Tuesday, July 17, 2012

[Fancam] HyunJoong FM @ Saitama [2012.07.15]

HyunJoong held 2 free concert for fans on the 15th July at Saitama Super Arena. The concert area holds a total of 60,000 fans. The lucky fans were draw from those who bought 5 full 'HEAT' album and enter using the lucky draw number included in the album.

While rehearsing for the noon session, HyunJoong has to go to hospital to seek medical consultation because he was down with sore throat and the FM was delay for 1 hour. During the talking time, HyunJoong said: "It is actually due to my throat condition was not well, but this was an excuse. A professional artist should have a professional quality, I should have taken care of my body condition. But I didn't done that, really sorry. Originally I have been preparing this concert with my heart full of thankfulness towards fans, but my heart and body do not work coherently. I am also very panic. In order to reduce my guiltiness, I will give my full effort in today's concert." HyunJoong cried when saying these words. Fans were very hard pain and started to call out "Kim HyunJoong" to cheer him up! HyunJoong then said he will sing 'If you were the same' acappella to return to fans.


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