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[Live Report] Kim HyunJoong appearing in ChengDu, Hi-touch with fans and talking about filming standard [2012.05.31]

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[Live Report][2012.05.31] Kim HyunJoong appearing in ChengDu, Hi-touch with fans and talking about filming standard

Korea popular idol Kim HyunJoong will be holding his ChengDu fan meeting on 1 June. Today afternoon, Kim HyunJoong started off by holding a Hi-touch session at Jiaozi Musical Hall, to warm up the event. Lucky fans were able to hi-touch or shake hand with Kim HyunJoong. ChengDu Entertainment reporter had went on site to give a full live report of the Hi-touch event.

15:31 Kim HyunJoong appeared on stage, receiving a simple interview by media.

15:33 Kim HyunJoong upon arrived started to use mandarin to greet everybody, "Hi everybody, I am Kim HyunJoong." Media on site has requested Kim HyunJoong to say a few more sentence of mandarin, Kim HyunJoong said 'Long time never meet', and after that said shyly, 'I Love You all'.

15:37 Kim HyunJoong said ChengDu fans have touched him. Yesterday midnight after arrival he had seen many fans welcoming him, his flight was delayed but there were still many fans waiting for him. He thanked fans for their support.

15:41 Kim HyunJoong said recently he was shocked by Tang Wei's 'Lust Caution', as for the explicit scenes in the movie, Kim HyunJoong mentioned that when he was young he would felt shy, whether will feel embarrassed filming that type of movie. However as he grown up, he realized that the character in the script is more important, actor should place more emphasis in acting out the character.

When asked about his impression of ChengDu, Kim HyunJoong mentioned that he has not been able to walk around yet, he planned to go around the city after the event ended.

15:47 Kim HyunJoong revealed tomorrow's fan meeting he will be singing 15 songs, the stage effect is great, will definitely not let everybody feel bored. Kim HyunJoong said he like ChengDu, and know that ChengDu has pretty girls, panda, steamboat, Shu embroidery. Originally has planned in his schedule to see the panda, but it was cancelled. Kim HyunJoong said that he know that ChengDu has pretty girl and Shu embroidery, so he most wish to see a beautiful girl embroidering.

15:51 There is a reporter asking Kim HyunJoong why he don't have a weibo account, Kim HyunJoong said that he is not internet savvy, but he will give his fans a big surprise next week. Press conference ended here. Following by this is the Hi-touch session, lucky fans will go on stage one by one to Hi-touch/shake hand with Kim HyunJoong.

16:00 Fans waiting on stage, waiting to hi-touch with Kim HyunJoong. (Live report ended)

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