Wednesday, June 6, 2012

[Message] HyunJoong signature in Official Facebook [2012.06.06]

After a long day of excitement from HyunJoong, he posted a signature in facebook to thank fans for sending greeting messages to him. HyunJoong ah~ Thank you so much for giving us so many surprises today despite it is your Birthday, you should be the King and not us, thanks for sharing the joy with us! Happy Birthday! Enjoy your celebration together with your friends!


Signature: Kim HyunJoong Official FaceBook
Chinese Translation: Kim HyunJoong weibo
English Translation:
Please repost with full credit

Official Chinese Translation: 写给我最想致谢的粉丝朋友们....(原文内容)因为有了你们那么多的祝福,我过了非常幸福的一天~ 我会更加努力做更好的人.

English translation:  
To fans which I most wish to thank: 
Because having so many greetings from you, I have a very happy day~ I will work harder to be a better person.


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