 'Rocker' feel in HyunJoong! I love seeing him playing guitar! It's so cool! 

From reading some news, it says that the song tries to convey the feeling of a man's departure feeling. Looking forward for HyunJoong's 'Unlimted' album to be released on 12 December 2012 in Japan! Now I guess I can only keep pressing the 'Replay' button in the MV =X

You can buy the album at (they deliver to oversea):
First Press Limited A + DVD:

First Press Limited B + DVD

Normal Edition:

P/S: Added Japanese lyrics + Chinese translation by Hyunbar + a rough english translation by me. Please do not repost since it is just a rough translation by me.


Please repost with full credit

Japanese Lyrics + Chinese Translation

Rough translation in English

Your Story which you have once staying at my side
Your story which I recall
Although those days have became past, but I still
Right here waiting for you
If can continue to stay at my side
Oh My Girl just like you
Don't want to part from you the 2nd time
Just go just just just go
oh yeah
Just go just just just go
Don't leave me
Don't leave me

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