Sunday, July 8, 2012

[Video + Text translation] HyunJoong News @ Showbiz News - Odaiba Guerrilla Concert [2012.07.05]

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0:01 The following is Korea popular artist Kim HyunJoong causing a commotion in Odaiba

Caption (0:02): Performance in Odaiba

Caption top right (0:08):
Kim HyunJoong
Surprise 1000 people gathered

Vertical right caption: Kim HyunJoong (26)

Yellow caption: Kya~

Pink Caption (0:14):
Odaiba Diver City gathered
1000 fans

0:13 At Odaiba Diver City gathered around 1000 fans
0:17 Kim HyunJoong-san and 4 dancers performed powerful dance

Caption (0:19): perform dance together with 4 dancers

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