Tuesday, July 10, 2012

[News] HyunJoong No.1 in Oricon Weekly Chart [2012.07.10]

Congratulations to HyunJoong for winning No. 1 in Oricon Weekly chart, a great accomplishment considering that his contenders were Yamapi & Morning Musume! He was working so hard to promote his album last week with non-stop appearance in TV, guerrilla concert performances in Odaiba & Nagoya, handshake fanmeetings in Odaiba & Osaka. 
Once again, fans has worked hard in supporting him, the sales would not be so high without his die hard fans buying loads of albums to support him, it was also great to see that he has lots of follower with him in all his events, be it the long and unending queues in Odaiba & Osaka, or the crowd which surround him in his guerrilla concerts. He must be happy to see the support which his fans had given him! Keep it up, Henecians & TripleS!

HyunJoong will be busy with his drama filming from starting from today, hope that while he is busy with his filming, he could still find time to rest and have a good meal.


Source: http://www.oricon.co.jp/news/rankmusic/2014083/full/
Chinese translation: SaiYana@金贤重中文网(www.hyunjoongchina.com)
English translation: PlanetHyun.blogspot.com
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[News][2012.07.10] [Oricon] Kim HyunJoong, song which B'z composed won No.1, Accomplishment of the 5th Oversea Male solo artist in the record

Korea singer Kim HyunJoong (26) 2nd single album 'HEAT' (released on 4th) sold 183,000 albums in the first week, ranking No.1 in the 16 July Weekly Single Chart. Comparing to his Japan single album 'Kiss Kiss/Lucky Guy' released in January this year (Highest ranking No.2, total sales of 122,000 albums) the ranking and sales figures has increased, winning No.1 for the first time.

Oversea male solo artist ranking first position in Singles category, right after USA singer Jerry Wallace 'The World of the Man' (released on July 1970); British singer Daniel Boone 'Beautiful Sunday' (released on March 1976); British singer Elton John 'Candle in the Wind (Princess Diana Tribute)' (released on September 1997) and Korea singer Jang Guen Suk 'Let me cry' (released on April last year), became the 5th in the record.

First week album sales right after Korea singer Xiah Junsu 'Xia (Intoxication) (released on May 2010, highest ranking No.2), 195,000 albums and previously mentioned Elton John 194,000 albums, 3rd in oversea solo artist record.

This song's lyrics is personally written by Inaba Koshi (稲葉 浩志) and the music is composed by Matsumoto Takahiro (松本 孝弘), this is the first time B'z worked on both the song lyrics and music together. Inaba writing lyrics for other singer winning No.1, this was after writing for J-Friends' Japanese lyrics 'Next 100 Years' (released on December 1999), winning again after 12 and a half year. Matsumoto personally composing and winning was after KAT-TUN 'Real face' (released on March 2006), after 6 years and 3 months.

Kim HyunJoong expressed: "Very thankful towards the support from all fans, and B'z & Steven Lee who composed and written very great song. Will show even better performance to everybody next time. In future, will work hard to be a more outstanding singer and actor", he also called out to everybody: "In this summer, let's high together with 'HEAT'."

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