Saturday, October 6, 2012

[Fancam] Rocker Mir singing 'Creep' in City Conquest Promotion Fan Meeting[2012.10.04]

After many years, HyunJoong sang 'Creep' in the 'City Conquest' Promotion Fan Meeting which is also Japan Henecian One Year Anniversary on 4 October 2012 in Tokyo Budokan! Guess many of us are once again fall in love with this Rocker Mir ^^ After so many years, he has improved a lot in his singing skill and have more confidence in himself. He gave another kind of feel when singing 'Creep'.

I hope he will continue to sing more of this kind of song which is what he had originally love. 'Heat' is a good start, I wish to hear more of this kind of song in his album. Wonder the 3 new songs in his new Japanese solo album 'Unlimited' album will be be a rock song like 'Heat'? Can't wait till December!

He also sang many other songs during the fan meeting, but I am only posting 'Creep' here since it is my favourite. ^^ Go search in youtube, you will sure able to find it all over there!


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Here's a version which he has sang in one radio interview.


and whenever I see him performing all these rock songs, I can never forget this younger rocker Joong during the 'Step Up Concert' at Daegu on 12 Aug 2006! Love the very rocker feel, the daring and carefree look in him when performing 'Canon in D' & 'Creep'. Though his singing skill is not so good during then but the feel when he sing the song is niceee. ^^


[2006.08.12] Daegu Step Up Concert - Canon in D

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[2006.08.12] Daegu Step Up Concert - Canon in D & Creep

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