Friday, June 8, 2012

[Video] HyunJoong - [Making VOD] 2012 FanMeeting in Chengdu [2012.06.07]

HyunJoong posted his behind the scene video of his FanMeeting in Chengdu in both his official facebook & weibo.


Credit: Kim HyunJoong Official Facebook

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  1. hi hi thank you soooooooo much for your selfless sharing of updates about HJoongie, translating news articles about him plus your live updates of his china FM, soooooooo grateful, you don't know how much happiness you give in doing all of these to us int'l fans, likewise with news for the other SSboys. your funny and cute comments are always a hit.hope you won't get too tired and continue with your sharing of news especially to us fans who don't read chinese. i'm forever grateful & give you my 90 degree BOW.


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