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[Photo & Info] HyunJoong @ 'City Conquest' 1st filming in Edo Wonderland [2012.07.10]

It was the 1st filming day for HyunJoong's new drama 'City Conquest' today. The filming took place in Edo Wonderland. Around 100 fans went to the filming site to look at his filming, photography are prohibited but fans were able to sneak a few photographs to let us have a glimpse of Baek Mir (HyunJoong's character in the drama) in action. ^^

A great thanks to all fans who has tweet, translate news, share photographs of HyunJoong in drama filming site. 

P/S: BTW, I read some sharing by my bb unnie in regarding phototaking/filming at filming scene. There's an unwritten rule that even you had taken photographs/video of the filming, it should not be uploaded/shared until after the drama is broadcast. If you have noticed, even the authoritative/ established Korean fansites (eg. PERFECT) also don't upload the photographs/fancams only after the drama was broadcast. Photographs that they will share before that would be before or after the filming when the actor/actress are wearing back their normal clothes. So everybody do take note of this else we might not be able to have anymore photographs/live updates if the drama team decided to tighten up the security.

Anyway, those photographs that I share here today, the damage is done, keke, it has been circulating in weibo and twitter a million times by now. I guess even if I share here, nothing much damage would be done. Would be more careful in sharing in future. ^^


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3:32pm リダ・・・江戸村の入り口にあった看板。
[MiniUFO trans] Leader... Sign board at entrance of Edo Village
Trans by @_tomato twitter: Sign at Edomura says there will be restricted areas due to drama shooting today

3:33pm 江戸村のリダ。お昼を食べに行く所。私服かな?
[MiniUFO trans] Leader at Edo Village. Going to place for lunch. Wearing casual clothing?

3:33 江戸村のリダ。衣装を着て。
[MiniUFO trans] Leader at Edo Village. Wearing costume.

3:39pm 明日は江戸村定休日です気をつけて。部屋での撮影は全然見られないのですが、衣装チェンジの時や、モニターチェックの時に目前を行ったり来たり。今日は100人位見学が居たと思います。
Trans by @_tomato twitter: Please be aware that Edomura will be closed tomorrow. shooting will be indoors so you will not be able to see any of the shooting but during costume changes or monitor checking you may be able to see him going in and out. there were about 100ppl watching today.

[MiniUFO: My Japanese is very limited, so unless there are chinese translation, basically I can't translate much, but I just include in the tweets for those of you who might understand Japanese to read)

@luv_khj: 都市征伐の脚本はまだ出来上がってはいないそうなんですが、今回は主人公ペクミルが韓国を追われて日本の栃木に来て日光江戸村で働きながらつかの間の休息?するところを撮影するらしいです。あくまで予定で決定ではないらしいですが…
Chinese trans: weibo cdtHui xi_66KHJ: 都市征伐脚本目前好像还没出来,主人公白米日被人从韩国追到日本的枥木,在日光市的江户村边工作边休息?剧组拍一下休息一下好像总不能按 计划走的样子。临时演员几乎见不到贤重。一般的登场拍摄已经完成了。今天的工作很费时,贤重还有工作人员和临时演员都热得够呛了,但是fighting!
[MiniUFO trans] Currently 'City Conquest' script seemed to be not out yet, male lead Baek Mir is being chased by somebody from Korea to Japan Tochigi, working while resting at Edo Village in Nikko? Filming team was filming for a while and resting for a while, seemed to not follow able to follow the original plan. The extras almost don't get to see HyunJoong at all. The normal appearance scenes has already completed. Today's work is very time consuming, HyunJoong & staff & extras have to suffer in the hot weather, anyway fighting!
@luv_khj: 写真撮れないけど撮影中★
 [MiniUFO] No photography while filming

@luv_khj: 昨日の時点でまだ台本出来てないと。大丈夫なのかしら?監督さん「初日だからゆっくり撮りましょう」らしいです。撮影時間かかりそー

@luv_khj: エキストラの方はほとんどまだヒョンジュンくんを見られていないようです。普通に入場したら撮影を見ることが出来ました。今日は長丁場になりそうですね。ヒョンジュンくんもスタッフ、エキストラの皆さんも暑い中大変ですがファイティン!

@luv_khj: 最初の撮影は現代のカジュアルな格好でしたが、今のヒョンジュンくんは…和装♡♡まだまだ今も撮影中。お昼挟んでまだ撮影続行です。
@tomomon2 twitter trans: HJ ... At first filming modern style... But he changed wearing KIMONO..

@luv_khj: 本人を撮るのは駄目だそうなので、(現場ゆるいからみんな撮りまくりだけど)撮影現場の雰囲気だけ

@luv_khj: ヒョンジュンくんただいまここで食事休憩中
Kim HyunJoong having meal break here.

@luv_khj: ヒョンジュンくんのお昼休憩が終わりますエキストラの方々が動き始めました。男性やお子さまもいます。ヒョンジュンくんと一緒にカメラに映れる皆さんが羨ましいです☆暑いですがファイティン!
@tomomon2 twitter trans: HJ ... 15 minute ago... Filming again. It is very hot today~ there are an extra who man & children. 

@luv_khj: 姫になった女装ヒョンジュンくん登場www
[MiniUFO: HyunJoong appearing wearing lady costume]

@luv_khj: 姫ヒョンジュン裾めくってうちわで脚に風送ってもらったりマネに首もまれたりまさに姫w
Chinese Trans: weibo @雪舞天涯-求三大: 翻译:贵族小姐贤重一边扯起衣服下摆用扇子往腿里扇风 一边不自觉的摇着头 真的就像贵族小姐似的
[MiniUFO trans] Princess Kim HyunJoong lift up the lower part of his costume and used fan to fan his leg, and shake his head not consciously, just like a noble lady.

@luv_khj: カジュアルヒョンジュンくん再登場
[MiniUFO trans] Casual KimHyunJoong appearing again

@luv_khj:  ヒョンジュンくん休憩中。まだ撮影続いてます。

@luv_khj: 本日の撮影終了!ヒョンジュンくんお疲れさまでした! 

@luv_khj: この暑さの中何度も衣装チェンジして頑張っていたヒョンジュンくん&姫、本当にお疲れ様でした!今日は姫といい、合間に口笛ふいたり小道具をダンベルがわ りにしたりスタッフを笑わせたり、可愛いヒョンジュンくんをたくさん見ることが出来ました。一刻も早く美麗な公式写真があがることを望みます!



@麦Cococo : 今天更换了多套服装,闲歇时还时不时吹着口哨和用小道具哑铃代替把工作人员逗笑![SJB。。。卖萌,和搞笑是你的专职了是吧。。大热天的,不是练舞就是来搞笑,有时间就多休息吧亲 !
[MiniUFO trans] Change quite some set of costume today, during rest intervals, occasionally blowing whistle and used props as dumbell replacement, amusing the staff!



1:39pm 현중은 드라마 촬영중


4:06 4點就換裝回去了 
[MiniUFO Trans] At 4pm, change costume and went back

4:16 劇照不敢放正面相片,放張側面吧
[MiniUFO Trans] Don't dare to put direct front photographs of the film set, just put a side view
[MiniUFO Note: Oh My U:zoosin!! Fans in weibo were speculating that that geisa in blue was HyunJoong!!]


2:55pm Fans waiting

2:57pm Change room

3:08pm Finished!

Someone massaging neck!



12:57pm 後ろ姿だけ!
[MiniUFO Trans] Backview!

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