Thursday, June 7, 2012

[Facebook/Weibo] HyunJoong Messages [2012.06.06]

It is HyunJoong's birthday, and he opened a weibo account to commemorate his Birthday. As promised, he posted a few of his photographs of his daily life for China fans and not forgetting the international fans, the same photographs are posted in his official facebook also. Thank you HyunJoong for sharing the joy of your big day, despite you are working in Busan today! ^^ So do you have a great celebration after your work? You didn't get drunk right? Keke~~~~


Kim HyunJoong Official Facebook
Kim HyunJoong Official Weibo
English Translation:
Please repost with full credit

여러분, 우리 아트 이쁘죠?^^
Everybody, our Art is pretty right?^^

휴식시간 게임중...
Resting time, in the midst of playing game.... 

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